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The long-awaited news has arrived! Dead by Daylight is now available on mobile. Choose your killer and become the nightmare of your opponents with the Dead by Daylight Mobile Killer Tier List.

Dead by Daylight is a beloved game developed by Behaviour Interactive studio that has gained a significant player base on PC. After its tremendous success, the game finally delivered the highly anticipated news by releasing on the Android and iOS platforms. This development brought great joy to the gaming community, allowing those who couldn’t access the game on PC to experience the thrill and horror it offers. Dead by Daylight is a fantastic horror adventure game that can be enjoyed with friends. In the game, four individuals with different abilities strive to repair generators scattered throughout the map without getting caught by the killer. In this article, we have compiled a list of playable characters for those who prefer to play as the killer, which is presented as the Dead by Daylight Mobile Killer Tier List below. With this guide, you can choose your killer and become the nightmare of your opponents.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Killer Tier List

Dead by Daylight has finally made its debut on smartphones, bringing immense joy to us, the gaming community. Furthermore, the game is continuously receiving updates, gradually incorporating all the characters from the PC version into the mobile version. In our Dead by Daylight Mobile Killer tier list, we have compiled the most powerful characters available on mobile. Here is the list for your reference:





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

In the Dead by Daylight Mobile Killers Tier List that we have prepared for you above, we have included the characters at the T0 level and provided their basic abilities and lore to help you establish a connection with these characters.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Top Tier Killers


Utilizing her Blink ability, The Nurse possesses the incredible power to instantaneously teleport across vast distances, strategically intercepting and obstructing Survivor pathways. This extraordinary skill is refined through experience, as ill-considered Blinks result in an overwhelming wave of exhaustion. Embodying the concept of high stakes and high rewards, The Nurse can terminate pursuits with unparalleled surgical precision.

“The Nurse is a formidable Killer capable of warping through barriers and swiftly bridging the divide with her extraordinary Power.”

In addition to her unique teleportation skill, The Nurse possesses personal Perks, namely Stridor, Thanatophobia, and A Nurse’s Calling. These Perks grant her the ability to diminish Survivor capabilities and effectively trace their whereabouts when they are wounded.

With a keen focus on detection and pursuit, The Nurse proficiently disrupts Survivor attempts to conceal themselves, making it notably challenging for them to evade her relentless gaze.

Difficulty Rating: Very Hard


Sally Smithson arrived in town, envisioning a future filled with the joyful sounds of children’s laughter resonating within the walls of a cozy wooden home built by her husband, Andrew. However, fate had different plans in store, unraveling a tale of devastation. Andrew toiled as a lumberjack, a profession fraught with peril. Tragedy struck one fateful day when Andrew’s foreman visited Sally, forever altering the course of her life. She was left alone.

With empty stomachs and limited options, Sally was forced to find a means of survival. The sole employment opportunity that presented itself was at the Crotus Prenn Asylum, a place where only those in desperate need sought work. Sally, lacking formal education, embarked on her journey from the lowest rung, enduring grueling night shifts.

As time wore on, her mind reached its breaking point, two decades marred by witnessing unspeakable horrors that seared into her consciousness. Night after night, tormenting memories replayed in her mind. Verbal and physical abuse knew no bounds, as she witnessed madness from the outside, only to find herself gradually consumed by it.

Eventually, Sally could bear it no longer. Thoughts of cleansing and purification took hold within her. Acting upon what she deemed necessary, one September morning, the day staff arrived to discover a grim sight. Over fifty lifeless patients lay in their beds, their souls extinguished, alongside four deceased staff members.

Sole survivor of the night’s gruesome events, Sally’s sanity had vanished, her mind incessantly swaying back and forth. The precise details of what unfolded remain known solely to her, but evidence suggested that some had fallen victim to asphyxiation, evident from the marks adorning their necks. As authorities hurriedly placed her into an ambulance, destined for the hospital, fate took another twist. The crashed remains of that ambulance were discovered in a nearby forest, its occupants deceased, and Sally’s whereabouts unknown.


