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Now, let's take a look at our Dungreed: Custom Costume - Saber Alter guide. Learn how to download the link and apply it.

The subject of our short guide is Dungreed: Custom Costume – Saber. Let’s proceed with the guide.

Dungreed: Custom Costume – Saber


Saber (Altria Pendragon) – Fate series.


It has low defense power and takes time to charge weapons, but
It complements its combat ability with strong basic power, high dash recovery power, and long-range defense effects.


  • +20 Power
  • -20 Defense
  • +20% Block Ranged Damage
  • +40% Dash Recovery Speed
  • -40% Weapon Charge Speed

Download and Apply

[Google Drive Download Link]
Once unzipped, paste the New Costume folder into that path.
* The AddOns and Costumes folder don’t exist by default; if the path doesn’t exist, create a new folder.
If you already have a folder with the same name as NewCostume, rename it.


  • Windows : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed_Data\AddOns\Costumes
  • Mac : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed .app\Contents\AddOns\Costumes
  • Linux : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed_Data\AddOns\Costumes
    It will then be applied automatically when you restart the game.