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Charlotta is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Charlotta best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

Tiny Justice


Race: Harvin
Element: Light
Combat Style:
Balanced, DPS
Skybound: Noble Execution
Weapon: Sabre
Position in Tier List: Tier 0

Charlotta assumes the role of an Ally Character within the realm of Granblue Fantasy Relink, boasting remarkable agility that sets her apart from others in the game. With a repertoire of swift cuts, aerial maneuvers, and direct strikes, she excels at impeding adversaries with finesse. Allies or Companions in Granblue Fantasy Relink represent recruitable individuals who join The Captain’s entourage, accompanying them in both exploration and combat endeavors.

Each ally possesses a distinct set of characteristics, ranging from elemental affiliations and weapon proficiencies to combat techniques, personalities, and visual aesthetics. Within Granblue Fantasy Relink, players have the liberty to assemble a party of up to four members, with the slot furthest to the left designated for player control. However, during pivotal moments in the main storyline, The Captain must be present within the party, while otherwise granting players the freedom to embody any character of their choosing.

Charlotta Stats

Skill NameDescriptionType
Holy LadderJumps into the air to unleash a whirlwind of long-range slashes. After the last slash, press or while airborne for a follow-up attack.Offensive
InvincibleGrants Invincibility to Charlotta.Offensive
Rising CutCharlotta readies her weapon to parry and counter.Offensive
Shining OnslaughtA multi-hit lunge attack that inflicts DEF on hit.Offensive
Sword of LumielA flurry of slashes that cut wider and deals more damage the longer Charlotta swings. Hold while activating to continue slashing.Offensive
Valiant StanceGrants an ATK effect to Charlotta that strengthens over time. She loses the effect upon taking damage.Offensive
KonigsschildGrants DMG Cut to Charlotta and nearby allies.Defense
Sacred ChargeRedistributes Charlotta’s SBA gauge to all allies.Defense
Enforcer of JusticeAllows Charlotta to block a foe’s attack with a perfectly timed attack without being interrupted.Support
Noble StancePerforming rapid attacks, link attacks, and activating skills cause Charlotta’s sword to glow, enhancing her attacks.Support

Charlotta Weapons

Claiomh Solais50575680%0

Charlotta Combo & Skill Moves

AttackHow to do
Combo > > > (spam) >
Noble Strategy
Power Strike (Lunge)(After high jumping)
Power Strike (Dive)(After high jumping)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Charlotta

To recruit Charlotta in GBF Relink:

  1. Use a Crewmate Card at Siero’s Knickknack Shack.
  2. The Character Recruitment feature unlocks at the beginning of Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue.
  3. Acquire Crewmate Cards from Siero by progressing through the main campaign.
  4. Crewmate Cards can be obtained at the following points in the story:
    • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
    • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
    • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card
  5. Additionally, Crewmate Cards can be earned as rewards for completing specific side quests at a town’s “Quest Counter.

How to Play with Charlotta

Charlotta, the valiant captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, wields her oversized weapon with a heart as vast as her sense of duty to vanquish evil.

Engage in a flurry of slashes by continuously pressing ,gradually increasing in strength. Finish the combo with to unleash a potent attack. Additionally, initiate mid-air assaults with , propelling Charlotta into a whirling slash upon descent, or experiment with different attack styles using or mid-leap.

Harness Charlotta’s , Valiant Stance, to grant herself an attack boost ranging from 30% to 120%, strengthening over time. However, sustaining damage nullifies this effect. Execute her , Shining Onslaught, to deliver a multi-hit lunge that reduces enemies’ defense by 15% upon impact. Alternatively, utilize her , Sword of Lumiel, for a flurry of wider-reaching slashes, intensifying in damage with successive swings; holding keeps the onslaught spinning. Finally, utilize her to leap into the air, unleashing a long-range whirlwind of slashes. Follow up with or during the final slash for an additional strike.

Charlotta’s petite frame and swift movements afford her remarkable agility, making her a formidable light attacker capable of applying relentless pressure to nearby adversaries. With rapid slashes from her Sabre, she can swiftly overwhelm foes, concluding with a powerful combo finisher. Her evasive maneuvers and skills that reward dodging hits epitomize a high-risk, high-reward combat style.

Mastering Charlotta’s maneuvers requires practice, emphasizing the importance of evading incoming attacks while capitalizing on her agility for optimal combinations. Once familiarized with her moveset, adopt an aggressive combat strategy, complemented by a rotation of skills. Begin with Valiant Stance to bolster attacks, followed by Shining Onslaught to weaken foes’ defense. Continue with Sword of Lumiel to extend the onslaught, concluding with Holy Ladder for a decisive blow.

Embark on your journey with Charlotta, embracing her agile prowess and unwavering determination to triumph over darkness in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Best Charlotta Builds

Charlotta in Granblue Fantasy Relink is a formidable warrior who can dominate the battlefield with her swift attacks and impeccable timing. Whether you’re looking to maximize her damage potential or utilize her as a supportive asset for your team, understanding her builds, skills, and strategies is crucial for success. In this guide, we’ll explore two effective Charlotta builds and delve into the skills and tactics that make her a force to be reckoned with.

Pure DPS Charlotta Build


  • Ushumgal
  • Claidheamh Soluis
  • Sahrivar


  • Holy Ladder
  • Shining Onslaught
  • Valiant Stance
  • Sword of Lumiel


  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Combo Booster
  • Cascade
  • Damage Cap
  • Skilled Assault
  • Quick Cooldown
  • Stamina
  • Exploiter

This build focuses on unleashing Charlotta’s relentless onslaught of attacks, amplifying both her skill-based abilities and normal attack combos. Begin by activating Valiant Stance to initiate an ATK Up effect, then utilize Shining Onslaught to weaken the enemy’s DEF. Start your combo with Holy Ladder and seamlessly transition into a series of normal attacks, incorporating Sword of Lumiel for additional damage. Utilize Charlotta’s dodge, block, and parry mechanics to maintain momentum and avoid incoming damage, ensuring Valiant Stance remains active throughout the encounter.

Optional adjustments

  • Substitute Sword of Lumiel with Rising Cut for a defensive parry and counter move.
  • Consider replacing a skill with Invincible to bolster Valiant Stance, albeit at the cost of reduced damage output.

Support Charlotta Build


  • Arondight
  • Claiomh Solais


  • Sword of Lumiel
  • Sacred Charge
  • Shining Onslaught
  • Konigsschild


  • Drain
  • Health
  • Stun Power
  • Linked Together
  • Cascade
  • Aegis
  • Skilled Assault
  • Uplift
  • Quick Cooldown

This build harnesses Charlotta’s supportive capabilities, emphasizing skills that benefit the entire team. Utilize Shining Onslaught to apply DEF Down on foes, while Sword of Lumiel serves to clear groups of enemies efficiently. Konigsschild provides valuable DMG Cut support for the team, enhancing their survivability. Sacred Charge aids in charging the team’s SBA Gauges, with Uplift enhancing its effectiveness over time.

Optional adjustments

  • Swap Sword of Lumiel with Rising Cut for increased survivability and defensive capabilities.

Mastering these builds and tactics will elevate Charlotta from a skilled warrior to an indispensable asset on your Granblue Fantasy Relink team. Experiment with different combinations, adapt to various encounters, and lead your party to victory with Charlotta’s formidable prowess.