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Enshrouded: Check out the Best Ranged Assassin Build. Follow the steps one by one. Become the ultimate ranged assassin everyone wants!

Enshrouded has a structure that can’t be compared to any other game. Whether you want to be an assassin or a ranger, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just unlocking the abilities of these two classes. Despite the apparent beauty of the flexibility the game provides, misuse can lead to a very weak build. By following the steps we’ll provide, you can have the best Ranged Assassin Build in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded: Best Ranged Assassin Build

Here is our article where we explain everything step by step. Pay close attention to the skill tree distributions because that’s the essence of the matter. Let’s dive into creating the best ranged assassin build in the game!

Skill Trees

This build is all about maximizing performance. While there are crucial “life” skills that offer great benefits, grabbing them all can be skill point-heavy. Here are the standout skills:

  • Mason: 2 Skill Points
  • Miner: 4 Skill Points
  • Lumberjack: 2 Skill Points

If you decide to go for these skills (and you likely should), you’ll have to sacrifice some main build skills. Keep in mind that the Early Access level cap is 25, meaning you have a finite number of skill points. That’s why the mentioned skills are omitted initially. However, you can always respec at your Flame Altar, and it won’t break the bank in terms of runes.

Central Tree

While Sneak Attack has limited utility, it’s not particularly useful in most situations. On the other hand, Backstab shines when dealing with enemies who haven’t detected you yet.

Ranger Tree

Plenty of awesome features to dig into here. The Ranger skill steals the spotlight, providing a diverse range of stats to boost your gameplay. The other skills mostly amp up your damage, and Multi Shot throws in a sweet bonus chance for firing off extra arrows. Now, Bee Sting might sound like it’s only for gliding, but guess what? It’s a lot more versatile – it kicks in during jumps and double jumps too, making it way cooler than its name suggests. As for Eagle’s Bane, it might not shine much in the initial biomes, but as you progress in the game, its true value unfolds. Consider putting it on the back burner for now and revisiting it when you’ve leveled up a bit.

Assassin Tree

The Assassin Tree might not match the Ranger’s strength because it has a fair share of less useful abilities for your build. However, don’t write it off just yet! It offers a solid boost in Dexterity points and ups your Critical Hit chance, making it a worthwhile investment. Pay special attention to the Graceful Stride skill—it adds one Dexterity point for every two flame levels. Initially, it might seem a tad underwhelming, but as you naturally level up your Flame (which you’re doing to progress in the game anyway), this skill starts to show its true brilliance.

Survival Tree

The Survival Tree hooks you up with a bunch of essential Endurance – crucial when your stamina is on a constant grind. Apart from the stamina-boosting perks, don’t sleep on Double Jump, a game-changer for getting around and unleashing combat combos, especially when paired with Bee Sting. And, let’s talk about Swiftshot Sustenance – a nifty 30% chance to summon a stamina orb when you send an enemy packing. Grab that orb, and voila, your stamina gets a sweet recharge. It’s the survival game dance, and this tree’s got the moves!

Ranger and Assassin Equipment and Consumables

Much of your gear’s effectiveness depends on your character’s level, but the overall strategy remains consistent. Prioritize Stamina to maintain your distance, dodge attacks, and execute Double Jump Bee Sting maneuvers. Next up, focus on boosting your Dexterity to maximize your damage output. When it comes to arrows, begin with Wood/Flint, but make Copper Arrows your primary choice once unlocked. Additionally, consider using Shroud and Poison Arrows for dealing with groups of human foes, and keep Fire Arrows handy for tackling Shroud enemies.


In the initial stages, apart from the first craftable bow, you’ll rely on drops you discover until you reach level 20. At this point, completing the quest ‘Lost in the Shroud’ will reward you with the Legendary Fell Commander Bow, boasting powerful passive abilities. Before reaching that milestone, explore various chests scattered across the world, particularly in spires, dungeons, and other structures, to find numerous bows. When it comes to shields, opt for the one that feels most comfortable to you. While the Ghostly Shield quickens your shield readiness, be mindful of its trade-off – a reduction in blocking effectiveness.


Begin your journey with Wood Arrows, and continue using them until you unlock the Hunter through the main quests. Once the Hunter is at your disposal, craft Flint Arrows using Flint, abundant in the first biome. As you progress and approach the Revelwood Ancient Spire or reach Revelwood, keep an eye out for Copper Bars – obtaining one grants access to Copper and Copper Poison Arrows, which will become your primary ammunition. However, special arrows serve unique purposes. Shroud Arrows excel against human enemies, particularly in groups. While Stun Arrows are costly to craft, they can be a lifesaver in dire situations. Lastly, Flare Arrows prove invaluable for providing illumination during nighttime escapades.


Forest Beets lurk on the ground in Revelwood, and you can munch on them straight up without bothering with cooking. Chomping down on these will boost your Dexterity by +1 for a cool 15 minutes. Now, when it comes to Vegetable Purée, you gotta put on your crafting hat at the Farmer. It’s going to set you back five Forest Beets, five Water, and a sprinkle of Salt. The result? A savory concoction that amps up your Dexterity by +3, and it keeps you in the zone for a solid 35 minutes.

But hey, if your pantry is looking a bit bare and you’re missing the goods, fear not! Grab some Raw Game from the Boars in Revelwood or Scavengers and toss it on the grill for some Grilled Game. This delectable dish not only satisfies your hunger but also grants a +3 boost to your Constitution. Easy peasy game nutrition!


Last but not least, let’s talk about consumables. Sure, health potions are your go-to for patching up wounds, but don’t overlook the Flask of the Fell. It’s like a shot of energy with a bonus 20 stamina boost, a real game-changer. To whip up this concoction, gather one Shroud Liquid (snag it from the shrooms/eggs in the Shroud), one juicy strawberry, and one Forest Beet, all conveniently sourced in Revelwood. Get ready to power up!