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To learn everything about GEnergetics in the game Garry's Mod, you can take a look at our guide now! Don't waste time, find the answers to all your questions!

In this short guide of ours, we’ve got everything about GEnergetics in the game Garry’s Mod. Now, let’s kick off our guide!

Garry’s Mod GEnergetics

Process of making

GE is created by mixing the two perfect ingredients. Gasoline and Energy Drinks. This is for sure going to give you a
boom in energy for the rest of the day. Then it is usually fit into barrels each containing 5 liters of pure energy. We at GEnergetics co. make sure to always make the most exquisite amongst all energetics. This is why our innovative business strategy of featuring Gasoline
in our drinks led to the biggest boom (no pun intended) the Construct City has ever seen! Our professor Dr. XiPing makes it very
clear that everything in GE is very safe if drank in low quantities. If a person drinks GEnergetics too much following side effects may

  • Explosion
  • Death


Shipping is also a huge part of the business. We usually try to employ one of the most elite drivers. The shady men from the back alley.
This and their low revenue makes for a perfect work force. Our shipping policies only allow to hold so much GE Barrels at once. This is
because of the explosive nature of our magnifficent drinks. It is mathematically assumed that the maximum amount of GE our trucks
can hold is estimated 60 Liters. To this day we don’t know why 60% of our trucks blow up. But well. It’s business, right?


We offer a lot of variations of GEnergetics. Most popular and praised discoveries are what we like to call “Bio Diesel Kickers”. These
especially help you get on your feet and hit the roof from excitement. If you’re wondering how our only factory employee excluding the
shady drivers is also the community manager, scientist and a shipping supervisor is because he is also the person testing the product
before shipping it. Mr. XiPing, You are truly a legend!