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Check out our guide where we list the best armors in Enshrouded. Pick the perfect armor that suits your character the best!

In the game, one of the key things to pay attention to for success is your armor. No matter how skilled you are, if your armor isn’t strong, you’ll end up getting defeated.

It’s crucial to know all the Armor Crafting Recipes in the game. In our article, we’ve listed the most powerful armors in the game.

Best Armor Sets in Enshrouded

In our Enshrouded: Best Armor guide, we didn’t just list things out. We delved into the stats, recipes, and information about the armors. This way, you can understand which armor suits you best. And when you pair these sets with Legendary Weapons, that’s when you’ll truly become formidable. If you’re eager to get started, let’s dive in!

Best Armors For Starting

As soon as you start the game, you can complete your first task to craft the Ragged Set consisting of a Ragged Shirt, Ragged Pants, and Ragged Boots. Here’s what you’ll need to craft them:

  • 7x String
  • 9x Torn Cloth

Head into the Shrouded areas near your base to defeat creatures and collect Torn Cloth. Afterward, gather Plant Fiber by harvesting bushes and small trees. You’ll use these materials to craft String.

Ragged Armor Set

Wearing the complete Ragged Armor set provides a 30+ resistance to both physical and magical attacks, making it an ideal choice for your initial ventures into the Shroud. This added resistance can significantly impact your combat effectiveness, especially when you’re still getting the hang of the game.

Best Early Game Armors

After unlocking the Blacksmith at the Ancient Vault as part of the “Find the Sleeping Survivor” main quest, you gain access to your initial set of craftable armor. The Blacksmith proves to be one of the prime locations to acquire a solid armor set during the early stages of the game. This remains true until you rescue more survivors, come across superior options in treasure chests, or loot the bodies of defeated bosses.

Rising Fighter Set

Rising Fighter Set

To craft the Rising Fighter Set, begin by creating a Charcoal Kiln with 20x Stone. Deposit Wood Logs into the kiln to obtain Charcoal, a crucial ingredient for forging a Forge. Combine 10x Charcoal, 30x Stone, 10x Metal Scraps, and 12x Wooden Logs to craft the Forge. The Forge, in turn, produces Metal Sheets using Charcoal and Metal Scraps, essential components for the Rising Fighter Set.

Benefits of the Rising Fighter Set:

This set becomes accessible around Level 3, offering a Level 8 Armor Set. Regardless of your play style, it provides a universal health buff of +83. Additionally, it features a minor health regeneration, proving invaluable when you’re low on food or health supplies during your explorations.

The Rising Fighter Set synergizes well with certain Skills in the center circle of the Skill Tree, particularly Sneak Attack and Merciless Attack, which are recommended starting points.

Alchemist Apprentice Set

Alchemist Apprentice Set

Once you’ve rescued the Alchemist from the Ancient Vault, you can equip him with a set of Grinding Stones made from 10x Flintstone and 15x Stone, both of which can be found near your base. Utilize Bones with the Grinding Stones to produce Bonemeal, facilitating the crafting of the Alchemist’s Apprentice Set.

Advantages of the Alchemist Apprentice Set:

This set is particularly well-suited for players inclined towards magic. Offering approximately 65+ Physical Resistance, it excels with a significant Magical Resistance boost of +81. Furthermore, it grants an extra 33+ Mana and Mana Regeneration, allowing you to wield Magical Weapons with less concern for Mana Potions.

Scout Set

Scout Set

Once you’ve unlocked the Hunter, you gain the ability to craft the Scout Set as one of your initial options. Crafting this set requires Dried Fur and Linen, so you’ll need to acquire the Hand Spindle and Drying Rack first.

Advantages of the Scout Armor Set:

Designed for enthusiasts of ranged attacks, the Scout Set also proves beneficial for overall stamina increase and regeneration, catering to various playstyles. Even if you prefer a Warrior-type approach, incorporating the boots, pants, or chest piece into a mix-and-match armor set can provide a valuable stamina boost, particularly useful in close-quarters combat.

Guard of the North Set

Guard of the North Set

This set is discoverable through the Scattered Legacy side quest trail, initiated upon reaching Pike in the north. Each piece of the Guard of the North set is located in chests, with their locations marked on the map as you uncover new notes.

Advantages of the Guard of the North Set: The Guard of the North Set, a Level 13 Armor Set, becomes accessible even when your character’s level is much lower, providing a substantial buff. This set excels as a versatile choice, significantly enhancing your health, improving health and stamina regeneration, and boosting your effectiveness in magic, ranged, and melee attacks. Its well-rounded attributes make it suitable for any playstyle.