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Find the Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld. Follow the steps, discover the best fastest flying mount, locate the spot, and get your hands on it!

Jetragon is the fastest mount in Palworld. In this guide, we’ve covered where you can find Jetragon and every detail about it. Jetragon is a dragon element pal. Pal’s with dragon element are weak in battles against ice element pals. Make sure to have an ice element pal with you when going to obtain Jetragon. Now, with this important reminder in mind, let’s dive into our article!

Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld


Currently the fastest flying mount in Palword is Jetragon. Below you can find detailed information about Jetragon’s location, skills and how to catch it.

Where to Find Jetragon

Meet Jetragon, the badass Pal monster that’s basically a legend. Hunt for it in the volcanic vibes of the western map. Head north from the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport spot, and there you’ll find it chilling at coordinates -789, -321, flaunting its Level 50 prowess.

Jetragon Type and Partner Skill

  • Element Type
    • Dragon
  • Partner Skill
    • Aerial Missile

Jetragon Active Skills

  • Stone Blast
    • Effect: Fires a barrage of stones forward.
    • Type: Ground
    • Power: 55
  • Ignis Breath
    • Effect: Shoots flames at an enemy, dealing continuous damage.
    • Type: Fire
    • Power: 70
  • Ground Pound
    • Effect: Gorirat exclusive skill. Pounds the ground twice before leaping into the air and unleashing a powerful punch.
    • Type: Neutral
    • Power: 85

Jetragon Work Suitability

  • Gathering Level 3
    • Gathering is used to harvest crops at farms.


The reason we’re adding Nitewing to our guide is because you can obtain it right at the beginning of the game. If you’re looking for a fast mount that you can use until the end of the game, we highly recommend checking it out.

Where to Find Nitewing

You can find Nitewing in the areas we’ve marked, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

Since Nitewing is weak to Dark element Pals due to its Neutral Elemental Type, it’s best to bring Dark type Pals to fight against it.

Nitewing Type and Partner Skill

  • Element Type
    • Neutral
  • Partner Skill
    • Travel Companion

Nitewing Work Suitability

  • Gathering Level 2
    • Gathering is used to harvest crops at farms.

Other Flying Mounts

In Palword, besides Jetragon, there are a total of 9 more flying mounts. We have a guide on our website that provides detailed information about all flying mounts in the game. You can check it out through the link here.