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Io is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Io best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

Skybound Dreamer


Race: Human
Element: Light
Combat Style:
Spellcaster, Healer
Skybound: Elemental Gust
Weapon: Staff
Position in Tier List: Tier 0

Io serves as an Ally Character in Granblue Fantasy Relink, and players automatically enlist her early in the game. A mage-type character, Io employs magical spells to hinder enemies from a distance, simultaneously providing valuable support to her team. With focused effort, she can unleash truly devastating damage.

Allies or Companions in Granblue Fantasy Relink are characters that players can recruit, becoming integral members of The Captain’s party for both exploration and combat. Each character possesses unique qualities, including the element they control, weapon specialization, combat style, personality, and appearance. In Granblue Fantasy Relink, players can form a party of four, with the leftmost slot under player control. However, in the main story, The Captain must be part of the party, though players have the flexibility to play as any character they prefer.

Io Stats


Io Skills

Skill NameDescriptionType
ConcentrationCast a circle that grants Stout Heart and boosts the charge speed of Stargaze. Only Io gains these effects.Offense
FireBurn nearby foes before shooting a fireball that inflicts DEF. Gain a Mystic Vortex orb on cast.Offense
FreezeCasts a water-element spell that inflicts ATK while jumping back. Gain a Mystic Vortex orb on cast.Offense
Gravity WellCasts a dark-element spell that deals constant damage. Hold while casting to aim the spell. Gain a Mystic Vortex orb on cast.Offense
LightingCasts a circle of lightning that inflicts Paralysis. Hold while casting to aim the circle. Gain a Mystic Vortex orb on cast.Offense
Mystic VortexInstantly maxes out Io’s Mystic Vortex orbs.Offense
Healing WindsCasts a circle that restores allies’ HP over time. Hold while casting to aim the circle.Defense
EnchantedStargaze is chargable up to 4 times based on how many Mystic Vortex orbs Io has. Landing a fully charged spell grants an orb.Support

Io Weapons

Little Witch Scepter12390%0
Colossus Cane Omega655421090%0

Io Combo & Skill Moves

Attack NameDescription
Combo (hold↑) > (hold↑) > (hold↑)
Stargaze (While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Io

Io is a key playable character right from the beginning of the main campaign. She is automatically included in the roster of party members in Chapter 1: The Western Frontier.

How to Play with Io

Io, a youthful mage with aspirations of elegance, wields the power to cast long-range spells and mend her party with recovery magic.

Io possesses two skills, triggered by the and buttons, with enabling players to execute a combo when executed accurately. This skill allows Io to unleash charged magical orbs, accumulating Mystic Vortex orbs with each successful attack. Meanwhile, initiates an aerial barrage, striking foes in a broad area. The number of orbs Io possesses determines the charging capacity of her attack, with maximum orb capacity unleashing a formidable assault. Monitoring the skills on the lower right side of the screen assists players in understanding when they can use specific skills, considering some have cooldowns.

As the sole spellcaster in the party, Io adeptly exploits enemy weaknesses through her elemental abilities. Her damage output remains consistently high, depending on the exploitable weak points of her adversaries. Armed with spells that cover wide ranges, Io effortlessly eradicates mobs while maintaining a safe distance. Buffing herself to hasten cast times, she strategically deploys skills and basic attacks to shower targets with magic. With four Mystic Vortex Orbs, her Stargaze attack delivers maximum damage across a sizable area. Players will derive satisfaction from mastering the timing and integration of her spellcasting and attacks, maximizing damage output in minimal time.

Io’s light skill produces a lightning ring that paralyzes enemies on impact. Holding down allows players to aim the circle toward enemies, and upon casting, Io gains a Mystic Vortex orb. The Concentration skill, activated by pressing , creates a circle granting Stout Heart, preventing interruptions and boosting Stargaze’s charge speed. This effect is known as Focused. Complementing light and plain attacks, Io’s fire skill inflicts a burn on nearby enemies, followed by a fireball that reduces enemy defenses by 10%.

An indispensable party member, Io excels in healing, a capability few characters possess. Pressing enables players to cast a large circle around her, healing and restoring allies’ HP. Mindful positioning in battle is crucial for Io, given her frailty and limited mobility common among spellcasters. Strategic timing of casting ensures safety and maximizes effectiveness.

Best Io Builds

Io Glass Cannon DPS Build

  • Loadout
    • Gambanteinn or Colossus Cane Omega
  • Abilities
    • Mystic Vortex, Concentration, Fire, Lightning
  • Inscriptions
    • Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, Tyranny, Quick Cooldown

This build empowers Io to unleash maximum damage at the cost of her durability. Utilize the charged primary attack to accumulate Mystic Orb stacks, followed by Fire and Lightning to debuff Defense and induce Paralysis. This sequence generates two additional Mystic Orbs. Charge Stargaze for a potent damage burst. Trigger Mystic Vortex for an instant max Mystic Orb stack, and use Concentration to expedite Stargaze charging, enabling another devastating attack. During skill cooldowns, maintain Mystic Orb stacks while deploying max level Stargazes and staying alive through consumables, dodging, or blocking enemy assaults.

Io Utility Support Build

  • Loadout
    • Gambanteinn or Zhezl
  • Abilities
    • Freeze, Fire, Lightning, Healing Winds
  • Inscriptions
    • Health, Attack Power, Quick Cooldown, Cascade

Transform Io into your party’s primary support with this build, offering healing and debilitating enemy debuffs. Freeze lowers enemy ATK, Fire reduces DEF, and Lightning can paralyze foes. Io retains her stacking Stargaze mechanic, providing damage output alongside support. Healing Winds rapidly heals party members in critical condition. During skill cooldowns, a utility/support Io can focus on survival, utilizing charged primary attacks and Stargaze to expedite cooldowns, thanks to the Cascade sigil. Quick Cooldown further accelerates Io’s support rotations.