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Now, take a look at Flyout: Keybinds Guide. Everything will be easier after keybinds. Everything is in this guide!

In this topic, we discussed Flyout: Keybinds Guide. Keybinds are very crucial in the game. Let’s learn!

Flyout: Keybinds Guide

In-Flight Controls

  • F2: Toggle mouse aim
  • F3: Toggle aerodynamic forces view
  • F4: Display additional flight data
  • F5: Toggle unlimited fuel
  • F10: Rewind daytime
  • F11: Fast forward daytime (Use these to adjust weather and sun position for dusk or night time.)
  • G: Retract landing gear
  • B: Engage chassis brake
  • . (dot): Activate parking brake for chassis
  • M: Toggle aerobatic smoke
  • Tab: Switch weapons (missiles, rockets, etc.)
  • F: Fire weapons
  • Space: Fire guns
  • R: Deploy flares
  • P: Hide UI
  • C: Switch third-person camera modes
  • V: Switch between first and third person
  • Numpad +: Increase Field of View (FOV)
  • Numpad -: Decrease FOV
  • 1 and 2: Control flaps by default, deflecting and raising all control surfaces set for flap response.
  • 3 and 4: Control prop pitch level by default.