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Now, take a look at our Dominions 6: How to Install Workshop Mods guide. Follow the steps and install some fantastic mods to start playing!

Dominions 6, released on January 17, 2024, provides a great experience for players. Gamers who have been playing the Dominions series gave the 6th game a full score. In this regard, we explained How to install Workshop Mods in Dominions 6. You can easily install and uninstall mods by following the steps.

Dominions 6: How to install Workshop Mods

  1. Direct Link: You can take the express route by using this link: Dominions 6 Workshop.
  2. Your Content: If you’ve created content, click on your name in the toolbar, go to content, and then find the Workshop tab.
  3. Community Route: Navigate to the Workshop by clicking on Community in the toolbar, then Workshop, and finally search for Dominions 6.
  4. Store Detour: Visit the Dominions 6 store page, click on Community Hub (top right), and then hit the Workshop tab.

Now that you’ve reached the Workshop, click on Browse > Items to find the maps and mods waiting for you.

How about getting mods from the Workshop? It’s a breeze. Once you spot a mod you fancy, hit Subscribe. Steam will do the rest โ€“ downloading the latest version for Dominions 6. It won’t activate right away, though; you’ll need to give it the green light when you’re ready.

To uninstall a mod, simply go back to the Workshop and click Unsubscribe. If you want to keep tabs on a specific mod, mark it as a Favorite for easy access.

Now, onto using the mods you’ve collected. Just having them downloaded won’t cut it โ€“ you need to enable them. Open Dominions 6, click on Mods from the main menu, select the ones you want, and voila! Enabled mods will show a green check, and their icons will pop up in the top right. Any game you create from now on will include these mods.

Remember, you can’t tweak mods mid-game or change which ones are active. Load a game, and it’ll automatically enable the mods you had on when you started it.

Oh, and creating a new pretender? Enable your mods first, especially if they mess with nations or pretender properties.

Now, what’s the deal with multiple versions of a mod? Stick to the latest static version when starting a new game. Some modders include various versions to support ongoing games without messing them up during updates. There might be a “current version” too, which auto-updates for bug fixes and such.

Can you mix and match as many mods as you want? Technically, yes. But be warned, mod conflicts are a thing. If two mods mess with the same stuff, chaos can ensue โ€“ crashes, weird happenings, the whole shebang. So, my advice: stick with mods explicitly marked as compatible or check with the modding community if you’re feeling uncertain. Better safe than a broken game, right?