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Gryph, Echocalypse's latest SSR Character (Jan 7, 2024 launch), shines as a top unit. Explore her skills and banner duration to make an informed pull decision!

Gryph, the latest SSR Character in Echocalypse (launched on January 7, 2024), stands out as one of the game’s top units. As a recent addition to the Empire roster, Gryph specializes in counter attacks post-block, promising a significant impact on the Echocalypse PvP meta. Learn about her skills and banner duration in this article, helping you decide if you should pull for her!

Echocalypse: Gryph Guide

Gryph’s banner debuted on January 7th and will run for a limited two weeks, offering players a narrow window to acquire her.

If you’ve diligently saved your launch pulls and stage-clearing currency, there’s still a chance to obtain Gryph. With her significant rework for the Global version and a strong potential to become a meta-defining unit in both PvE and PvP teams, Gryph is a character worth keeping an eye on. Consider investing your wishes wisely during this time.

Gryph’s Skills

1. N ATK – Oath Gun

Gryph charges forward, dealing 88%/129% Magic DMG to a single row of enemies. Additionally, inflicts True DMG equal to 10%/30% of each target’s Max HP, capped at 200%/600% of Gryph’s ATK.

2. SKILL – Radiant Incarnation

Gryph utilizes her magic, dealing 247%/349% of ATK as Magic DMG to a row of enemies. Grants [Radiance] for 2 rounds, enhancing Block Rate by +15%/50%. When actively attacked and triggering a block, Gryph performs 1 normal attack, up to 1/3 times per round.

3. PASSIVE – Discipline

Gryph concentrates her magic on her body’s surface. With every 1% HP lost, her ATK, Armor, and RES increase by 0.5%/1%. When HP falls below 50% for the first time, Gryph gains a Shield equal to 30% of Max HP, triggerable once per battle.