Unleashing a new definition of wrath, The Oni stands as an indomitable force, exuding an aura of true terror. Wounded Survivors inadvertently leave behind a trail of Blood Orbs, serving as fuel for The Oni’s unyielding rage and catapulting him into a state of relentless fury. With a bone-chilling roar, The Oni harnesses this power, enabling him to charge forth with vengeful determination, swiftly eliminating any unfortunate souls that dare cross his path.

“The Oni embodies the essence of a fearsome Killer, capable of harnessing the life essence of his injured adversaries, transforming into a ruthless demon. With his mighty Kanabō, he can charge towards Survivors with incredible velocity, delivering fatal blows.”

Complementing his formidable abilities, The Oni possesses a set of personal Perks: Zanshin Tactics, Blood Echo, and Nemesis. Zanshin Tactics provides invaluable navigational insight, empowering The Oni to maintain control over the playing field. Blood Echo punishes those who bear the burden of injury, while Nemesis grants him the upper hand against those foolish enough to impede his path of retribution.

Difficulty Rating: Very Hard


Driven by an insatiable desire to surpass his father’s esteemed reputation, Kazan Yamaoka was determined to restore honor to the samurai tradition, which he believed was being diluted by farmers impersonating warriors. Despite his father’s attempts to steer him towards nobler pursuits, Kazan stubbornly rejected his advice. Armed with his father’s Katana, he embarked on a harrowing pilgrimage, driven by a dark purpose to prove his own worth and rid Japan of these impostors. Disregarding the principles and teachings instilled in him, Kazan ruthlessly hunted down and slaughtered these pretenders in the hills, valleys, beaches, and woodlands. The manner of his killings was savage, cruel, and macabre, as he delighted in humiliating both farmers and warriors, stripping them of their armor and tearing off their topknots. His boundless rage, bloodlust, and twisted sense of honor knew no bounds, leading monks to believe that he was possessed by a dark and otherworldly force, while a noble lord contemptuously dubbed him ‘Oni-Yamaoka’—the wrathful samurai—an insult that stung Kazan and besmirched his family’s name.

Consumed by a fierce determination to redeem his family’s honor, Kazan set out on a relentless pursuit, mercilessly slaughtering anyone who dared call him Oni-Yamaoka. The insult perplexed him, for he had vanquished formidable foes and cleansed the samurai class by ridding the land of impostors. How could he be likened to an ogre? Was it because he had fearlessly charged onto battlefields, cutting down the most ferocious warriors? Was it due to the countless skulls he had shattered with his Kanabo? Or perhaps it was his morbid penchant for collecting trophies from his victims. Regardless of the reasons, the label of “ogre” struck a chord within him that he could not bear, and an ominous voice in his head goaded him to exact revenge upon the lord who had defiled his name.

As Kazan made his way towards the lord’s town, he unexpectedly encountered a samurai blocking his path on a dusty road. Kazan gripped his Kanabo tightly, prepared for combat. Without uttering a word, the samurai attacked, momentarily gaining the upper hand. However, a momentary hesitation proved fatal, as Kazan delivered a devastating blow, crushing the samurai’s head and shattering his helmet. Approaching the fallen warrior, Kazan was confronted with the visage of his own father, causing him to recoil in shock and anguish. His father stared back at him, a mixture of shame and regret etched upon his face, as his final breath escaped his lips. Overwhelmed with despair, Kazan screamed in agony until his voice could scream no more. When he opened his eyes again, his father had vanished. Not only had he slain his own father, but he had also allowed thieves to pilfer his body for their own gain.

