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Now, check out Enshrouded: Best Warrior Build. Follow the guide step by step and get your hands on the most effective and perfect build in Enshrouded!

The warrior DPS build rocks for both solo and co-op adventures. It’s versatile because none of its skills are exclusive to group play. This means you can fully dive into the skill tree’s awesomeness. However, keep in mind that the final major skill focuses on beefing up your one-handed sword and axe damage. So, gear up with one of these as your main weapon.

Now, let’s talk about the star skill here – Swift Blades. It doesn’t beef up the base damage of your weapons, but it lets you swing both your sword and axe faster than usual. The exact boost isn’t specified, but our tests confirm it’s a game-changer. You’ll land more hits in less time, upping your damage and reducing the risk of enemies getting a hit in return. Cool, right?

Enshrouded: Best Warrior Build

Warrior Skills

If you’re rocking a one-handed sword or axe as your main damage dealer, snagging the key skills mentioned above should be at the top of your to-do list. While the warrior tree has some other options that amp up blunt and piercing damage, it’s advisable to skip those if your ultimate aim is to master Swift Blades – arguably the cream of the crop in the warrior tree.

With this build, you’ll still have a bunch of skill points up for grabs. Feel free to sprinkle them on handy abilities from the survivor or athlete trees, adding a dash of flexibility to your hybrid style. Another route to explore is diving into the barbarian tree’s crossover skills like Breach and Shockwave – check out their descriptions below.

Here’s the game-changer: whether you’re all about one-handed finesse or swinging a two-hander, don’t overlook Merciless Attack at the base of the tank tree. This gem gives you the power to unleash serious damage whenever you’ve got an enemy caught in a stun-lock. It’s a game-winner for any DPS build.

Warrior Equipment

To get the most out of this build, make sure to invest in a solid one-handed sword or axe whenever the opportunity arises. This sets the stage for leveraging Swift Blades and benefiting from increased cutting damage thanks to Slasher and Butcher. Plus, you get a nifty 10% boost to your crit chance with Veteran. The result? A killer one-handed DPS build that lets you wield a shield simultaneously for that extra layer of protection.

Beyond weaponry, gear up with anything that amps up your crit chance and overall melee damage. The go-to here is, once again, the Rising Fighter set – a no-brainer for this playstyle. When you hit level 13, consider swapping out the Tank set for the Adventurer set, and at level 18, the Mercenary set steps in to crank up your damage even more. Stick to this strategy of picking gear that enhances crit chance and melee damage, and you’re good to roll!

Now, when it comes to rings, any will do the trick as long as they provide boosts to stamina or health, depending on your preference for this build. Keep in mind, though, that Swift Blades guzzle stamina faster due to the reduced time between attacks. So, choose wisely to keep that stamina pool in check.