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Discover all Foggy Forest Branch locations in Genshin Impact in this article. Dive into the details with us.

In this article, we will show you the locations of all Foggy Forest Branches in Genshin Impact. Let’s get into the details of our article.

All Foggy Forest Branches

1. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Fast travel to the Waypoint north of Lumidouce Harbor.
  • Defeat all enemies to unlock the chest with the vault key.
  • Locate the second key in the nest on top of the shipwreck.
  • The third key can be found buried near the boxes.
  • Use all the keys to open the gates and access the chest with the First Foggy Forest Branch.

2. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Move north from the previous location to a small pond.
  • Climb up the rock and utilize Octopus’s ability to throw a Potential Energy Orb into the pond.
  • Jump into the pond to reach the shipwreck with several chests.

3. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Find the next chest north of the previous pond.
  • Use the Xenochromatic Octopus’ ability to eliminate Contaminated Bacterial Mats and clean the pool.
  • Jump into the pool to access the hideout, where the Third Foggy Forest Branch awaits.
Genshin Impact: All Foggy Forest Branches

4. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Teleport to the waypoint near Loch Urania Lake.
  • Climb the rock and complete the challenge by collecting 10 Hydro Particles.
  • Open the chest that appears to obtain the Fourth Foggy Forest Branch.

5. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Head southeast and locate the Water Volume Detection Crystals Puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by installing Hydrograna in the totem and adjusting the Lamps.
  • Use your hydro character to activate the last lamp and unlock a precious chest with the Fifth Foggy Forest Branch.

6. Foggy Forest Branch

  • Fast travel to Erinnyes Forest Waypoint southwest of the previous puzzle.
  • Fly north to the shellfish, hit it to get an Ousia Block.
  • Jump into the water and destroy the totem to acquire an exquisite chest containing the Sixth Foggy Forest Branch.

How to Use Foggy Forest Branches – Once you’ve collected all the Foggy Forest Branches, head to Pahsiv in a cave near Loch Urania Lake to exchange them for the following rewards:

  • Primogems – 40
  • Mora – 3500
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragments – 3
  • Guide to Equity – 3
  • Xenochromatic Crystal – 3

Master the Foggy Forest Branches locations in Genshin Impact with our detailed guide. Uncover hidden treasures and maximize your rewards by following our simple yet effective instructions. Happy exploring!