Enshrouded: Where to get the Fell Thunderbrute Head

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Now, check out our guide on Enshrouded: Where to get the Fell Thunderbrute Head. Follow the steps one by one to achieve success!

So you’re gearing up to boost your Flame level in Enshrouded, huh? Smart move! The Fell Thunderbrute Head is a key item for that level-up, opening the doors to more Flame Altars and extended Shroud exploration. Let’s break down the steps to snagging that thunderous trophy:

Enshrouded: Where to get the Fell Thunderbrute Head

Prepare for the Fell Thunderbrute Encounter

  • Ensure you’re ready for a scrap, as you’ll be tangling with the Fell Thunderbrute, an elite Shroud denizen.
  • The action goes down northeast of Longkeep, so head in that direction.

Navigate to the Fell Thunderbrute’s Lair

  • Spot the tower-like structure on your map and make your way there.
  • Replenish your Shroud time by grabbing the Flame orb near the entrance.

Descend into the Depths

  • Locate the climbable wall behind you and descend into the depths of the structure.
  • Be on guard, as enemies will try to rain on your parade as you head downward.

Confront the Fell Thunderbrute

  • Once you reach the bottom, keep your eyes peeled for the red-glowing Shroud Root.
  • Brace yourself for the Fell Thunderbrute’s entrance – he’s the star of the show.
  • Engage him in combat, dodging his axe swings or, if you’re feeling cheeky, kite him with some well-placed arrows.
  • Show him who’s boss and claim victory!

Loot the Spoils

  • Check the Fell Thunderbrute’s lifeless body for two treasures: The Guillotine (his epic axe) and, of course, the Fell Thunderbrute Head.

Bonus Skill Point – Destroy the Shroud Root

  • While you’re in the neighborhood, take out the Shroud Root with your axe.
  • Boom! Skill point secured.

Head Back with Your Bounty

  • With the Fell Thunderbrute Head in hand, triumphantly return to your base.
  • Use the newfound item to level up your Flame, expanding your Shroud influence.