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Now, you can take a look at the Deep Rock Galactic Floating Rocks Guide and learn important information for your mission!

The subject of this article is Deep Rock Galactic Floating Rocks Guide. Everything that will make your mission easier is right here, so let’s start reading!

Deep Rock Galactic Floating Rocks Guide

Common And Known Tips For General Strategy

  • Kill the bugs as soon as they spawn, don’t give them a chance to even come close let alone attack you or the Dozer. They’ll be a pain to deal with on the second section as it’ll be difficult to deal with both Flying Rocks and bugs, especially for the dwarf in charge of repairing the Dozer.
  • Remember to prioritize your targets. Menace are most often the highest priority.
  • Repairing the Dozer to 100% will be provided with an approximately 4 seconds invulnerability buff (Can even absorb Detonator’s explosion, but in real scenario, it shouldn’t be even close to the Dozer.) Remember this part since it’ll be a great aid in the process of the section.
  • THE REPAIR SPEED WILL NOT STACK; So let only one player stick to the repairing process and the others will crowd control and get the rocks.

Repairing The Dozer

As mentioned, repairing dozer will provide a 4 secounds invulnerability which can be used to absorb the rock damage; however it requires a good timing and the Dozer must be damaged in the first place in order to repair it. Which is why you’ll have to damage the Dozer yourself. Dozer takes reduced damage from dwarves and behaves like friendly-fire, however, you’ll be able to time your repair easier since the hp is damaged 100% or 99% (given there’s no bugs around it). Speaking of bugs, you can also use them as a leverage for repairing the dozer without damaging it yourself although it is less reliable.

One important thing: DO NOT STAND ON TOP OF DRILLDOZER IF THE ROCK IMPACT IS IMMINENT (not even on top of the hulls)

Just hug towards the Dozer hull like the picture below, vice versa if the first hall is destoryed; While I agree the bugs can aggro towards you and damage you, but it’s a much safer approach than standing on top of Dozer.

If both hulls are down, go behind the dozer, there’ s little room for you to able to interact.

Will stress this again, repair speed will not stack, so if two dwarves start repairing, one of them has to abandon the task and focus on bugs or rocks.


While the rocks are a threat, it’ll also regularly spawn bugs that’ll damage the Dozer so much that it’s probably more fatal than the rocks since everyone’s distracted. Keep yourself busy with repairing the Dozer even if bugs are damaging it. In case you’re overwhelmed or a Slasher/Swarmer horde is aggro towards you:

Power Attack the aggro bugs

  • As Scout, have Cryo Nade and throw it right below the dozer so it’ll freeze both sides and will buy you time; Phermone arrow/nade is also a solid option.
  • As Gunner, have shield with maxed out AOE covered and throw it to the center for some breathing room. (It will not absorb the rocks but it’s still a solid option.)
  • As Driller, cover your ground below with any primaries you have, optionally, you can also give fear to bugs with your drill for a little breathing room.
  • As Engie, Decoy nade is recommended, otherwise, you probably can cover your ground with Shard Defractor VIR overclock.

Obviously, prioritize these enemies the most:

  1. Menace
  2. Acid Spitter
  3. Web Spitter
  4. Oppressor (since it’ll very likely stomp the ground and knock you back far)

As for Bulks, one of the dwarves better aggro it further from the Dozer for a safe distance for detonation.

Anti Rock Arsenal

Given you want to directly deal with the rocks, here are some of the hard counters:

  • SCOUT: Regular crossbow arrows even without damage upgrade is a solid option but is more reliable with another dwarf assisting you with destroying them. (Unless you react fast with where they’re spawning and have reload speed upgrade.)
  • SCOUT: Dual SMGs with Embed Det OC will absolutely SHRED them, a few shots of them then reloading is enough to almost break the rocks and best thing is you can do it on multiple rocks at once.
  • SCOUT: M1K is generally a decent choice with any of the overclocks, SSC wouldn’t help much sadly.
  • DRILLER: Try not to use your primary for rocks, it’s not very effective and takes long to freeze them with Cryo.
  • DRILLER: EPC with TCF is very solid if you time it and position it right.
  • DRILLER: Pistol with Explosive Reload OC is a weaker counterpart of Embed Det but it’s still a solid weapon against the rocks.

The rest of the weapons are decent as well, but they’ll usually end up chewing out alot of ammo.

Platform Shield

As Engineer, you can use your platforms to form an extra layer for the rocks to go through.
First of all, prep your bridge and prep a stair in order to get on top of it but DO NOT FULLY BUILD THE BRIDGE YET since phase transitions will always give blast damage and will destroy your platforms anyways.

Just as the rock phase begins, complete your bridge and quickly get on top of the bridge and keep a safe distance so the rocks wouldn’t damage you upon impact. Do not scuff the Dozer with multiple layers of plats and just wait till a rock happens to hit your plats, if it did, it’ll very likely create a hole which is enough for the rocks to go through it and damage the Dozer, even if it hits the plats again.
So, fill out the holes quickly and keep on doing this until the phase is over.

Alot of dwarves assume they’re fully safe with the plat layers but it’s necessary for them to help the engie out and destory as much rock as possible so the engie wouldn’t get overwhelmed quickly.