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In Cities: Skylines 2, an eagerly awaited sequel, exporting water is an exciting feature, simplified once you know the steps.

When beginning your journey in Cities: Skylines 2, you’ll quickly discover that this highly-anticipated sequel to the beloved city-building simulation introduces an array of novel and distinct features. Among these is the ability to export water, a concept not extensively elucidated within the game. Nevertheless, exporting water in Cities: Skylines 2 becomes a simple task once you grasp the correct steps. Let’s show you how to export water in Cities: Skylines 2.

Exporting Water in Cities: Skylines 2

How To Export Water in Cities: Skylines 2

City Establishment: Embark on your Cities: Skylines 2 city-building journey, prioritizing the development of your water infrastructure to meet your city’s needs.

Territorial Expansion: To unlock the ability to export water, expand your city’s territory by acquiring additional map tiles. Achieve in-game milestones to obtain expansion permits for this purpose.

Reaching the Map’s Limits: Continue expanding your city until it extends to the map’s edge, a pivotal step in creating an external connection for water exports.

Installation of Water Pipes: With your city’s territory now stretching to the map’s edge, connect water pipes to your road network in the area designated for water export. These pipes should traverse your city’s boundaries to establish the essential external link.

Automated Water Export: Once the water pipes are linked to the map’s edge, the game will autonomously initiate water export. Any surplus water your city produces will be sold to neighboring regions in need.

Monitoring Your Export: Stay informed about your water export activities by selecting the Water & Sewage icon. Here, you can monitor the volume of water your city is exporting, enabling you to gauge the success of this feature.

Advantages of Water Export in Cities: Skylines 2

If you’re curious about the benefits of commencing water export in this latest release, here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Revenue Generation: Water export can significantly bolster your city’s income. Selling excess water to neighboring areas provides a steady stream of funds to enhance your budget.
  2. Assistance to Neighboring Cities: Exported water can be a lifeline for neighboring cities grappling with water shortages. Supplying this crucial resource can strengthen your relationships with these areas, potentially resulting in beneficial trade agreements and mutual assistance during crises.
  3. Resource Exchange: If your city boasts surplus water but faces shortages in other critical resources like electricity or food, water export offers a strategic solution. The income from water exports can be used to obtain the necessary resources, enhancing overall stability.