Enshrouded: How to Farm Best Gear

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Check out our guide on Enshrouded: How to Farm the Best Gear. Learn every detail of the game's crucial element, farming, and achieve comfort!

With our Enshrouded: How to Farm Best Gear guide, you’ll know the most intricate details about farming. Enshrouded is synonymous with farming. Let’s delve into our guide to become invincible in the game and easily create all the builds, turning your previous farms into a thing of the past!

Enshrouded: How to Farm Best Gear

Get Wood & Stone

First thing you are going to want to do is get enough wood to be able to make enough platforms and stone to be able to craft two Alters. You may collect more to make more Alters for the journey, but two is all you will need for the farm set up.

Make Your Way to East Lapis

Now that you have your Alters you will want to start making your journey to East Lapis which is located on the far east side of the map just north east of the Kindlewastes fast travel tower.

Located on the south side of the town is a tower and this is where the magic will happen.

Setting Up The Farm

Once you reach the top of the tower you will find a gold chest which will only drop level 25 gear (except armor). From here we will begin setting up the farm.

Now take one of the Alters you crafted earlier and place it down on top of the tower. There is just enough space to lay it down in front of the chest.

Once the Alter is down we can start to build. Bring out your hammer and switch to the 4m section. Move over to the ceiling and start to build.

Keep building until you hit the orange outline and can’t building any further. You will have to switch to the 2m ceiling to be able to reach the boundary of the craft area.

Once you hit the crafting wall, go ahead and remove the Alter on top of the tower. Take your second Alter and place it at the end of the platforms you made.

In order for you to spawn facing the chest after you load your game or warp, make sure the Alters leg is facing you (as in the picture) and rotate it three times before you place it. This will ensure you are facing the way you want.

After placing the Alter go to the chest while still in building mode to check to see if the orange boundary of the craft area is in front of the chest. If the chest is inside the craft area, it will not respawn it’s loot after you quit to main menu.,

Loot – Quit – Boot – Repeat

Now that it’s all set up, you’re ready to farm. Loot the chest, grab the gear, quit to main menu, start your game back up, rinse and repeat. You can actually hit play and get your game to load your file before you can even see it once you know where to place your mouse (just above the quit to main menu button). Click until you hear two menu transitions and hit space for the final button to load your file in the dark for faster farming.


On the buildings below the tower you will be able to find a two normal and one silver chest. One on each of the different rooftops. It’s just faster to farm the gold chest and quit to main menu instead of touching these, but felt like pointing this out.

There is also a boss that will spawn in the area below. If you give it a few seconds some flying bugs will come in and kill them for you so you don’t have to risk dying. They do not drop gear, but instead will always drop 286 Highly Polished Stone Block if you are interested in building up a supply for making your base look fancy.