Consumed by bitterness, loss, and disillusionment, Kazan wandered aimlessly through the land, tormented by his father’s voice echoing incessantly in his head—mocking him, reminding him of his failures, and driving him into fits of uncontrollable rage. One fateful day, while traversing a dense forest, Kazan stumbled upon a weathered Oni statue. Standing motionless before it, he felt an accusatory presence, as if the statue mocked him, accusing him of being the very impostor samurai he had sworn to obliterate. Determined to silence the derisive voice within his mind, Kazan recalled the lord who had scorned him as ‘Oni-Yamaoka.’

Fueled by rekindled anger


When utilizing her Yamaoka’s Haunting Power, The Spirit and Survivors are rendered invisible to each other. Instead, Survivors can be detected through their Scratch Marks, audible breathing, and interactions with the surroundings. Each encounter becomes a battle of cunning, a duel where only the most astute mind games prevail.

The Spirit embodies a phase-walking Killer, capable of catching Survivors off-guard with her traversal ability known as Yamaoka’s Haunting. This extraordinary power enables her to teleport between locations undetected.

Her unique Perks, Spirit Fury, Hex: Haunted Ground, and Rancor, provide her with the means to observe and lure Survivors, as well as overcome obstacles directly obstructing her path.

Inheriting an immense fury from her ancestors, The Spirit channels the rage that courses through her veins as her legacy. Triggered by the excruciating pain she endured, she seeks endless retribution with swift and lethal precision.

Difficulty Rating: Hard


Rin was the solitary offspring of the Yamaoka family, growing up within the dusty corridors of a traditional Kagawa house. She pursued an Education degree at Takamatsu, a private university, despite the financial strain it imposed on her already unstable family. Tragedy struck when her mother fell ill, burdening them with mounting bills. In an attempt to alleviate their hardship, Rin took on part-time work.

Meanwhile, her father found himself trapped in an ever-expanding abyss of debt. He toiled through double shifts, yearning for a promotion that seemed elusive. Sleep became a luxury he couldn’t afford. A haunting murmur plagued his nights, reminding him of his hopeless predicament. Fatigue eroded his grip on reality. Desperate to silence the voice’s whispers, Rin’s father made a final plea to his superiors, sharing his desperate circumstances and begging for any form of assistance—be it a bonus, an advance, or even time off.

Regrettably, his plea was met with rejection. The company had incurred substantial losses due to a faulty production line, and someone had to bear the blame. Rin’s father, with his lengthy tenure of twenty-two years, became the perfect scapegoat. Consequently, he was terminated from his employment.

That fateful evening, Rin returned home after a grueling shift. She had lingered at the restaurant, entertaining customers until late hours. Parking her bicycle in the shed, she was startled by her mother’s blood-curdling scream echoing from within their house.

Rushing inside, she ascended the stairs, her heart pounding with trepidation, reaching her parents’ room. There, a horrific scene unfolded before her eyes. Fragments of her mother lay scattered on the floor, her limbs grotesquely severed and entangled. Gaping wounds exposed her rib cage, shattered and violated. Rin gagged, overwhelmed by the sight.

A sharp-edged katana blade descended with force. Reacting swiftly, Rin instinctively blocked the strike, the blade piercing her bare forearm. Amidst the pain, she recognized her father as the assailant, his expression impassive. Crying out, she pleaded for him to cease, but he mercilessly slashed her arm once more.

She desperately fled, slipping on the blood-soaked floor. Grasping the door frame for support, she pulled herself upright. The katana cleaved through the wall, inflicting another wound on her other arm. Screaming in agony, she limped into the hallway, only to be confronted by her father’s blade.

Trembling, she stepped backward, holding her abdomen together, the torn flesh oozing blood. Visions of her mother’s mangled limbs replayed in her mind. Overwhelmed with fury, Rin launched herself at her father, causing him to stumble. In retaliation, he delivered a brutal punch to her ravaged abdomen, and she recoiled in pain. Despite her struggle to rise, he sliced her thigh, causing her to collapse onto the floor.

Crawling toward the staircase, she was seized by her hair and forcefully slammed against a partition. The impact shattered the glass, and she plummeted through, landing on the floor below.

