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Now, by checking out our Friends vs. Friends Card Combos & Counters, Weapons, Map Guide, you can find everything you're looking for.

In this article, we’re presenting a very comprehensive guide. Now, proceed to our Friends vs. Friends Card Combos & Counters, Weapons, Map Guide, and find everything you’re looking for!

Friends vs Friends Card Combos &Counters, Weapons, Map Guide

Card Combos

“Heartless” -> “Nuke”

The most notorious card combo (and the most anti-fun and broken hands down) is this one. It’s best to rush your enemy after using “Nuke” since your health ticks down 4 HP per second – an easy auto-win in most cases unless slowed and against a Haru. Best used with Haru, as all you need is speed to guarantee your enemy won’t kite you around the nuked area.

COUNTERS: “Double Jump” (or Moose), “Move Faster” + “Move Slowed”, “Heartless” + “Nuke” (you hide your heart in the nuked area, once used you’ll be in the “double” nuked area). Personally it’s incredibly hard and in many cases hard to counter “Heartless” > “Nuke”.

“Ninja Log” and/or “Ninja Smoke” -> “Self-Destruct Device”

A guaranteed kill, albeit you’re dying in the process. Since you get a generous speed boost from Ninja Log it becomes easy to time and track down your opponents. Best used in 2v2s against a camping couple.

COUNTERS: Unfortunately the detonation is manual, which means if you use cards like Tin Man or Chameleon, the chances are more likely your opponent will wait you out and eventually use it. Your best Counter is getting away from the blast radius by using carsd like “Move Slowed” and “Move Faster”

“Parley” -> “Self-Destruct Device”

Similar to the “Ninja Log” -> “Self-Destruct Device” combo, but a lot more obvious. Only use this combo if you know your opponents can’t run away from you.

COUNTERS: Simply being faster than your opponent, by using Haru, “Move Slowed”, “Move Faster”, “Energy Drink” and so forth.

“Predator Vision” -> “Phantom Bullets”

The wall hacks combo. Can be used at start of a round on maps with great range between you and your opponent. Using DJ Newton thanks to her better accuracy can greatly increase your damage output on extreme ranges.

COUNTERS: Using Chameleon or any card that grants invisibility won’t cut it, Tin man is the best counter, it practically makes your opponent waste two cards in exchange of one.

“Barbed Cards” -> “Garbage Day” -> “Invisible Hand” -> “Hot Potato!”

The most evil combo. Best used by camping near your spawn if you’re lucky enough to get these four cards for a combo.

COUNTERS: Unfortunately the only counter to this combo is to get blown up the Hot Potato and not waste any cards during that round. Clutch with your pistol aim or try to guess where your “Tin Man” or “Ninja Log” is or die.

“Bullet Time” -> “Mind Blowing”

Auto-win combo for the most part, very easy to pull off.

COUNTERS: “Tin Man”, “Chameleon”, “Ninja Log”, “Ninja Smoke”, “Ice Block”, “Wall”, “Bouncy Wall”, or if you don’t have any of these cards – just start shaking your head while looking up, it helps hide your brain.

“Bomb Lover” -> “Bigger Explosions” -> “Bomb Belt”

If you’re good with projectiles and timing, then this card combo is incredibly good. Best used against campers, somewhat bad when used against aggressive duelers like Haru and Sable. Great with Punch-R

COUNTERS: Unfortunately using cards like “Tin Man” won’t cut it, your best bet is to get into their face as they’re unable to detonate the bombs manually. Keep dancing around them and they’ll die.

“More Accuracy” -> “Less Accuracy” -> “Pixel Vision”

Best used on bigger maps like Roof, especially effective against Raver players. Sable is unaffected by this combo.

COUNTERS: Avoid pot shots as you’re more likely to lose the damage trades. Your best bet is to use “More Accuracy” and wait out “Pixel Vision” by planting down a “Ca-Turret”. Either that or rush flank with cards like “Ninja Log”. You must rush them if you’re playing characters like Sable or Raver – you’re unlikely to win any damage trades on long rangers with the Brasshopper.

