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Now, take a look at Dead Space Remake: Correct Loadout, Weapons, and Playstyle. Find all the information you haven't seen before in our guide!

In this article, our topic is Dead Space Remake: Correct Loadout, Weapons, and Playstyle. Now, let’s follow the steps and become unbeatable!

Dead Space Remake: Correct Loadout, Weapons and Playstyle

Optimal Loadout, Weapons, & Gameplay Style


When starting a new game, pick the Hard difficulty for added immersion. Anything less makes Isaac way too overpowered, as even hard difficulty doesn’t provide enough challenge.

Change your settings so that aiming is set to toggle. We’ll be using a lot of kinesis and constantly aiming down your weapons manually gets tiresome.


In order to make the game more difficult, I recommend adding some additional challenges to make it more of a struggle.


  • This loadout is meant to maximize the use of kinesis and make the dismemberment process more realistic, really turning our Isaac into a grizzly survival machine while still offering some flexibility to you with playing around with the other weapons as you still have 1 to 2 weapon slots available.
  • This build is all about using kinesis to throw, the ripper to rip, and the force gun to tear.

Our core weapon will be the Kinesis tool. A few reasons for this:

  • The kinesis tool is the “throw” part of the throw, rip, & tear build.
  • It’s incredibly immersive and perfectly fits survival horror and the dismemberment system; Using his kinesis module, Isaac uses the blades of the dead necromorphs to injure and kill the others. Running, kiting them, and narrowly avoiding their slashes. With dwindling resources left on the ship, Isaac must turn the necromorphs own weapons against them.
  • The effect of impaling a necro and then ripping off its arms to throw at other necros is a very tense gameplay loop.
  • Impaling necros never gets old 😉
  • A single rod / pipe is capable of killing most necromorphs on hard difficulty
  • 2 necromorph blades are capable of killing most necromorphs on hard difficulty
  • A fan is capable of breaking most legs, giving you time to find another item to kill the necromorph off
  • By using kinesis, we are conserving a lot of ammo. Ammo that can be sold for weapon upgrades, nodes, etc.
  • You can prepare an area for potential combat by moving some necro blades, fans, rods, and pipes into a well lit area for quick grab and throws.

Our primary weapon will be the Force Gun. A few reasons for this:

  • The force gun is the “tear” part of the throw, rip, & tear build.
  • The force gun’s primary fire tears armor, clothes, skin, and muscle off necros. The first layer if you will.
  • The effect of tearing off necromorph flesh is really cool and immersive.
  • A single force gun round can damage multiple necros and make them vulnerable for kinesis or a ripper blade. An excellent crowd control device
  • Having the force gun as your primary weapon means that when you pull a necro blade, rod, or vent fan to use as a kinesis weapon, the force gun’s laser is a single line, showing you exactly where the thrown object will hit.
  • It’s silent when aiming, and doesn’t make the same noise as the ripper when idle, which can sometimes get annoying to constantly listen to while using kinesis.
  • If you mess up your throw, the force gun will push multiple enemies away giving you time to find something else to throw.
  • The force gun pairs extremely well with the ripper, which is our secondary weapon that we use to rip apart the necromorphs and get some fresh blades to throw.
  • The gravity wells can be an absolute lifesaver when ♥♥♥♥ gets out of control, and kiting the necros becomes too difficult or you can’t find a blade, rod, pipe, or fan to use. Thus you’ll need to smash one of the vents to get a fresh fan blade.

Our secondary weapon will be the Ripper. Here are the reasons:

  • The ripper is the “rip” part of the throw, rip, and tear build.
  • The ripper is a mining tool that goes in and saws through remaining muscle, ligaments, joints, tendon, and most importantly bone that the force gun couldn’t tear off.
  • The ripper is a very gnarly weapon – as a chainsaw ought to be – and perfectly fits with the dismemberment system.
  • A single ripper blade can take down 1 to 3 enemies in a single go. And when ripper blades drop, they drop in stacks of 3. Our ripper is very efficient.
  • The ripper compliments the force gun in that the force gun damages multiple enemies, then the ripper kills them off. Then the other necros get killed by kinesis thanks to the necro blades from the dead ones.
  • Since the ripper blade hovers, the ammo is basically never wasted since you can always correct your aim and continue sawing. This makes accuracy extremely accurate, which pairs very nicely with it’s high ammo efficiency.
  • When you get a crowd of necromorphs going, the ripper can saw through their arms giving you some fresh necro blades to throw. And the new dead necros provide their fresh blades to throw.

For the third weapon, pick whatever you want as long as it’s got range:

  • With his trusty Plasma Cutter, Isaac is able to deal with threats from afar. So anything at medium, long, or very long range is for the Plasma Cutter, which in a sense remains Isaac’s primary tool since quite a few enemy types are dealt with at range.
  • Personally I recommend the Plasma Cutter, since it’s the iconic weapon of the franchise. But if you really want to spice up your gameplay, play without it. Opt for the pulse rifle or contact beam instead.
  • The plasma cutter is the perfect universal weapon for threats that kinesis just wouldn’t be the best for.

