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Rackam is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Rackam best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

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Race: Human
Element: Fire
Combat Style:
Special, DPS
Skybound: Piercing Punishment
Weapon: Rifle
Position in Tier List: Tier 2

Rackam, an ally character in Granblue Fantasy Relink, is automatically recruited early in the game. He specializes in long-range attacks, dealing critical damage, mastering melee moves, and employing fire-based skills. Allies, or Companions, in Granblue Fantasy Relink are characters that join The Captain’s party for both exploration and combat, each possessing unique traits such as elemental control, weapon expertise, combat techniques, personality, and appearance.

Players can form a party of four, with the leftmost slot being the player-controlled character. However, The Captain must be included in the party for the main story. Outside of the main story, players have the freedom to play as any character they desire.

Rackam Stats


Rackam Skills

Skill NameDescriptionType
Bullet HailA ranged attack that showers a wide area with bullets for a period of time.Offensive
CoffinmakerHold while activating to fire a constant stream of bullets. Can be activated even when the skill is cooling down.Offensive
Collateral DamageFires a devastating blast that damages Rackam and all foes within its blast radius.Offensive
Double TapTemporarily increases the number of hits dealt by attacks.Offensive
Slag ShotFires wind-element bullets that explode on contact.Offensive
SpitfireA ranged attack that inflicts DEF on foes.Offensive
Wild GunsmokeGrants ATK ↑ and Critical Hit Rate ↑, and inflicts DEF on Rackam. Instantly maxes out the Heat gauge and temporarily stops the gauge from decreasing.Offensive
DurationA continuous dodging maneuver that can be controlled with the left stick. Maxes out the Heat gauge when dodging an attack with Duration.Defense
Rhythmic TriggerAllows Rackman to fire 3-shot bursts by long-pressing . Burst-fire attacks deal more damage when chained together with perfect timing.Support
Sleight of HandBull’s Eye Blast charges faster depending on how high the Heat gauge is. Landing attacks and link attacks fill the gauge.Support

Rackam Weapons


Rackam Combo & Skill Moves

AttackHow to do
Attack↑ (Hold) (Fires a 3-shot burst)
Bull’s Eye Blast (Hold) (Chargeable up to 3 times)
Air Combo(While airborne) ↑ > ↑ >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Rackam

Rackam is one of the main characters available for play at the beginning of the main campaign. He is automatically added to the list of party members in Chapter 1: The Western Frontier.

How to Play with Rackam

Rackam, the skilled pilot of the Grandcypher, wields two guns adeptly, allowing him to provide cover for allies at both long and close ranges.

Pressing will initiate a single shot, while holding it down unleashes a powerful 3-shot burst. His attack is chargeable, offering increased range and damage potential. Players can fill Rackam’s Heat gauge by using his skills and attacks, with the attack charging the gauge faster and to a higher level.

As one of the game’s premier ranged damage dealers, Rackam excels as a DPS character. His ranged abilities and barrage attacks make him invaluable in dispatching groups of opponents or enemies. To maximize Rackam’s potential, players should adopt an aggressive playstyle, focusing on continuously filling his Heat gauge through relentless attacks and skill usage during combat encounters. When fully charged, his Bullseye Blast attack deals increasingly devastating damage, rewarding players for maintaining a relentless offensive onslaught.

Rackam’s signature skill, Wild Gunsmoke, activated with the X button, provides a substantial 50% attack boost and a 30% critical hit rate increase, albeit at the cost of lowering Rackam’s defense by 30%. This skill instantly maxes out the Heat gauge and temporarily prevents it from decreasing. Among his fire-based skills is Spitfire, executed with the button, which inflicts a 10% defense reduction on enemies upon impact. Additionally, his Bullet Hail skill, triggered by pressing , unleashes a barrage of bullets covering a wide area, dealing damage to nearby foes.

His versatile skill set allows for a seamless rotation of attacks, facilitating the continuous filling of his Heat gauge and the utilization of his powerful blast attacks. To initiate combat effectively with Rackam, players should begin with Wild Gunsmoke to enhance ATK and Critical Hit Rate while maximizing the Heat gauge. This can be followed by Spitfire to reduce foes’ defense, then Bullet Hail to inflict damage on surrounding enemies while their defense is lowered. Throughout the battle, players should consistently utilize the Bullseye shot, cycling through the rotation until the effects of Wild Gunsmoke’s unlimited heat gauge buff wear off, then repeating the sequence.

Best Rackam Build

Rackam’s playstyle revolves around dealing consistent damage by efficiently cycling through his primary attacks, skills, and secondary attacks. His gimmick lies in his heat gauge, which fills up as he executes primary attacks and skills. When the heat gauge is high, Rackam’s secondary attack charges faster, enabling devastating combos and increased damage output.

Rackam DPS Build


  • Tiamat Bolt Omega
  • Benedia


  • Spitfire
  • Wild Gunsmoke
  • Double Tap
  • Duration


  • Health
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Attack Power
  • Tyranny


  1. Initiating Combos: Begin by utilizing Double Tap and Wild Gunsmoke to buff Rackam and start building his heat gauge.
  2. Maximizing Damage: When Rackam’s heat gauge is full, unleash Spitfire to inflict DEF Down on the enemy, then charge his secondary attack.
  3. Sustained Damage Output: Cycle through Rackam’s primary and secondary attacks to maintain consistent damage output.
  4. Survivability: Use Duration skill to evade enemy’s powerful attacks and ensure Rackam’s survival, while keeping the heat gauge high.


  • Increasing Survivability: Swap out certain elements of the build to increase Rackam’s health if preferred, although this may slightly reduce his damage output.
  • Customization: Tailor the build to suit individual preferences and playstyles while considering the balance between damage and survivability.

With this optimized Rackam DPS build and strategic gameplay approach, players can effectively harness Rackam’s potential as a formidable damage dealer in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Mastering the art of combo execution and skill management will ensure Rackam’s dominance on the battlefield.