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Katalina is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Katalina best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

Skybound Protector


Race: Human
Element: Water
Combat Style:
Skybound: Vision Divine
Weapon: Sabre
Position in Tier List: Tier 1

Meet Katalina, your go-to ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink! Early in the game, she joins your crew automatically. This support dynamo is highly recommended for The Captain’s party, thanks to her well-balanced combat style, top-notch healing skills, and solid defense moves.

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, allies or companions are like your trusty sidekicks. They’re not just cookie-cutter characters; each brings a unique flavor to the mix. Elements, weapons, combat flair, personalities, and appearances—these allies spice up your gameplay.

When forming a party of 4, remember that the leftmost slot is under your control. However, in the main story, The Captain has to be on board. But once that’s settled, you can play as any character you fancy. Time to curate your dream team!

Katalina Stats


Katalina Skills

Skill NameDescriptionType
Azure SwordSummons Ares to attack foes in front of Katalina and maxes out the Ares gauge temporarily.Offensive
Enchanted LandsA fast, piercing lung attack. Deals more hits when attacking with Ares.Offensive
Frozen BladeRanged ice spell that can be cast twice. Deals more hits when attacking with Ares.Offensive
Sacred WindsCasts an ice spell inflicting Glaciate. Area widens with Ares summoned.Offensive
Winter’s RainMulti-hit attack with high stun. Deals more hits with Ares.Offensive
Emerald ShieldGrants DEF↑ and Stout Heart to Katalina. Entire party gets buffs with Ares.Defensive
HealRestores allies’ HP in an area. More effective with Ares.Defensive
Light WallGrants Invincibility to Katalina. Entire party is invincible with Ares.Defensive
Blue RadianceAllows Ares to join Katalina’s attack. Activated with full Ares gauge.Support
Vow by the SwordEnhances Katalina’s skills and Skybound Art with Ares summoned.Support

Katalina Weapons

Luminiera Sword Omega655421090%0
Flame Rapier656441200%0

Katalina Combo & Skill Moves

Attack NameDescription
Combo A >
Combo B > >
Combo C > > >
Combo D > > > (spam) >
Combo E > >
Air Combo(While airborne) > > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Katalina

Katalina is among the initial playable characters when you commence the main campaign. She is automatically included in the roster of party members during Chapter 1: The Western Frontier.

How to Play with Katalina

A former knight of the Erste Empire, Katalina fights to protect Lyria. Wielding a magical sword, she proves to be an adept warrior adaptable to any situation.

Katalina can unleash various combos using and . Continuous pressing of allows her to execute a sweeping slash attack. Once Katalina’s Ares gauge is full, achieved by stringing together several combos, she can summon the primal beast Ares. This enhances her combos, skills, and Skybound Art.

Her offensive attacks combine melee and ranged options, incorporating swordplay and Water-based skills. Katalina strikes a balance between offense and support, which becomes even more potent when the Ares gauge is filled. This versatility makes her an exceptional hybrid character in the party.

Katalina possesses a straightforward skill with , granting her invincibility and extending it to the entire party. The skill is a fast piercing lunge attack dealing extra damage when Ares is active. Pressing initiates a ranged ice attack, usable twice before entering cooldown, dealing increased damage with Ares. The skill allows Katalina to heal her team’s HP in a circle, with a wider area and more healing when Ares is summoned.

When using Katalina both offensively and as support, prioritize filling her Ares gauge. This unlocks enhanced skills and abilities, providing flexibility in approaching battles. For instance, Light Wall, a skill that typically grants invincibility to Katalina, extends to the entire party when the Ares gauge is filled. This powerful buff can be applied to any skill, allowing strategic choices based on the situation. Depending on the party’s condition, players can opt for enhanced healing or prioritize an offensive approach using Water Skills like Enchanted Lands and Frozen Blade for ranged attacks or quick lunges with increased hits when Ares is active.

Best Katalina Builds

Katalina DPS Build

  • Loadout
    • Murgleis or Luminiera Sword Omega
  • Abilities
    • Azure Sword, Enchanted Lands, Frozen Blade, Winter’s Rain
  • Inscriptions
    • Health, Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage

This build maximizes Katalina’s damage output. Accumulate the Ares gauge through combo finishers, then summon Ares and unleash Enchanted Lands or Frozen Blade for increased damage. After Ares vanishes, trigger Azure Sword to promptly resummon her for additional damage. Employ Enchanted Lands or Frozen Blade if not on cooldown. Winter’s Rain, whenever available, boosts the stun gauge, setting up link attacks for both you and the party.

Katalina Debuffer Build

  • Loadout
    • Ephemeron or Flame Rapier
  • Abilities
    • Azure Sword, Winter’s Rain, Sacred Winds, Heal
  • Inscriptions
    • Health, Injury to Insult, Quick Cooldown, Cascade

This build empowers Katalina to consistently apply debuffs. Utilize Winter’s Rain to elevate the enemy’s Stun gauge, facilitating Link Attacks. Engage Sacred Winds to Glaciate the enemy, immobilizing them with sustained button press. Build the Ares Gauge for Azure Sword damage during debuff cooldowns. Use Heal when needed to replenish party health.

Katalina Tank Build

  • Loadout
    • Rukalsa
  • Abilities
    • Azure Sword, Light Wall, Emerald Shield, Heal
  • Inscriptions
    • Health, Aegis, Stamina, Improved Guard

Focused on Katalina tanking and supporting allies, this build emphasizes timely buffs. Build the gauge, summon Ares, then deploy Emerald Shield for Defense Buffs and Stout Heart to allies. When anticipating a significant enemy move, summon Ares immediately with Azure Sword and activate Light Wall for team-wide invincibility. Use Heal during cooldowns for healing low health allies.