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Seeking to confront Diablo 4's Echo of Malphas? Discover where to find this elusive boss and what to anticipate in the encounter with this detailed guide.

Looking to challenge the formidable Echo of Malphas in Diablo 4? Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to find this elusive boss and what to expect from the encounter.

Diablo 4: Where to Find Echo of Malphas

Where to Find Echo of Malphas

Echo of Malphas lurks within the Vault of the Loom, a treacherous dungeon located in Torment or World Tier IV difficulty. Prepare yourself for a challenging journey through the Vault, navigating past enemies and traps until you reach The Descent, where the Season 3 Uber Boss awaits at Level 100.

Preparation for the Encounter

Surviving the Vault of the Loom and facing Echo of Malphas requires thorough preparation. Ensure your character is at least Level 90 or higher and equip your best gear to stand a chance against this formidable foe.

Unlocking Echo of Malphas

Before confronting Echo of Malphas, you must first defeat the Season 3: Season of the Construct boss. Progress through the Season 3 questline until you gain access to the player hub beneath Kehjistan, known as the Gatehall. Here, unlock the Vault gates and locate the Vault of the Loom, where Echo of Malphas awaits.

What Does Echo of Malphas Drop?

Defeating Echo of Malphas grants a chance to obtain Unique Turning Stones, coveted items in Diablo 4. Additionally, these stones can also drop from Wardwoven Chests found within the dungeon, requiring Zoltun’s Warding charges to open. Prepare 30 Zoltun’s Wardings if you aim to unlock all the chests within the Vault.

Mastering the Encounter

Echo of Malphas possesses enhanced abilities compared to the story version of Malphas. Watch out for elemental Conduits that appear frequently during the battle. Quickly eliminate them to mitigate their escalating attacks, or ensure you have sufficient resistance against the respective elements. Remain vigilant, avoiding attacks by observing the arena floor, and bolster your elemental resistances for a better chance at victory.

Unlocking the Vault and Preparation

To unlock access to the Vault of the Loom and Echo of Malphas, you must provide specific items at the Corrupted Altar. Offer seven Igneous Cores and 250 Shattered Stones to gain entry to this challenging encounter.

Gathering the Necessary Items

Obtaining the required items to unlock the Vault and face Echo of Malphas is crucial. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Pearl of Warding: Dropped by Heralds of Malphas in Arcane Tremors.
  • Igneous Cores: Dropped by Sons of Malphas and Heralds of Malphas (World Tier IV).
  • Shattered Stone: Dropped by Constructs and enemies spawned by Obelisks in Arcane Tremors.

Follow this guide diligently to locate Echo of Malphas and emerge victorious in this daunting battle within Diablo 4. Good luck, adventurer!