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Dungreed Uploading Costumes to the Workshop

Uploading a new costume

To upload a new custom costume to the Steam Workshop, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Move your costume files to the Upload folder

Please refer to the guide below on how to create a costume.

Guide to customizing costumes

Create a custom costume(English)

In order to upload a costume, the costume file must exist in the path below.

  • Windows : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed_Data\AddOns\Upload
  • Mac : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed .app\Contents\AddOns\Upload
  • Linux : Dungreed installed folder\Dungreed_Data\AddOns\Upload

The AddOns, Upload folder does not exist by default.
If the AddOns, Upload folder does not exist in your path, please create it.
If you have a costume folder inside the Upload folder, it will not work.
Please refer to the screenshot below.

2. Create a thumbnail.png and add it to the Upload folder

Recommended thumbnail size: a square image of 512*512px or larger
Your thumbnail should look something like this.

3. Launch Dungreed and go to the Workshop window

When you launch the game via Steam, the Workshop icon will appear in the bottom right corner.

f your costume files are successfully recognized in the Upload folder, you will see “Waiting for Upload” in the left UI.

4. Click on the costume you want to upload and press the “Create New” button

Press and hold the “New” button to begin uploading to the Steam Dungreed Workshop server.

When the upload is complete, you will see the “Upload Complete” pop-up.
If there are any problems with the file, you will see something other than “Upload Complete”.

Once the upload is complete, the ID value in the metadata.json will be automatically changed to your Steam Workshop ID to prevent duplicate IDs between Workshop costumes.

5. Go to Steam Workshop to complete the remaining steps

Now exit the game and go to your Steam Workshop page.
Add a description, image, etc. to your post, and change your post to “public” by clicking “Change visibility settings” in the bottom right corner of the settings.
(If you don’t change the visibility, the post will be uploaded as “private” by default)

Once you’ve finished uploading your costume and post to the Workshop, Steam will check your data.
Once the data has been verified, your custom costume will be published to the Steam Workshop.

Editing an existing uploaded costume

1. Move the edited costume to the Upload folder

Empty the existing Upload folder and place the modified costume file into the Upload folder.

2. Launch Dungreed and open the Workshop panel from the title screen

3. Click on the costume you wish to edit and click the “Update” button

After clicking the Update button, a pop-up window will appear asking for your Workshop ID, as shown below.

Please refer to the screenshot below for your Workshop ID.

The ID will also appear in the URL of the costume item.

Go to the Dungreed Workshop

Enter the ID and press “Yes” to edit the costume after uploading.

If the costume you’re trying to edit has a different ID, or if you’re trying to edit a costume that was uploaded by someone else, you’ll see an Upload Failed pop-up.