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Keybinds in FF15

In Final Fantasy XV (FF15), you have the flexibility to customize your keybinds to suit your preferences. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the default keybinds for both keyboard and mouse users.

1. General Controls

These controls are crucial for basic interactions and navigating the game world.

  • Action/Decide: This is used to initiate actions or make selections.
    • Keyboard: E
    • Mouse: Left Click
  • Cancel: To cancel actions or selections.
    • Keyboard: BackSpace
    • Mouse: Right Click
  • Jump: Make your character jump.
    • Keyboard: Space
  • Dash: To make your character dash or run faster.
    • Keyboard: V
  • Guard: Defend against incoming attacks.
    • Keyboard: Q or BackSpace
    • Mouse: Right Click
  • Warp: Use the warp ability to quickly move around.
    • Keyboard: F

2. Camera Controls

Manage your view and focus during gameplay with these controls.

  • Camera Lock: Lock the camera onto a target.
    • Keyboard: Shift
  • Camera Lock Lock: Further lock the camera.
    • Keyboard: Z
  • HUD Toggle: Toggle the Heads-Up Display on or off.
    • Keyboard: F4

3. Battle Controls

Engage in combat and utilize various abilities with these keybinds.

  • Assault: Initiate an assault.
    • Keyboard: E
    • Mouse: Left Click
  • Battle Menu: Access the battle menu for more options.
    • Keyboard: T
  • Command: Issue commands during combat.
    • Keyboard: Ctrl
  • Summon: Call upon powerful entities for aid.
    • Keyboard: Alt

4. Vehicle Controls

Navigate various vehicles with these controls.

  • Vehicle Accelerate: Increase the vehicle’s speed.
    • Keyboard: W or Up Arrow
  • Vehicle Brake: Decrease the vehicle’s speed or stop.
    • Keyboard: S or Down Arrow
  • Vehicle Jump/Take Off: Make the vehicle jump or take off (for flying vehicles).
    • Keyboard: Space
  • Vehicle U-Turn: Execute a U-turn.
    • Keyboard: C

5. Menu Navigation

Navigate through the game’s menus and options with ease.

  • Main Menu: Access the main menu.
    • Keyboard: Tab
  • Move Up/Down/Left/Right: Navigate through menu options.
    • Keyboard: W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys
  • Map Menu: Access the map menu.
    • Keyboard: M

6. Fishing Controls

Enjoy the fishing mini-game with these specific controls.

  • Fishing Lure: Use the fishing lure.
    • Keyboard: E
    • Mouse: Left Click
  • Fishing Reeling: Reel in the fish.
    • Keyboard: Space

7. Mouse Settings

Adjust the responsiveness of your mouse controls.

  • Mouse Sensitivity: Adjust to your preference, default at 100.

8. Controller Settings

For players using a controller, here are some additional settings.

  • Decide Cancel Pattern: Set to 1 by default.