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Vane is a character in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Check Vane best builds, teams, weapons, skills, combos and tier.

Knight of Fellowship


Race: Human
Element: Water
Combat Style:
Skybound: Loewenbein: Jagd
Weapon: Halberd
Position in Tier List: Tier 3

Vane, an esteemed knight, assumes the role of an Ally Character within the realm of Granblue Fantasy Relink. Demonstrating prowess in both offense and defense, he wields his grand halberd to deliver devastating strikes while also providing robust protection to his comrades when the situation demands. These Allies, or Companions, are pivotal additions to The Captain’s party, accompanying them in both exploration and combat endeavors.

Each ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink boasts distinct attributes, including elemental affinities, weapon proficiencies, combat techniques, personality traits, and visual appearances. In this immersive world, players have the flexibility to assemble a party of up to four members, with control typically vested in the leftmost slot. However, throughout the main storyline, The Captain’s presence is essential within the party configuration. Beyond that, players enjoy the freedom to assume the role of any character within their roster.

Vane Stats


Vane Skills

Skill NameDescriptionType
Arm DestructionFrontal shockwave attack inflicting high stun damage.Offensive
BreakthroughGrants Hostility↑ and ATK↑ to Vane.Offensive
Energy DestructionSweeping attack dealing more damage based on Vane’s SBA gauge.Offensive
Heroic BeatFast lunge slash restoring Vane’s HP based on damage dealt.Offensive
Rift DividerMulti-hit assault pulling foes towards Vane.Offensive
DrachenstolzGrants Guts, ATK↑, and DEF↑ to Vane.Defense
RampartCasts a circle around Vane granting invincibility; duration can be extended by holding during casting.Defense
Soul EruptionFully restores Vane’s HP, removes debuffs, and grants ATK↑ and DEF↑ when Vane is at or below 30% HP.Defense
Proof of ValorAllows Vane to perform powerful combos by consuming the Beatdown gauge; landing combo finishers refills gauge.Support
The Dragon WithinAllows Vane to block a foe’s attack with a perfectly timed attack without being interrupted.Support

Vane Weapons


Vane Combo & Skill Moves

AttackHow to do
Combo A > >
Combo B > > >
Combo C > > ↑ > >
Beatdown Combo(Consumes gauge) > > >
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >
Aerial Barrage(While airborne)

How to Recruit Vane

Vane can be recruited by using a Crewmate Card at Siero’s Knickknack Shack. The Character Recruitment feature becomes available at the start of Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue.

Players can acquire a Crewmate Card from Siero by progressing through the main campaign or story. The following chapters where players can acquire a Crewmate Card from Siero are as follows:

  • Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 6: In Search of Hope: x1 Crewmate Card
  • Chapter 8: Relink: x1 Crewmate Card

Crewmate Cards in GBF Relink can also be acquired as a reward for completing specific side quests from a town’s “Quest Counter“.

How to Play with Vane

In combat, Vane demonstrates remarkable survivability by recovering health based on the damage dealt by his combo finishers and combos. Moreover, his keen timing allows him to block enemy attacks with his attack, enabling him to maintain both defense and offense simultaneously. Utilize the button for devastating slashes, overpowering foes with sheer force, while employing the button for wide swings, seamlessly transitioning between blocking and attacking.

Keep a close eye on Vane’s Beatdown gauge, as executing combos fills it up. With enough gauge accumulated, Vane can unleash devastating combos, dealing substantial damage to his adversaries. Mastering the balance between offense, defense, and gauge management will elevate Vane’s combat prowess to new heights in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Best Vane Builds

Granblue Fantasy Relink features Vane as one of its formidable tanks, boasting skills that excel in drawing enemy attention and providing protection to the team. In this guide, we’ll delve into two effective ways to build Vane to maximize his potential in battles: the Tank Vane Build and the Damage Vane Build.

Tank Vane Build


  • Alabarda
  • Swan


  • Rampart
  • Breakthrough
  • Rift Divider
  • Drachenstolz


  • Health
  • Steady Focus
  • Steel Nerves
  • Improved Guard
  • Aegis
  • Garrison
  • Provoke
  • Guard Payback
  • Precise Resilience
  • Precise Wrath

This build emphasizes Vane’s role as a sturdy frontline tank, drawing enemy fire while keeping the team safe. Breakthrough and Provoke force enemies to target Vane, allowing allies to focus on dealing damage. Rift Divider provides crowd control, corralling enemies for easier targeting, while Drachenstolz ensures Vane’s survivability. Rampart further bolsters the team’s defense against high-damage attacks.

Note: Players can opt for Heroic Beat or Soul Eruption for additional healing as needed.

Damage Vane Build


  • Treuer Krieger
  • Ukonvasara


  • Arm Destruction
  • Energy Destruction
  • Rift Divider
  • Drachenstolz


  • Attack Power
  • Stamina
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Critical Damage
  • Combo Booster
  • Combo Finisher
  • Skilled Assault
  • Linked Together
  • Damage Cap
  • Uplift

This build focuses on unleashing Vane’s offensive capabilities, maximizing damage output through skills and combos. Arm Destruction and Energy Destruction serve as potent AoE attacks, with Uplift speeding up Vane’s SBA Gauge for stronger assaults. Rift Divider aids in crowd control and combo setups, while Drachenstolz ensures Vane’s survivability amidst the fray.

Note: Players can swap Drachenstolz with Breakthrough or Soul Eruption based on situational needs.

By tailoring Vane’s build to either tanking or damage-dealing, players can adapt his role to suit the demands of various encounters in Granblue Fantasy Relink, ensuring his effectiveness in any battle scenario.