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This article discusses locating King Scallop on Coral Island and its usage. Let's proceed with our discussion.

In this article, we will talk about where you can find King Scallop on Coral Island and how you can use it. Let’s move on to our article.

Where To Find King Scallop

Getting the King Scallop

  1. Initiate Diving: The quest begins on the 8th day of spring when you receive a letter with diving instructions. Head to the dock, embrace the opportunity, and start diving into the ocean to clean it.
  2. Progress Through Depths: Initially, your diving depth is 10 meters. To find the King Scallop, clear Coral Sites, help local flora and fauna like corals, and complete Ling Jiang’s quests. Progress to the depth of 50–60 meters where the Grand Scallop spawns.
  3. Collect Garbage and Heal Corals: Daily tasks like collecting garbage and healing corals contribute to reaching the desired depth. Consistent efforts will reveal the King Scallop.
  4. Year-Round Availability: King Scallops spawn in any season, even winter, ensuring you can find them regardless of the time of year.
King Scallop in Coral Island

Using the King Scallop

  1. Give as a Gift:
    • Consideration: Neutral response from islanders.
    • Note: While not the best option, it’s a choice if you haven’t found any other variant. Islanders won’t love or hate this gift.
  2. Dehydrate King Scallop:
    • Benefit: Create Dried King Scallop using a dehydrator.
    • Enhanced Results: Gifting Dried King Scallop yields better responses. It’s also an artisan product for potential Harvest Festival success.
  3. Lake Temple Offering:
    • Requirement: Donate to the Ocean Scavengables bundle in the Crop altar.
    • Purpose: An essential choice if you aim to complete offerings to the goddess promptly.

These are the current uses of the King Scallop, offering versatility in gifting, crafting, and contributing to the goddess’s offerings. Stay tuned for potential new uses with upcoming game updates, given the game’s increasing popularity.