“Health Down” -> “Poison”

Your opponents will lose 63 health on demand. People mistakenly use both cards at once, when it’s a lot better to use “Health Down” to see where they spawned (damage pop-up) and then “Poison” to track them down once you get closer to them.

COUNTERS: Best to use “Health Up” with “Medkit” if you have it. Only use “Medkit” when your health is lower, to prevent wasting it’s 100 HP healing capability.

Card Counters

“Big Head” is countered by “Helmet”– Not only did you waste their card, but you also made your head more likely to get hit than your body. And since your helmet gives you a 90% damage resistance on headshots, you’re more likely to win damage trades.

“Albatross 21”“Boomstick” “FK-82” or “Laika” is countered by “Swap Weapons” or “Disarm” – best used against strong and hard-hitting weapons rather than wasting it when the opponent has a “Brasshopper” or “Golden Boira”.

“Ca-Turret” and “Ka-boomer” is best countered by using cards like “Wall” (as the turrets auto-attack walls). Your opponent is more likely to camp near the “Ca-Turret”, best to do quick peeks abusing the turret’s blind spots.

“Land Mine”“Bear Trap” are best countered with awareness, be aware of setting foot inside the opponents “Smoke Bomb”, especially if you saw them using the cards mentioned before.

“Counter Card” and Other Trap cards are best countered by using a card you don’t need. At best, the enemy’s “Counter Card” is triggered, if “Counter Card” isn’t triggered, it’s most likely your opponent used “Self-Destruct Device” or “Ninja Log”.

“Heartless” is best countered by finding their heart, unless they use “Nuke” – in that case kiss your win goodbye.

“Mind Blowing” is best countered by “shaking your head” (moving your mouse really fast) or using cards like “Tin Man”, “Ninja Smoke” or “Ninja Log”

“Swap Weapons” is best countered with “Disarm” or Vice-versa. Additionally you can play another Weapon card.

Steel Bullet is best countered by having a better aim or by using other damage amplifiers like “Poison Bullets”.



Is a slow-reloading, hard hitting grenade launcher that detonates on impact. It’s impact range is roughly 10 M diameter. It takes roughly 5.7 seconds to reload it from 0 to 4. About 4.7 seconds to empty it completely, it has roughly 0,85 RPS. On LVL 1 it deals around 27 damage up to 34 damage per projectile, depending on how far the opponent is from the impact radius. Unlike other Multiplayer PvP games where taking cover nullifies the damage that could’ve been caused by the explosive radius, it instead it seems to go through cover. Overall a solid weapon card to use against passive players, as it forces them out of cover – just be aware of it’s small magazine size, and it’s bad reload speed. Aiming bad with the Punch-R is incredibly punishing.


Is a direct upgrade to the regular Boira, on LVL 1 it deals 14 damage and has no damage falloff unlike the Boira 9 (which deals 13 damage up to 20 M, where it’s damage falls off to 11 around 25 M). The Golden Boira comes with a bigger magazine size of 16. It has a roughly estimated RPS of 5.16, with reload time taking about 1.7 seconds. This weapon is best used for prolonged long range fights.


Is slow but accurate high risk high reward gun. It’s best used with “Bullet Time” to achieve an easy and high damage headshot. It deals 60 body shot damage at LVL 1, it has roughly 0.91 RPS with a reload speed of roughly 4.4 seconds. With 10 bullets in the magazine this Sniper Rifle gives you a generous amount of rounds, it is more likely that you’ll either get a kill before needing to reload or die getting rushed by an enemy with a “Boomstick”. This weapon has no damage falloff. For beginners it might be proven too difficult to use the Albatross 21, especially as there are many ways to flank and counter snipers in this game.


