Gojo Satoru Rework Guide in Heaven Stand (2024)

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Check out the Gojo Satoru Rework Guide on Heaven Stand. Try out the mods and create your own special combinations. Master Gojo and become unbeatable.

Heaven Stand has rolled out a game-changing rework for Gojo Satoru, the beloved anime character. This overhaul introduces three distinctive Modes, each with its own set of powerful moves and skills. Buckle up, because this guide will walk you through the revamped Gojo Satoru and help you unleash his full potential in Roblox.

Gojo Satoru Rework Guide in Heaven Stand

Mode 1: Explosive Annihilation

  • Blue Slam: A devastating single-target move.
  • False Reversal Red: Unleashes a deceptive attack.
  • Reversal Red: Powerful AoE move.
  • Hollow Purple: M1 attack with a distinct animation.
  • Blue: Another M1 attack option.
  • Domain Expansion: Amplifies all moves within your domain.

Mode 1 focuses on straightforward, explosive moves ideal for devastating opponents. Your effectiveness skyrockets when unleashing these moves within your Domain Expansion.

Mode 2: Supportive Fury

  • Heal: Regain health in the heat of battle.
  • Rhythm Echo: Confuse and disorient your opponents.
  • Blue Maximum Output: A powerful offensive move.
  • Red Maximum Output: Another high-impact offensive option.
  • Purple Maximum Output: Unleashes devastating power.
  • Infinity: Temporarily renders you invulnerable.

Mode 2 offers a blend of support skills and potent offensive moves. Experiment with the strategic use of Heal and Rhythm Echo to gain the upper hand.

Mode 3: Brawler’s Arsenal

  • Ferocity Barrage: Unleashes a barrage of aggressive moves.
  • Heavy Punch: A forceful punch to knock foes back.
  • Face Slice: A stylish and powerful attack.
  • Metal Beatdown: Unleashes metal-infused devastation.
  • Hora Hora (Counter): A counter move to outwit your opponents.
  • Rush: A relentless charge towards your enemies.

Mode 3 caters to those who prefer up-close-and-personal combat. Revel in the stylistic Brawler moves and dominate your foes with a relentless assault.

Mastering the Art of Combos

With the vast array of moves at your disposal, Gojo becomes a canvas for creativity. Experiment with different combinations across the three Modes, creating unique and devastating combos. Whether you prefer explosive annihilation, supportive maneuvers, or a brawler’s approach, Gojo’s rework offers a playground for your gaming creativity.

The Gojo Satoru Rework in Heaven Stand elevates this iconic character to new heights. With three Modes and a plethora of moves, mastering Gojo opens the door to endless possibilities. Dive into the game, experiment with the Modes, and craft your own signature combos. The battlefield awaits your stylish and strategic dominance!