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The topic of this guide is Find Explosives Quest. In this guide, we’ve explained how you can make the Find Explosives Quest easier and pointed out the important spots you shouldn’t miss during the quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Explosives Walkthrough

To kick off this quest, you’ve got a couple of paths to pick from, depending on who you’re looking to team up with. Your starting point is entering the Grymforge and catching wind of the cave collapse that’s got True Soul Nere and a bunch of deep gnomes in a bind. They’ll let you in on the fact that they’re itching to figure out a way to clear the wreckage and get to Nere.

Now, you’ve got choices on the table. You could have a chat with Brithvar, who’s got some words for you, pointing you towards the gnome crew doing the mining down there. Or, if you’re feeling more direct, you can just head straight to the gnomes and do a little eavesdropping on their chit-chat. If you’ve crossed paths with Thulla in the Mycanoid Colony, you’ve got a chance to drop her name and stir the pot. Alternatively, flex those persuasive or intimidating muscles with an ability check to squeeze out the scoop on Philomeen and her smokepowder.

This is where the crossroads split. You’re free to pick a side – cozy up with the gnomes and twist their arms a bit to spill the beans on Philomeen’s hideout. Your call!

Where is Philomeen’s Hiding Spot?

The spot where the action’s happening can be pinned down to the northeast turf of Grymforge. Here’s how to snag it: Warp over to the Underdark – Grymforge waypoint for a speedy entrance. Trot down the right-hand staircase after you arrive. Glide past the water, veer left when you hit a set of stairs, and what do you know – there’s a hefty pair of locked double doors waiting.

Now, the scene you’re strolling into stars a couple of Duergar. These fellas are tossing some poor deep gnomes into the water, a conversation you can hop into if the mood strikes. But hey, if that’s not your thing, just give ’em the cold shoulder and try your hand at lockpicking those double doors. Get your mitts on some thieves’ tools and pass a dexterity check with a roll of 14 or higher on a d20.

Once you saunter into the next chamber, steer yourself to the far left corner. One of your trusty crew members should clock a button on the left wall – give it a nudge, and presto! A sneaky door in the wall springs open. Step through, cruise down the corridor, and slide through yet another duo of double doors. Here’s where the curveball comes your way – three Level 5 Ochre Jellies with 52 HP pop up, ready to tango. Keep in mind, these critters are oozes and they’re pretty darn tough against slashing damage. So if your posse packs some of that, you might want to rethink your strategy. Give some thought to switching up your gear, especially to stuff that dishes out bludgeoning or piercing damage. If spellcasters are your ace in the hole, let ’em shine – oozes cringe at slashing but not so much at spells. Oh, and watch your step – the green goo on the ground bites, dealing poison damage to anyone stepping in it.

Once you’ve shown those Ochre Jellies who’s boss, saunter up the stairs and hug the cliff’s edge to the northeast. A little leap across a chasm and voilà! There’s another door on your path, though it’s locked. But no worries, you can just waltz on over to the left side and slip inside the building through a crumbled hole in the wall.

Spotting Philomeen hanging at the back of the room? That’s your cue. As you inch closer, get ready for some back-and-forth with her. She’s got her guard up, ready to blow herself sky-high along with that precious smokepowder. Not the friendliest of greetings, huh? If you’re not aiming for a big boom, you’ll have to cool her jets.

A bunch of ability checks are lined up for you, like a buffet of options to chill her out. Cherry-pick the one that fits your skills like a glove, especially if you’re gunning for success in defusing this situation.

Succeeding at Calming Down Philomeen

Score a success in the cool-down game with Philomeen, and you’ve unlocked the treasure: a chance to score a vial of that sought-after smokepowder. This little flask is your ticket to shaking things up. Make tracks back to the tunnel that got caved in and let the powder do its magic. Philomeen’s not going all out on the generosity, so don’t expect a mountain of the stuff. But no sweat – that vial of runepowder she hands over? It’s more than enough. Slide into your inventory, pick out the smokepowder, take aim at the rubble, and let it fly. Bring the heat with firebolt, a fiery spell, or a flaming arrow to set things off!

But what if the calm-down chat hits a snag? Philomeen’s not having any of it, and if you can’t convince her to pump the brakes, she’s turning that smokepowder into a bang. Game over, and not in a good way. The whole crew could go boom, and you’re back to square one for smokepowder. No worries, though – there’s more to be had. Find a backpack just hanging around, give it the old loot treatment, and bingo! You’ve scored a hand-drawn map. Crack that bad boy open, and your map’s got a new secret smokepowder stash marked down.

Now, let’s say you’re not in the mood for a peace talk or siding with the duergar strikes your fancy. You’re feeling a little wicked, or maybe a lot wicked. You can go ahead and attack Philomeen, seizing the whole darn barrel of smokepowder for yourself. But hold up – if you’re going down that road, you’ll need some serious dexterity chops. Pass a check with a DC20 to avoid a barrel-sized blast!

Baldur's Gate 3 Find Explosives Walkthrough