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Now, take a look at the Farlight 84: Characters - Classes Guide. Let's choose your class and character in the most suitable way and easily defeat your enemies!

In this topic, we covered the Farlight 84: Characters – Classes Guide. Let’s move forward in our guide and find the most suitable character for you together!

Farlight 84: Characters – Classes Guide


There are four classes in this game:

Classes Guide

The class you choose for your characters greatly depends on your preferred playstyle:

  • If you enjoy playing aggressively, choose the Attack class.
  • For a defensive approach, safeguarding your team and holding areas, opt for Defense.
  • If you prefer having information on enemy locations, go for Scout.
  • If your inclination is to provide heals, buffs, and overall support to your team, choose Support.

You can identify each hero’s class in the hero selection menu.


There are alot of characters each with different abilities but you won’t have every character unlocked at the start. Maggie is a great pick for starting out you can play aggressively to get kills and she has good mobility.

You can unlock more characters later on by using the gold currency.
Look into these heroes for you next unlocks:-

  • Phantom- Really good for beginners, she has a scan and stealth on her ultimate.
  • Captain- He has a really handy shield and water gun.

Don’t go for any complicated heroes. i would recommend you only play one or two heroes and learn the game through them as this will also help you completely understand the hero. Focusing on a single hero can help you be really good on them instead of being just decent on multiple heroes.