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Complete Cult of the Lamb and unlock all achievements, including the challenge of finding 15 Lore Tablets. Navigate the rogue-like randomness for a significant gaming challenge!

Are you a completionist in Cult of the Lamb, eager to unlock all the achievements and trophies, especially the ones tied to the newly added expansion? One such challenge awaits you collecting all 15 Lore Tablets scattered throughout the game. These tablets play a crucial role in achieving one of the latest achievements, but locating them poses a significant challenge since the game operates on a rogue-like mechanic, introducing randomness in every encounter.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Obtain Lore Tablets

Locations of Lore Tablets

  1. Lore Rooms (10 Tablets):
    • Keep an eye out for rooms with a scroll icon. These are Lore Rooms where you’ll find 10 Lore Tablets. To activate the hidden room with the tablet, attack the statue inside using the Telescope Tarot Card.
  2. Graveyard Room (3 Tablets):
    • Look for rooms marked with “?” nodes. These are Graveyard Rooms housing three Lore Tablets. Utilize the Telescope Tarot Card to reveal the hidden room with the tablet.
  3. Special Hidden Tablets:
    • Haro’s Net:
      • Easily obtainable. Seek out and uncover the tablet hidden behind Haro’s Net during your crusade.
    • Moth Room:
      • Another accessible tablet. Locate and reveal the tablet concealed behind the fire in the Moth room during your exploration.

Tips for Success

  • Telescope Tarot Card:
    • This tool is crucial for unveiling hidden rooms in both Graveyard and Lore Rooms. If you’ve progressed through the main game, you likely already have it at your disposal.
  • Limitations:
    • Keep in mind that you can only obtain one tablet per crusade. Plan accordingly and make the most of each opportunity.

Embark on your quest to gather all 15 Lore Tablets by following these simple steps. With this guide, you’ll enhance your chances of achieving 100% completion in Cult of the Lamb. Happy hunting!