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Take a look at our FlipWitch - Forbidden Sex Hex: Interface & HUD Settings guide to learn all about the interface settings.

In this matter, we’ve discussed the FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex: Interface & HUD Settings. Let’s move on to the guide and learn everything you didn’t know about the interface!

FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex: Interface & HUD Settings

In this section, we will be discussing the user interface and layout used in the game. Starting with the in-game user interfaces, followed by all the inventory interfaces.

In-game Interfaces

The Main Menu

The main menu of the game is brought up upon launch. This main menu can be used to:

  • Continue an existing game;
  • Start a new game;
  • View the gallery;
  • Configure settings;
  • View credits; and
  • Quit the game.

The Sub-menu

The sub-menu of the game can brought up by pressing the sub-menu action key, during a playthrough. The sub-menu can be used to:

  • Pause the game;
  • Resume the game;
  • Access settings; and
  • Return to main-menu.

In-game Interface

The main in-game interface can be found in the upper-most left corner of the game during playthrough.

Inventory Interface

Next, we will be going through the inventory interface. The inventory interface can be accessed by pressing the open inventory key and closed using the same key. It can only be accessed during a play through and is made up of the following sections:

  • Equipment section;
  • Key items section;
  • Map section;
  • Quest section; and
  • Collection section.

The inventory menu and its sections can be navigated by using the movement keys of the player and the interact key to interact with sections that can be interacted with.

Equipment Section

The equipment section is divided into two parts: one part being for magical items and the other for charms which provide passive effects. You can cycle magical items or charms by adding or removing them by using the interact action key.

Key Items Section

The key items section is divided into three parts: statistics, key items and costumes. The costumes part can be interacted with to dress and undress the witch and wizard form of the player. Explanation of parts:

  • Statistics part: includes stats on health, mana, gold coins and lucky coins. It does however include passive key items, which provides the player with passive abilities;
  • Key items part: holds items necessary to complete the main quest, as well as side quests that does not provide passive abilities; and
  • Costumes part: holds the costumes for the witch and wizard forms, which the player currently has equipped, owned or obtained.

Map Section

The map section provides the player with a map to help them navigate the single large metroidvania world of FlipWitch. The movement keys can be used to snap the view to listed locations. Otherwise, the player can use the interact key to open the map for panning and press the same key again to quit panning.

Quests Section

The quests section provides the player with a way to manage quests. The quest’s section uses “Completed” as a divider between active and completed quests i.e. quests above “Completed” are active quests and quests below are completed.

Collection Section

The collection section provides the player with a way to manage their gacha girl collection. The player can use the movement keys to cycle through this collection, with any current gacha girl collected and selected being displayed on the right-hand side.