For the fourth weapon, choose them situationally:

  • Plasma Cutter; Iconic weapon of the dead space franchise. The TRT build needs a long-range weapon and the plasma cutter is the prime choice.
  • Pulse Rifle; Great for dealing with guardians and tentacle pods. Also good against components and swarmers. If you accidentally shoot a pregnant, using the alt fire on the swarm will usually kill all of them and damage nearby enemies. The TRT build needs a long-range weapon and the pulse rifle is a great choice. Picking the pulse rifle is great at dealing with guardians, but since it’s a legit weapon in the dead space universe, sticking 100% with mining tools is a bit more immersive imo.
  • Flamethrower; It’s great for dealing with swarmers and pregnants. If you know the area you’re heading into has those, consider bringing a flamethrower in one of your slots. The ripper can deal with pregnants and swarmers adequately enough though.
  • Contact Beam; It’s secondary fire is great at dealing with bosses. If you know you’re about to face-off against a boss, I recommend the contact beam for doing huge damage. It has high alpha damage, so make those shots count. The TRT build is about kinesis combat and close-range fights. So bosses are for other weapons.
  • Line Gun; Trapping is immersive, but offset by the risk of injuring yourself and limiting the area you can move around in. It doesn’t fit the TRT build unless you want to have a bunch of crawlers by shooting at the legs.



  • By min-maxing Isaac we are able to fully upgrade the suit, force gun, ripper, and plasma cutter. There are enough nodes and money to do so in a single playthrough. But at the cost of not upgrading any of the other 4 weapons.
  • By choosing to not fully upgrade the suit, force gun, ripper, and plasma cutter… the option opens up to upgrade a 4th weapon you enjoy using. Then you can play around with the other 4 weapons, respec the tree and invest those nodes into trying out a new weapon.
  • Phase I
    • Upgrade the plasma cutter
  • Phase II
    • Pick up the ripper and upgrade it
  • Phase III
    • Focus on upgrading the suit
  • Phase IV
    • Pick up the force gun and upgrade it
  • Phase V
    • As you pick up other weapons, upgrade them and then respec when you want to try out something new.

Priority List

  • Pulse Rifle
  • Contact Beam
  • Flamethrower
  • Line Gun

Enemy Types

Basic Enemies

  • Slasher, Acid Slasher, Leaper; A single ripper round is more than enough to kill it. Consider using kinesis to save ammo
  • Dark Slasher & Dark Leaper; Force gun round and then ripper blade
  • Lurker; A single force gun round up close usually kills the lurkers
  • Dark Lurker; Use stasis and then use the ripper to kill it
  • Infector; Stasis and then use a ripper blade. If it’s in the process of reanimating a corpse use the stasis on it and then saw it down with the ripper. Should die to 1 to 2 ripper blades. A rare enemy, worth using stasis on.
  • Pregnant & Dark Pregnant; A single ripper blade can take it out. For dark pregnants, just use a force gun round after getting it bunched together with some others and then use the saw blade. The pregnant and an additional necro or two should die from a single ripper blade. Use fallen limbs to kill the rest.
  • Swarmers; Funnel the swarm through a corridor and use a single ripper blade to kill them all. Flamethrower is also great at killing them too, so consider equiping that as a fourth weapon. pulse rifle is a great option too. Plasma cutter rounds are too expensive. Force gun round sometimes doesn’t fully finish the job.
  • Twitcher; Use a single ripper blade on them. Hit their kinesis module with the blade and they’ll enter stasis mode. Then go for the arms and the twitcher shoud die from a single ripper blade round.
  • Exploder; Use kinesis to kill them and repurpose that explosive arm. If you’re in a pinch, just whip out a ranged weapon like the plasma cutter or pulse rifle to deal with them. Using a richochet blade from the ripper is an option, but it’s not ammo efficient. Same thing goes for the force gun against this particular enemy type. This enemy type needs to be taken out asap, which is why i recommend the iconic plasma cutter as a tertiary weapon for dealing with them.


  • Brute & Super Brute; Stasis + Ripper + Stasis + Ripper. Do that until it’s dead.
  • Divider & Components; Force Gun Round(s) + Ripper Blade(s). Divider is a rare enemy type and for all practical purposes might as well be a mini boss. Force Gun is great at dealing with the divider, and once it crumbles the ripper makes quick work of the components.
  • Guardian; Pulse Rifle Secondary Fire takes down a guardian in 2 good hits. Same thing with the contact beam.
  • Tentacle Pods; Pulse Rifle Primary Fire; These annoying things deserve your least valuable ammo, which comes from the pulse rifle.

Recurring Bosses

  • The Hunter; Stasis + Ripper blade the feet. Use stasis again to slow it down
  • Phantom Necros; Force Gun + Stasis + Ripper blade(s)


  • The Leviathan Phase I; Standard arsenal + contact beam
  • The Leviathan Phase II; Standard arsenal + contact beam
  • The Hive Mind; Standard arsenal + contact beam


  • Wheezer; Press E to interact
  • Corruption; Use kinesis or a single plasma cutter round
  • Tentacle Drag; Plasma cutter makes quick work of the tentacle, especially since it’s maxed out
  • Pre-guardian; Use kinesis to kill these annoying freaks, or a ripper blade if there’s multiple of them in a single area

Rig & Cosmetic Suit

Lone Survivor Suit

I’ll admit, as far as immersion goes, the lone survivor suit might come off as a… questionable choice.
But it suits the TRT build in that Isaac’s sanity would be in taters due to all the ripping and shredding.