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In this article, discover the Mayor's lost hat location in Coral Island. Let's delve into the details!

In this article, we will talk about where you can find the Mayor’s lost hat in Coral Island. Let’s dive into our article.

Where To Find Mayor’s Lost Hat

Location – The Mayor’s lost hat can be found on the far east end of the beach, just past the spiral staircase. Head down to the small section highlighted in the image above. You’ll spot the hat on the ground near a starfish and a palm tree.

Acquiring the Hat – Surprisingly, you can’t just pick up the hat. Equip your bug net and give the hat a few swings. For some reason, you need to hit the hat a few times before the prompt to pick it up appears. Be mindful of your distance; stand at a specific distance for the prompt to appear. Once the prompt shows up, grab the hat, and it will be added to your inventory.

Coral Island: Where To Find Mayor's Lost Hat

Completing the Quest – With the hat in hand, locate Mayor Connor and hold the hat. This will trigger the “Give Quest Item” prompt when standing next to Connor. Give him his lost hat, and he’ll express his gratitude. The only reward for this quest is a boost to your relationship with Mayor Connor. No need to manually complete the quest; the relationship boost will take effect when you go to sleep for the day.

Follow these simple steps to reunite Mayor Connor with his hat and enjoy the relationship boost! Happy questing in Coral Island!