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Take a look at Enshrouded: Best Tank Build now. Become immortal with the most effective tank build at all stages of the game, crush your opponents, and emerge victorious!

If you’re all about being the sturdiest melee warrior out there, diving deep into the tank tree is your move. But here’s the scoop – some tank tree skills shine in co-op multiplayer, specifically affecting the enemy’s attention. Invest in these, and you’ll likely be the first one foes aim for, giving your more fragile pals a shield of sorts.

Now, if solo play is your jam but you still crave resilience, start with the initial tank tree skills. After beefing up your survivability, you can then pivot to other skill trees for more damage-dealing prowess. It’s like being a solo force to be reckoned with!

Enshrouded: Best Tank Build

Tank Skills

If you’re diving into some co-op action, here’s the lowdown on the skills you’ll want to equip for your tank.

These are the key skills crucial for a tank build in co-op, providing substantial upgrades to Strength and Constitution stats. If you’re flying solo, it’s advisable to halt your investment in this skill tree before reaching the Nemesis skill. Redirect your attention to skills from alternative trees for added utility or damage enhancements. A standout option from the warrior tree for your tank build is Feast, boosting health by an extra 15% from meat-based foods.

While keeping an eye out for Constitution boosts in other skill trees, it’s wise to avoid pursuing them if the associated skills don’t align with your tank build. Instead, focus on enhancements that bolster resistances, such as Snake Eater from the Beastmaster tree, elevating poison resistance by 20%.

Tank Equipment

Your choice of weapons, armor, and accessories will evolve as your adventure unfolds. The unpredictable loot system makes it challenging to offer a fixed list of lootables. However, when it comes to crafted armor, the path becomes clearer. Notable crafted armor sets, like the Rising Fighter set at level 8 or the Tank set at level 13, become apparent as you progress. Upon reaching level 20, you’ll unlock the Guardian and Mercenary sets, both suitable for a tank. The Guardian set particularly shines in co-op, offering superior protection. Stick with this trend as you level up to meet your evolving needs.

The approach extends to weapons and accessories. Strive for a well-rounded mix of health and stamina buffs. If your aim is to enhance your tank’s survivability in co-op, prioritize rings that boost base health and health regeneration. The weapon loot system currently resembles a bit of a lottery, so opt for whatever maximizes damage while providing beneficial buffs when possible.

The Guardian set is an ideal choice for tank builds around level 18.