Enshrouded: Detailed Map for Locations

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In the fantastic world of Enshrouded, check out our guide now to discover important locations. You can easily learn about all the locations on our Detailed Map!

We’ve marked important locations on the Enshrouded map for you. Enshrouded has a vast map with lots to explore. We’ll keep sharing the new areas and locations we discover with you.

Enshrouded: Detailed Map

Locations on the Map

  1. Abandoned Town
    • Occupied by Scavengers or similar enemies.
    • Loot appropriate for the zone (e.g., Copper Bars in Revelwood).
    • Great source of Metal Scraps and other loot in the early game.
    • Explore carefully to equip your character for upcoming challenges.
  2. Ancient Obelisk
    • Reveals the location of nearby Flame Sanctums and Flame Shrines.
    • Acts as a shortcut to finding Sparks quickly.
    • Provides lore about the game world.
  3. Ancient Vault
    • Location of Craftspeople NPCs.
    • Five Ancient Vaults in the Early Access launch version.
    • Shares an icon with “White Temples.”
  4. Base
    • Represented by a red flame inside a yellow diamond.
    • Fast Travel available when not in the Shroud.
    • Shares an icon with Cinder Vault, the starting location.
  5. Black Tomb
    • A rarer and dangerous point of interest.
    • Shares an icon with Sun Temples.
  6. Cave Passage
    • Entrance to an underground area.
    • Multiple ways in and out marked as Cave Passages.
    • Expect Shroud areas when heading underground.
  7. Cinder Vault
    • Starting spawn point in the southwest.
    • Fast Travel available outside the Shroud.
    • Shares an icon with your bases.
  8. Elixir Well
    • Typically deep within the Shroud.
    • Contains a miniboss and often a Shroud Root.
    • Always worth exploring.
  9. Farm
    • Similar to Abandoned Villages but with a higher chance of biome-specific plants.
    • Generally safer than Abandoned Villages.
    • Some Farms may have enemies, so explore cautiously.
  10. Flame Sanctum
    • Similar to Flame Shrine with a protected Flame Shrine inside a building.
    • Shares an icon with Flame Shrines.
  11. Flame Shrine
    • Sparks respawn here.
    • Multiple visits recommended for collecting Sparks.
    • Shares an icon with Flame Sanctums.
  12. Green Camp
    • Clearly abandoned camps with tents and open areas.
    • Safer than Red Camps but may still have enemies.
  13. Mine
    • Good places to find ore.
    • Often located in or near the Shroud.
    • Expect an extended stay in the Shroud if you enter.
  14. Red Camp
    • Occupied by hostile enemies.
    • More dangerous than Green Camps.
    • Be prepared for a battle when exploring.
  15. Shroud Root
    • Propagates the Shroud throughout the world.
    • Destroying it awards a Skill Point.
    • Shares an icon with Elixir Wells.
  16. Sun Temple
    • Special locations explored in a later game quest.
    • Shares an icon with Black Tombs.
  17. White Tomb
    • Somewhat rarer locations for exploration.
    • Shares an icon with Ancient Vaults.