Is a close quarters weapon best used to up to 5 M. The Boomstick is currently the most impacted weapon by Damage falloff, at LVL 1, it’s damage falls off from 11 damage per pellet to 5 damage per pellet at 10 M. At 20 M and above, each pellet deals only 2 damage. Due to this reason the Boomstick is best used as a flanking weapon for hyper-aggressive playstyles. It has a capacity of 8 shells and roughly 0.76 RPS. It takes 7.1 seconds to reload 8 shelves although the reload animation can be cancelled at any time,


Is a side-grade SMG to the Boira 9. Currently it is the only weapon in the game to have a card cost of 1, it is also the weapon with the highest magazine capacity and RPS – making it very good at short ranges and exceptionally good with the “Poison Round” card. The Brasshopper at LVL 1 deals 6 damage up until 20 M where it’s damage falls off to 4. It has a magazine capacity of 35. Its reload speed is similar to the Boira 9 and Golden Boira, taking only 1.8 seconds to reload. It has a RPS of roughly 8.33. It’s damage falloff is it’s main downfall making it a very strict weapon to use at close quarters up to 10 M.


Is a hard hitting and accurate revolver, it is currently the only “sidearm” in the game that has no damage falloff. The Laika is best used for pot shots at long ranges due to his damage and accuracy, making it a very strong weapon especially if the opponent doesn’t have a long-range accuracy weapon. Unlike the Albatross 21 which might prove cumbersome to some people, the Laika can comfortably be used at any range due to it’s generous stats. It has a capacity of 6 rounds, at LVL 1 it deals 35 damage per body shot and around 55 per headshot. It has a rough RPS of 2,4 with 2,9 seconds of reload time.


Is currently the only assault rifle in the game and for some considerably the strongest and most well rounded weapon in the game. Its accuracy for a fully automatic weapon is impressive as it can land shots comfortably at even 35 M. At LVL 1 it deals 14 damage, at 30 M and above it deals 12 damage. Despite being fully automatic it has a very small damage falloff and due to this reason it can compete with other long-range accuracy weapons like the Laika and the Golden Boira. It has a magazine capacity of 31, making it the second highest weapon for it’s magazine capacity (right after the Brasshopper). It has a rough RPS of 6.88 with a reload speed of 2.4 seconds.


Is currently the only melee option in the game, and due to its situational use – the weakest weapon in the game. Due to it having a three-attack combo I won’t be trying to measure it’s “RPS”. It deals 45 body damage at LVL 1.




PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Stevie Gull, his Golden Boira forces him to play campy on this map, he has a very intimidating presence on this map overall. Would recommend.

  • DJ Newton – Her extra accuracy is good, stick around the higher grounds near the vents and focus on pot shots. Use “Less Accuracy” on your opponent and keep them at bay. “Steel Bullets” with it’s 19% damage bonus is good for trading damage.
  • Spike Remington – His extra damage is good, when combined with the Laika his bonus becomes exceptionally strong, assuming you maintain a safe distance. With “Extra Accuracy” and “Steel Bullets”
  • Haru – Unfortunately this map doesn’t have the best flank routes, Moose seems to profit more with her double jump, making her extra speed a 50/50 depending on the cards you get. Haru is still one of the better characters due to her speed.
  • Moose Salto – She is able to double jump and easily get on top of the highest points of the map, you’re able to bait out your enemy into thinking you’ll come out of different directions due to having much more flanking options. She works well with cards like “Silent Footsteps” or “Ninja Smoke”. Exceptionally good in 2v2s due to her rich flanking.
  • Donnie B – More Health is just… Good. Not much else to add unfortunately.
  • Duck Anderson – his Health item is good, especially in combo with the Medkit. Allows for more mistakes, despite not offering anything else on the table.
  • Little Lars – His explosive resistance is not bad, and the layout of the map allows him to play more passively with his explosives and explosive traps. Overall he’s a very risky 50/50 character, as explosives can either be the bane of someone’s existence or a cakewalk.


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Myk Raver – His only option is to flank the enemy, as the Brasshopper’s DPS at longer ranges is pathetic when compared to the Boira. Very difficult matchups especially when against Haru or Stevie Gull, as both will want to keep you at range. He’s too card-dependent and easily abused by range on this map.

