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Let's take a look at our Detroit: Become Human guide for Last Chance, Connor. Learn all the solutions step by step in the Last Chance, Connor chapter.

In this article, we discussed the Detroit: Become Human Last Chance, Connor chapter. Now, let’s move on to the step-by-step solutions!

Detroit Become Human: Last Chance, Connor

In the pivotal chapter of “The Zen Garden,” Connor faces a critical crossroads where the fate of his mission hangs in the balance. Whether you successfully locate Jericho or not depends on a series of choices and outcomes. Here, we break down the various possibilities to help you navigate this crucial chapter.

Initial Conditions: Before you begin your journey in “The Zen Garden,” consider the following factors that influence the outcome:

  • Carlo’s Android: Whether he was found in “Partners,” survived “The Interrogation,” or if you had a conversation with him during “Waiting for Hank.”
  • Rupert: His escape status during “The Nest.” Rupert not found, Connor’s death, or saving Hank all play a role.
  • The Tracis: Whether they escaped during “The Eden Club” or if Connor spared them.
  • Kitchen Deviant and Simon: Their survival during “Public Enemy.” Connor and Hank’s fate during “Public Enemy” are also key.

Amanda’s Standoff: Upon gaining control of Connor, Amanda awaits you on the frozen lake. How she responds to you depends on whether you found Jericho’s location by killing Chloe and asking Kamski. If you didn’t, Amanda will express her disappointment.

Connor’s Response Options: If you haven’t yet discovered Jericho, you’ll have three initial options:

  1. Emotional: This choice decreases your relationship with Amanda but increases your software instability.
  2. Cold: This increases your relationship with Amanda but decreases your software instability.
  3. Stay Silent

After this, you can pick three more options, regardless of your previous choice. Your relationship with Amanda will decrease no matter the combination.

The Deviant Dilemma: If Connor killed the Tracis during “The Eden Club” or Chloe during “Meet Kamski,” Amanda will inquire about Connor’s feelings for the deviants. You have three options here, each affecting your relationship and software instability differently.

Police Station Drama: After the internal conversation with Amanda, Fowler informs you and Hank that the FBI is taking over the case. Hank’s relationship with Connor will significantly affect the outcome:

  • If Hank is Hostile, he resigns.
  • If Hank’s relationship is Tense or higher, he stays at his desk.

Interaction with Hank: If Hank returns to his desk, the conversation with him varies based on your prior choices and the team’s knowledge of Jericho.

Creating a Diversion: FBI Perkins arrives, and the situation depends on Hank’s relationship with Connor:

  • Hank Helps: He creates a distraction.
  • Hank Doesn’t Help or Is Gone: You need to create the diversion yourself.

Evidence Room Exploration: Your path leads you to the Evidence Room. Here, you’ll need to choose Hank’s password, which is quite a memorable one. The contents of the Evidence Room can vary based on your earlier choices in the game.

Possible Evidence Room Contents:

  • Carlos’ Android’s Statue (opened) with Jericho Tablet
  • Carlos’ Android’s Statue (opened) with Rupert
  • Carlos’ Android’s Statue (opened) with Blue-haired Traci
  • Carlos’ Android’s Statue (opened) with Kitchen Android
  • Carlos’ Android’s Statue (opened) with Simon
  • Rupert’s Body with Rupert’s Diary
  • Blue-haired Traci with Brown-haired Traci
  • Kitchen Android with Markus’ Broadcast
  • Simon with Markus’ Broadcast

The Final Showdown: If you successfully locate Jericho, the outcome hinges on your interaction with Gavin:

  • Connor Leaves (Connor Eluded Perkins ending)


  • Gavin Returns and Is Attacked: This leads to a fight. Your success or failure in this encounter determines the ultimate outcome.

All Possible Endings: Here’s a quick recap of all possible endings based on your choices:

  1. Connor Left for Jericho: This outcome occurs if you asked for Jericho’s location after killing Chloe during “Meet Kamski.”
  2. Connor Series Was Decommissioned 1: If you lack sufficient evidence or run out of time before reaching the evidence room.
  3. Connor Series Was Decommissioned 2: If you reach the evidence room but run out of time before learning the location of Jericho.
  4. Connor Eluded Perkins: When you respond to Gavin with “Low Profile” or “Calm” and successfully locate Jericho.
  5. Gavin Destroyed Connor: This tragic ending unfolds when you ignore Gavin, enter the Evidence Room, and fail the QTEs during the fight.
  6. Connor Incapacitated Gavin: Similar to the previous ending, but you succeed in the fight with Gavin.

In “The Zen Garden,” every choice has consequences. The fate of Connor’s mission and relationships with key characters lies in your hands. Choose wisely to uncover the secrets of Jericho and shape your own path in this gripping narrative.