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Now, take a look at Enshrouded: Best Barbarian Build. Follow the guide step by step and get your hands on the most effective and perfect barbarian build in Enshrouded!

Let’s dive into the final melee build we’re covering here, and it zeroes in on the barbarian skill tree. This one really shines if you’re leaning towards a two-handed DPS build rather than a one-handed approach. The skills it brings to the table are tailored for that heavy-hitting, two-handed playstyle.

Now, not every skill in this tree is exclusively for two-handed builds. You can mix and match with other builds using some of them. However, the overall gist is turning you into a melee DPS force, dealing more damage per smack than any other melee setup. It’s not necessarily about being deadlier than the warrior build we discussed earlier; it’s more about your preferred playstyle.

If you revel in swinging massive, brutal two-handed weapons and relish those satisfyingly large numbers on your screen, then my friend, this is the build that’s calling your name.

Enshrouded: Best Barbarian Build

Barbarian Skills

Those core skills up there are your go-to investments in the barbarian tree. But hey, once you’ve beefed those up, don’t stash your points just yet! Take a gander at the survivor and athlete builds – their Double Jump, Jump Attack, and Jump Attack II synergize like peanut butter and jelly with your barbarian perks. Trust us, it’s a killer combo. Toss some points there too when you can.

Oh, and if you’re swinging a hammer and loving it, the warrior tree’s got your back. Grab the Brute and Hammer Time skills to crank up your blunt damage. We’re talking a solid 30% boost to your overall damage when you roll with both. Now, who doesn’t want to hit harder?

On your journey, you’ll snag The Warrior’s Path skill, giving your melee damage a sweet 10% boost. But wait, there’s more! When you unlock the Veteran skill from the same tree, you’ll be dishing out downright ludicrous amounts of damage in close combat. Now, fair warning, this path might pinch your skill points a bit more than the others. You’re diving into two different trees, after all. But trust me, the payoff is worth every point, especially when you factor in the Strength stat boosts raining down from both sides. You’ll be hitting like a freight train in no time.

Barbarian Equipment

So, the deal with the barbarian build mentioned earlier is that to really rock it, you gotta wield a hefty two-handed hammer. Now, the catch is, these bad boys might not always be in your inventory at the right level. But hey, if you manage to snag one when you’re in the end game, it’s a total game-changer.

Don’t fret if the perfect hammer eludes you for a bit, though. You still get some sweet bonuses with other two-handed weapons, as long as they pack a decent punch of blunt damage.

Now, when it comes to armor and rings, it’s pretty much a déjà vu from the warrior build. Go for anything that amps up your base damage and crit chance. And don’t sleep on any bonus goodies you might find on looted armor that crank up your blunt damage – those are golden.