  • Sable Santana – Way too weak and can only win by hindering the opponent with cards. Overall she’s better used on maps that are smaller and offer more flanking routes, like the maps Island or Trucks



PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Myk Raver – People will say that the Brasshopper is just a direct downgrade to the pistol, and to be frank I’ll disagree on that. With cards like “Poison bullets” or just being able to use cards like “Energy Drink”, you’re able to land argueably more shots with the Brasshopper while avoiding more bullets since its easier to aim with. You still need good track aim to do well with the Brashopper, but I think it’s consistent DPS makes up for its range.

  • Spike Remington – His extra damage is good, regardless of map layout, big or small. You can easily rush the opponent with the “Boomstick” and “Energy drink” – but this combo should work with every character just as well.
  • Haru – This is a pure Arena map, she’s really good for this map.
  • Moose Salto – With her double jumps she’s able to capitalize better on moving on the boulder and trees rather than around it.
  • Donnie B – More Health is just… Good. Not much else to add unfortunately.
  • Duck Anderson – his Health item is good, especially in combo with the Medkit. Allows for more mistakes, despite not offering anything else on the table.
  • Steve Gull – His Golden Boira isn’t nearly as good on this map as on some others, but it’s extra magazine capacity and tiny damage bonus will still give you some edge over your opponent.


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Little Lars – With very few chokes you’re forced to play aggressively… using him feels rather unrewarding on this map. He’s still very fun, and if you plop down sentries on top of the boulder you can definitely capitalize on that.

  • DJ Newton – Unfortunately on this map, her accuracy is not very well utilized. She’s not bad – but it feels like you’re playing a character without a bonus on this map
  • Sable Santana – She’s much better on this map, but still, the katana is the weakest weapon in the entire game. It feels like her only “bonus” can only get you so far. Too card-dependent. If you really want to use her. Be sure to include many cards that boost your speed and debuff your opponent’s speed. Cards like “Ninja Log” and ” and “Parley” also does wonders for her, as it enables her to cut distance with the opponent.



PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Little Lars – You can get flanked with the opponent jumping on top of your truck, getting behind you by either jumping on the car or through the hole in the truck. Personally I think Little Lars is in a good spot on this map, as there’s plenty of chokes where you’re able to deal considerable damage – and with it being rather small and filled with angles, a Ca-turret can easily protect you as you use your “Karratov” or “Toxic Bomb” for area denial.

  • Myk Raver – Best used with cards like “Ninja Smoke” or “Ninja Log” to get behind the opponent and unload an entire magazine in their back. Very fun to combine with speed bonuses and seems to be a valid strategy in 2v2s.
  • Haru – With her speed boost she’s an excellent flanker, assuming the opponent isn’t using any cards that force you at your truck with cards like the “Toxic Bomb”.
  • Spike Remington – It’s perfectly viable to stay on your truck and try to win with just good aim, you capitalize on his damage bonus after all.
  • Stevie Gull – Similar to Spike Remington but considerably worse if you use Gun oriented decks. The Golden Boira is good for trading damage on the trucks.
  • Duck Anderson – He can heal, that’s about it. Not the most interesting bonus, but good regardless.
  • Donnie B. – Bonus max health is good.
  • Moose Salto – Her double jumps can easily win you game if you abuse jumping around the ice cream prop attached on top of the truck. She’s a very capable flanker.


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – DJ Newton – I just think her extra accuracy is satisfying, but the bottom line is. Without a good big map she can’t really capitalize on this advantage. At this range that extra accuracy isn’t going to benefit you. And should you attempt to get some range by shooting at the back of the trucks, you become an easy target for flanking, in 2v2s especially.

  • Sable Santana – Unfortunately she is only able to flank with her melee, and due to characters like Haru or Moose Saito existing she’s going to have a rough time. Overall just jumping and playing around heights like the Giant Icecream is able to give her a hard time if she doesn’t use gun cards. And at that point you might as well reconsider getting someone who gives you a better bonus.

Maps – Part Two

Subway Station


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – DJ Newton – This map is rather simple for DJ Newton due to her Accuracy boost. It might be for the best not to be the one approaching, but rather try to be defensive around the stairs, the long hallway connecting the stairs for example is an excellent long-range place for trading damage.

