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Check out the Enshrouded: Ultimate Guide now. Learn everything you need to know about the game in a single article!

In this guide I will be showing you all the information, tips & tricks, useful and handy things to know and way more. The guide is in full development and will be updated in the future.

Enshrouded: Ultimate guide

Survival system

Unlike many other survival games, Enshrouded doesn’t necessarily have strict requirements when it comes to your character’s daily needs. You don’t really have to worry about hunger, thirst, or stress. At best, you just need to make sure that you have available slots in your backpack or that you’ve built a storage chest(s) in your base.

As for stamina itself, this is tied to your character’s comfort level, which includes the following:

  • Cooking and eating food – You can cook food at campfires. Interact with one and select a type of raw ingredient or food item. Then, press and hold the button to place it over the fire. After a few seconds, you’ll see an effect that denotes that the food has been cooked.

Here are some additional tips

  • You can eat three different kinds of food to have three effects/buffs active at the same time.
  • Food items need to be assigned to your hotkey if you want to cook them by a campfire. You cannot select them if they’re in your backpack.
  • Try to avoid eating raw meat as this might cause poisoning, too.
  • Source of warmth – The aforementioned campfires provide a source of warmth.
  • Sleeping/resting – Finding a bed to sleep in or constructing your own lets your character get some rest.

If your character is well-rested, you’ll gain additional stamina, as well as increased stamina regeneration. The duration of the effect also varies depending on how long you’ve rested.

Use the right tools when gathering resources.

When it comes to survival in Enshrouded, you should definitely avoid using your regular melee weapons when gathering materials. Instead, try to craft and use the proper tools:

  • Axe – Requires 4x Twigs, 1x Stone, and 1x String; speeds up and improves the yields when cutting down trees.
  • Pickaxe – Requires 4x Twigs, 1x Stone, and 1x String; has a small radius which automatically collects rocks and dirt that get hit.

Other resources can be gathered normally even without the use of tools. For instance, Twigs and Plant Fiber come from shrubs that you just need to interact with.

Destroy and loot everything.

Speaking of gathering materials, bear in mind that a lot of objects and structures in Enshrouded can be destroyed using your weapons. These include barrels, chests, crates, fences, panelings, furniture, and more. These also yield resources for your crafting needs.

Best basic food

The best foods you can eat in Enshrouded varies depending on whether you’re playing early on or deeper into the game. You won’t have access to everything you need to make the absolute top-tier foods right away, so here are both the best foods you can eat when just starting off and the ones that are ultimately the best overall.

Food is a very helpful resource from the first moment you begin playing Enshrouded, so you need to know which dishes are the best ones you can use early on. When you first start off, you’ll be learning how the game works and won’t have access to the entire map until you craft items to help you get around like the Glider and Grappling Hook.

Grilled Wolf Meat:

Wolves are fairly easy to kill and can be taken down quite easily with even the simplest of weapons like a torch, which you get very early on. You need to cook Raw Wolf Meat to make it a viable food source, but it’s easy to do this since all you need is a campfire or another source of fire for cooking.

  • Can be cooked using Raw Wolf Meat.
  • Grants +2 Constitution.
  • Lasts for 20 Minutes.

Purple Berries:

These aren’t the most fulfilling, but they’re growing everywhere you look which makes them a super accessible food source early on.

  • Found growing on bushes in the wild.
  • Supplies +2 Health Regeneration.
  • Lasts 30 seconds.

Grilled Lean Meat:

Another good source of food in the early game is Lean Meat. It provides slightly less of a Constitution boost in comparison to Wolf Meat, but it’s still decent.

  • Obtained by killing small animals in the wild.
  • Grants +1 Constitution.
  • Lasts for 20 minutes.


An incredibly simple but effective drink, Water provides some pretty solid benefits. What’s great about this resource is you can obtain a lot of it by visiting wells like the one in Longkeep, which is near where you first start off.

  • Can be obtained from wells or found in villages. Eventually, you can add a well to your base, but you can easily find Water elsewhere earlier on.
  • Gives +1 Endurance and +2 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts for 10 minutes.

Best Overall Food

Here are the overall best foods you can eat in Enshrouded, all of which require a lot more work to unlock and make. You’ll generally need to travel far to access everything you need for these which means you need the Glider and Grappling Hook.

Fruit Bowl:

A Fruit Bowl is a great dish to eat in a pinch because it supplies a strong health restoration effect and a quick boost to your stamina, making it a great food when you feel you’re in danger of dying and need to make a quick getaway. It also has a really long duration.