Above her, the sound of footsteps echoed ominously. Summoning her last reserves of strength, she inched forward, navigating a treacherous terrain of broken glass that tore at her flesh. Her father had to be stopped. He would not escape the consequences of what he had done to her, to her mother.

Coughing up blood, her chin grazed the glass, exacerbating the bleeding. A faint, slow heartbeat resounded in her ears. Her body weighed heavy, immobilizing her. Yet, her determination burned fiercely.Her father’s approaching footsteps.


The Hag specializes in the art of ensnaring unsuspecting Survivors within a treacherous web of Phantasm Traps. With her unique Power, she can swiftly teleport to any triggered Trap, striking the Survivor responsible. By strategically placing Phantasm Traps, she can control crucial areas, turn rescues into deadly gambles, and bring chases to a swift conclusion.

The Hag, cursed and relentless, possesses a set of powerful Perks: Hex: The Third Seal, Hex: Ruin, and Hex: Devour Hope. These Perks impose severe penalties upon Survivors as long as the corresponding Totem remains untouched and uncleaned.

Her abilities revolve around Hex Totems, with the primary objective of cursing and debilitating the Survivors, hindering their capabilities. These curses persist until the Survivors locate and cleanse the Hex Totem.

Difficulty Rating: Very Hard


Lisa Sherwood spent her childhood in a serene village, isolated from the bustling world beyond. The villagers were kind-hearted, and the elders diligently preserved ancient traditions, resolving rare disputes with personal intervention. Lisa cherished the enchanting charms they taught her, believing in their ability to bring safety and good fortune. However, one fateful night, as she journeyed through the woods on her way home, an unforeseen tempest unleashed its fury. The howling winds lashed at her hair, and she struggled through the drenched swamp, her dress clinging to her skin. Slipping on the slippery mud, she tumbled backward, her head striking against a rock. Falling in and out of consciousness, she strained to discern the ominous figures approaching from between the trees. That was the last coherent memory she held.

Lisa found herself imprisoned by her captors, chained to a wall within a waterlogged cellar. Though dimly lit, she could see others in the room, their bodies ravaged by festering wounds swarmed with flies. Within a day, her tormentors returned, wielding rusted blades to carve chunks of flesh from the helpless prisoners, consuming their very essence down to the bone. Most victims succumbed swiftly once the cannibals focused their attention on them, but somehow, a flicker of resilience remained within Lisa. After enduring weeks of starvation, infection, and merciless torture, her emaciated arms grew feeble within the confines of her shackles. Summoning every ounce of strength, she exerted a tremendous force, tearing through her own flesh and muscles until she broke free. Her body oozed yellow pus, wounds turning gangrenous as her bones became visible. Progress was futile, and she could go no further. Delirium consumed her, as thoughts of home and the elders haunted her fading consciousness. With her dying breath, she etched the symbols they had taught her into the floor, using what little remained of her mangled fingers. Almost as if in response, an insatiable darkness stirred deep within her. It hungered for blood. Swearing an oath, she embraced a path of vengeance.

The village’s search party eventually stumbled upon an old shack nestled within the swamp. Inside, the previous occupants had met a grisly fate, brutally dismembered and consumed by an unidentifiable creature. In the cellar, amidst decaying corpses and severed limbs, the blood-stained floor bore the markings of the elders’ charms. However, Lisa’s body was nowhere to be found and remained forever elusive. From that moment on, the village was forever changed, haunted by the absence of their beloved Lisa Sherwood.


You have read our article where we have provided the Dead by Daylight Mobile Killer tier list that we prepared for you, along with the descriptions of the T0 characters and their stories. We wrote this article with great joy as we have been playing this enjoyable game with our friends on the PC platform for years, and we are thrilled to finally see its release on mobile. When creating this list, we took into account our experiences within the game and the feedback we received from the player community. By considering our tier list while playing the game, I am confident that you will become the dreaded nightmare of your opponents.