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Now, check out CS2 Nuke Lineups. See perfect photos of all the Nuke lineups. Annihilate your enemies on Nuke!

In this article, we showcased CS2 Nuke Lineups. Let’s get started on learning the most critical smokes and molotovs to eliminate the enemy!

CS2 Nuke Lineups

T Side Smokes

Cross Smokes (pt1)

Cross Smokes (pt2)

Garage Smoke

Fast Vent Dive

Bonus (anti-awp in trophy room)(tap w)

CT Side Smokes/Angles


Smoke for mid to cover reposition into secret


A Site

Molly Door (1st)

Nade Hut (2nd)


Deep Angle in Garage

Silo Angle

Hut Angle