  • Requires the Farmer and can be made with one Honey, two Purple Berries, two Strawberries, and one Yucca Fruit.
  • Grants +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts 45 minutes.

Grilled Yucca Fruit:

When you’re in need of a massive stamina boost, this dish is a great way to quickly replenish a ton of lost stamina.

  • This dish requires a Farmer and a Yucca Fruit to be cooked.
  • Gives +20 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts for seven minutes.

Chamomile Tea:

Drinking this tea will grant you some strong buffs for a decently long period of time. It’s also not too difficult to make once you unlock the Farmer since it only has two ingredients.

  • You need the Farmer to make this drink plus one Water and one Chamomile.
  • Supplies +5 Health Regeneration and +2 Endurance.
  • Lasts for 35 minutes.

Meat Wrap:

This is a fairly strong dish you can consume if you’re looking for a boost to Constitution and Intelligence.

  • Requires the Farmer, three Red Mushrooms, one Water, one Raw Sand Digger Meat, and one Flour.
  • Grants +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence.
  • Lasts for 45 Minutes.

In addition to these main dishes, it’s also a good idea to keep foods capable of enhancing the statistics for your specific class. You might like Hazelnuts if you need to boost Strength, Mushroom Omelets if you need Intelligence, or Sage Leaves if you need Spirit.

The Shroud


The Shroud in the aptly named Enshrouded is a thick fog that blankets specific areas in the game world. Traversing it causes a five-minute timer to appear at the top of your screen.

As such, not only do you need to avoid or eliminate creepy enemies that are lurking in the shadows, but you also need to make sure that you reach a safe zone (i.e. a place without the mist) within the time limit. Failure to do so will cause your character to succumb to the effects of the corruption.

One more thing of note is that fog-covered areas have lampposts. As you explore, you might notice glowing sparkles that light the way, leading you down a path to eventual safety.

Devices that increase the Shroud timer:

If you want to survive longer in the Shroud in Enshrouded, you should be on the lookout for the following objects:

  • Hourglass Capsules – These look like small containers with a reddish glow. Interact with these to refill your Shroud timer back to its maximum value. Do note that using this type of object makes it unavailable for a certain duration in-game.
  • Return Beacons – These are also the respawn points in case your character perishes. Standing near one replenishes your timer back to full. As such, you can just keep coming back to a spot that has a Return Beacon if you need to gain more time.

Items that increase your survival time in the Shroud:

One particular consumable item that helps in this regard is the Shroud Survival Flask, which can be looted randomly from containers. The item adds two minutes to your total Shroud timer (i.e. five minutes by default becomes seven minutes). The effect also lasts for 45 minutes.

Don’t forget that you can gain a permanent boost to your Shroud timer by strengthening the Flame Altar, but you do need to gather several materials. You can learn more in our Flame Altar upgrades guide.

In any case, this is how you can survive longer in the Shroud in Enshrouded. These lands are dark and dangerous, so make sure you’re always prepared. Otherwise, you might find yourself in tense situations that come down to the wire.

Lastly, we should mention that there’s an even deadlier mist in certain sections of the game world. The fog in these locations has a pinkish or reddish hue. Entering these areas will cause your Shroud timer to drop at a faster rate, and your character will likely die within seconds.

How to Get/Use/Find Clay


Clay isn’t something you can get early in Enshrouded. Here’s when you should consider finding Clay:

  • Be at least level ten
  • Unlock the Carpenter
  • Unlock the Farmer
  • Have flame level three

Clay isn’t available in early-game areas, and the mobs around the Clay spawn points can be pretty tough. Because of this, I don’t recommend you go looking for Clay until you are at least level 10.

You also won’t have much use for Lumps of Clay unless you’ve unlocked the Carpenter and the Kiln. Additionally, the area where I found the most Clay spawn points is where you unlock the Farmer, so you may as well clear that out and unlock the Farmer. Finally, Flame level three will expand the explorable area and make enemies weaker.

If you have all of these, you are ready to go out and mine some Clay.
You can find Clay spots in the area north of Ancient Vault Farmer. Of course, you can find Clay spots all over the world, apart from the early area, but it’s around Ancient Vault Farmer where I always find the most Clay and Flax flowers.

You can find Clay spots in the area north of Ancient Vault Farmer. Of course, you can find Clay spots all over the world, apart from the early area, but it’s around Ancient Vault Farmer where I always find the most Clay and Flax flowers.