  • Duck Anderson – Healing item is always good.
  • Donnie B – Extra Health is always good.
  • Moose Salto – One of the more fun spots to be around is on the metal frames above the subway rails. With double jump you’re able to have a better advantage around them.
  • Stevie Gull – Adapt a similar playstyle as you would with DJ Newton
  • Spike Remington – You can play more aggressively and flank by heading to their stairs, althought I’d only do this if you have the right cards that enable flanks to go smooth like “Ninja Log”
  • Little Lars – You can camp near spawn, up the stairs with explosives if you wish. Assuming you have explosives and a Punch-R.
  • Haru – With her mobility bonus, it’s a bit more difficult to tell where she’ll be coming from, I recommend rushing the escalator and continuing on the long hallway.


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Myk Raver – Despite the first level of the map being convenient for the Brasshopper, the 2nd level is very daunting for him. And usually if the players are intelligent they won’t even think about dueling you on the first floor.

  • Sable Santana – Unfortunately she shares the same issue Myk Raver has, except for her this is an unwinnable matchup unless you have good card combos. Even blocking damage isn’t going to help much – and the opponent is more likely to wait for you on the 2nd floor.



PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Moose Salto – The Theater is a relatively small map, but due to the map’s layout we can split it into three levels. Unlike others, the Moose has most control over on which level she wants to be at. She can freely switch between the the “audience seats” or “upstage”, you should most likely avoid the “downstage” as there’s less to utilize the double jumps with there. This means you’re able to come and go as you please. Utilize this well and your opponent will often have to guess where you’re coming from. “Silent Steps” cards helps with flanking.

  • Donnie B – More max health is good.
  • Duck Anderson – Healing item is good.
  • Stevie Gull – Get good with aiming above and under your head with the golden Boira and you should be fine.
  • Haru – It’s a close quarters map, and with weapons such as the “Boomstick” you’re able to capitalize on your speed as usual.
  • Myk Raver – As expected with a small map, you can very easily “cockblock” your opponent if he’s in the tight passage part of the map (the passage that connects the “understage” with the “audience seats”). Use “Tin Man” and mag dump onto your opponent if this does occur.
  • Little Lars – Very convenient map for using explosive traps and the Punch-R.
  • Spike Remington – Use his damage bonus well, if you’re on the top level of the map, Laika will suffice, if you wish to chase your opponent down – then use the “Boomstick” instead. Just beware of “Disarm” and “Swap Weapons” cards.


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – DJ Newton – Decent bonus, not too many ways to capitalize on this map unfortunately. Try to stick on the top levels and pray you don’t spawn under your opponent.

  • Sable Santana – If you get her to work on this map, you could get any other character to work much better than her and with greater ease.

Gas Station


PERSONAL FAVOURITE – Spike Remington – It’s hard to decide on this map on whenever or not will you be playing more aggressively (flanking) or shooting and scooting (playing passively) from a range. This map seems to award both playstyles evenly, so you’ll see a lot of strategies happening at the Gas Station. The damage boost assures that you’ll always be capitalizing on your character bonus.

  • Duck Anderson – Healing good.
  • Donnie B – More max health is good.
  • DJ Newton – Her accuracy compliments this map well.
  • Little Lars – There’s so many spots for him to setup a good defensive perimeter. And with some good choke points in this map, it becomes a joy using him with the Punch-R alongisde turrets.
  • Haru – Move around the top levels of the map above the gas station. You’re much faster after all.
  • Myk Raver – Greatly depends on your spawning location. You can either move from the roof, above the gas station and jump on your opponents or just walk low on the streets. With so much cover this map gives you some great flanking routes.
  • Moose Salto – Double jumping is useful, but I haven’t noticed much cheesy places to play her at.
  • Stevie Gull – I would recommend playing passive from the roofs and trying to hit as much headshots as possible (as a good rancher would).



  • Sabla Santana – I will admit, it seems like she can be extra-daring and scary on this map with the amount of opportunities it opens up with it’s flanking routes. But even then, she just feels so weak.