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Eugen is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Eugen best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

Skybound Soldier


Race: Human
Element: Earth
Combat Style:
DPS – Sniper
Skybound: Schwarze Faenge
Weapon: Rifle
Position in Tier List: Tier 2

Meet Eugen, your trusty ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink. He’s one of the early recruits that you get automatically, no need to break a sweat like with Rackam. Now, here’s the cool part about Eugen – he’s like a sniper in the fantasy world. Distance is his thing, and he excels at it. He’s got this knack for targeting specific weak points, delivering that sweet higher damage.

Now, allies or companions in this game are more than just sidekicks. They’re the characters you recruit to join your party, both for exploration and combat. And let me tell you, they’re not cookie-cutter copies. Each one brings their own flair – from the element they control to their weapon specialization, combat style, personality, and even how they look.

Picture this: you can build a squad of 4, with you controlling the leftmost character. But when it comes to the main story, The Captain has to be in the mix. Don’t worry; you still get to pick whoever you fancy for the rest of the crew. So, assemble your dream team and dive into the fantasy mayhem of Granblue Fantasy Relink!

Eugen Stats


Eugen Skills

Skill NameDescriptionType
Armor-Piercing RoundCalls down a barrage of shells over a wide area. Hold while activating to aim. Each shell has a minor blast radius.Offensive
DetonatorSwitches to sniper vision for a chargeable shot. Hold while activating to charge and aim.Offensive
DisruptorFires 4 shots that can seek foes. Hold while activating to change where Eugen is facing. Removes 1 buff from a foe on hit.Offensive
InterceptDodges backward and then shoots forward. Grants Stout Heart to Eugen and boosts Intercept’s firepower upon dodging with perfect timing.Offensive
Paralyzing BulletSwitches to sniper vision to fire a bullet that inflicts Paralysis. Hold while activating to aim.Offensive
SumrakSwitches to sniper vision and fires a piercing beam that deals constant damage but has a strong recoil. Hold while activating to aim and sustain the beam.Offensive
Venom GrenadeFires a grenade that inflicts Poison and DEF↓ on foes caught in the blast radius.Offensive
Healing BulletFires a bullet that restores allies’ HP within its radius. Hold to aim in sniper vision, or activate without holding to fire the bullet close to Eugen.Defense
Take AimEugen can’t move while in sniper vision, but he can manually aim his shots to deal more damage.Support
Fists of the MarksmanEugen switches to hand-to-hand combat against nearby foes.Support

Eugen Weapons

Leviathan Muzzle40302590%0

Eugen Combo & Skill Moves

AttackHow to do
Sniper Vision [Hold]
Charged Attack(In sniper vision) [Hold]
Melee ComboAt close range > >
Grenade (Tosses grenade forward while withdrawing)
Air Grendae(While airborne) (Tosses grenade directly below)
Grenade+ [Hold] (Plants an HE grenade where aimed)
(Sniper) Grenade+(In sniper vision) (Tosses long-range, HE grendae)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >

How to Recruit Eugen

Eugen is a key playable character introduced right at the beginning of the main campaign. You don’t need to go on an epic quest or decipher a secret code—Eugen joins your party automatically as you dive into the adventure in Chapter 1: The Western Frontier. So, get ready to have Eugen on your side from the get-go!

How to Play with Eugen

Eugen, the seasoned soldier, engages both foes and inner demons on the battlefield. Proficient in long-range sniping and close-quarters combat, he’s a versatile force to be reckoned with.

Sniper Expertise: Hold to enter sniper vision, a stance where Eugen sacrifices mobility for precision. In this mode, he manually aims and shoots, perfect for targeting specific weaknesses or obliterating enemy body parts.

Grenade Tactics: For explosive encounters, Eugen can throw grenades by holding to aim and release to throw. These grenades can be detonated over time or triggered by another attack, creating a blast zone that damages surrounding foes.

Distance Dynamics: The effectiveness of Eugen’s gun attacks depends on the distance to his target. Stay within the optimal range to maximize damage. In sniper vision, he can focus on specific body parts of larger enemies, potentially dealing devastating blows.

Strategic Grenade Throws: While scoped in, Eugen’s grenades travel farther, offering strategic advantages. They not only deal significant stun but also serve as valuable tools for dismantling enemy parts.

Best Eugen Builds

DPS Eugen Build

  • Weapon
    • Leviathan Muzzle, Clarion, or AK-4A
  • Skills
    • Armor-Piercing Round, Detonator, Sumrak, Intercept
  • Sigils
    • Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Overload/Break Assassin, Exploiter, Stamina, Damage Cap, Concentrated Fire, Skilled Assault

This build amplifies Eugen’s damaging skills, bolstering his ranged prowess for substantial damage output when skills are active. It also enhances his Sniper Vision attacks, enabling him to deal damage even during skill cooldowns. Intercept serves as Eugen’s primary evasion tool, particularly against approaching smaller enemies. Reserve Intercept for them, and unleash the more potent damaging skills on the primary target, if available.

Support Eugen Build

  • Weapon
    • Dreyse or Matchlock
  • Skills
    • Disruptor, Paralyzing Bullet, Venom Grenade, Healing Bullet
  • Sigils
    • Health, Improved Healing, Skilled Assault, Concentrated Fire, Aegis, Flexible Sigils based on need

Despite appearances, Eugen can fulfill a supportive role for the team. Disruptor excels in removing buffs from enemies, eliminating bothersome enhancements like ATK and DEF Ups. Paralyzing Bullet immobilizes the enemy, creating an opportunity for the team to strike without retaliation. Venom Grenade inflicts Damage over Time (DoT) and DEF Down, effective in various scenarios. The Healing Bullet allows Eugen to remotely heal allies, even at a distance. Adjust other Sigils based on whether you aim to boost Eugen’s damage or survivability.