Clay is found on the sides of large mountains and boulders. You can easily spot it because of its brownish-orange color. To mine Clay, approach it and hit it with a Pickaxe. As you get Lumps of Clay, you will also terraform the area you are hitting, so make sure not to lock yourself out from obtaining those higher Clay spots.

How to Use Clay

Once you have Lumps of Clay, visit your base and use the Kiln. You unlock this after you recruit the Carpenter. You need one Lump of Clay and one Wood Log to make one Fired Brick. You can us the Fired Bricks as a new building material.

Additionally, you can also talk to the Carpenter and have him craft things like a Clay Smelter, Mortar, Crucible, and many decorative items. Clay is pretty much a must if you enjoy making a cozy base.

How to Get/Use/Find Copper


Copper Ore is one of the stronger resources you need to track down in Enshrouded after you have an established base. It’s a basic material you’ll need for more advanced crafting projects, and tracking it down takes a bit of time.

There are multiple locations where you can reliably find Copper Ore. The trick to finding it is recognizing the areas where you need to go and how out of the way you have to go for it. Once you do this, several crafting projects should become available, making your life much easier in Enshrouded.

Where to find copper?

The more reliable locations are to the north of the Farmer’s shelter and to the east of the Ancient Spire – Low Meadows. You can make your way to either location as you progress through the main story of Enshrouded, and you’ll want to bring a pickaxe with you to break away the rock to find it.

If you’re looking for it in the Low Meadows region of your Enshrouded world, I had to climb up several rocks to find copper. It almost looks like clay, but it will have distinct green colors through the middle of the rock. The green makes it a standout resource from clay, which is purely orange and brown. You should be able to approach it and begin smashing it with your pickaxe of choice. I’ve been using a Scrappy Pickaxe to make the process faster. You might want to bring a second pickaxe with you to help climb up the rocks to reach this area, similar to salt.

Both locations are good, and you’ll likely have a chance to find more in the equally dangerous regions of your Enshrouded world. These are two solid starting positions where you can regularly find Copper Ore and bring it back to your base. After you have enough, speak with any crafters to see what they can complete for you, giving you access to more advanced recipes. You’re still going to want to find plant fibers, though.

How to get/use/find Amber


Amber is hard to spot and particularly rare in Enshrouded, so you’re not alone if you’ve been struggling to find some. Thankfully, though, there are some great spots to mine the resource, which we will go over here.

Specifically, you can find Amber in the following locations:

  • In the Shroud northeast of the Revelwood Ancient Spire
  • In the Shroud south of the Revelwood Ancient Spire

Amber can be found protruding from walls and pillars in the Shroud. It has an orange color and smooth texture with light gouges covering its surface. Resources respawn every time you load up Enshrouded, so feel free to reload and return to the same veins every time you boot up your save file. That trick will essentially provide you with an endless source of Amber for all your crafting needs.

How to use Amber

Amber is an essential resource to unlock and craft recipes like the Fireball II and Eternal Fireball Staff Charges and to strengthen the Flame at your Flame Altar.

Strengthening your Flame to level 4 increases your Altar activation capacity to 6, your Shroud Passage Level to 3, and offers 2 Character Attribute Bonuses. But most importantly, it boosts your time available in the Shroud to 8 minutes.

To strengthen your Flame to level 4 you will need:

  • 15x Goo
  • 15x Mycellium
  • 10x Spark
  • 15x Indigo Plant
  • 15x Amber
  • 15x Copper
  • 1x Fell Wispwyvern Head

How to get/use/find a Rake


You’ll unlock the recipe for the Rake early on in the game around the time you reach level 2 and you awaken the Blacksmith. The Rake has to be crafted at your workbench, but all it requires are:
6x Wood Logs
2x String
2x Stone
You’ll find Wood Logs and Stone around your base, as well as Plant Fiber, which you’ll need to make String.

How to use the Rake?

The Rake is intended to flatten the ground, so you can have a level foundation on which to build your base. However, if you use it on raised areas, you can create your own little hills. When you use the Rake, the area you’re working on will match the terrain around it, so if you’re working on a mound, the ground around it will also be raised so it’s level.

Later on in the game, you can create a Scrappy Rake at the Blacksmith. You’ll need your original Rake to do this, as well as Wood Logs and Charcoal. For the latter, you’ll need to ensure you’ve created the Blacksmith’s Charcoal Kiln.

The Scrappy Rake is even better for flattening hilly terrain, and can be crafted with:

  • 1x Rake
  • 2x Metal Scraps
  • 1x Charcoal