GPO: How To Defeat Anniversary Dungeon

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Check out our GPO guide on How To Defeat Anniversary Dungeon. Follow the steps, and you'll breeze through the Anniversary Dungeon easily.

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to maximizing your time in Grand Piece Online (GPO). One prime opportunity for valuable rewards lies within the Anniversary Dungeon, where a formidable boss awaits. In this guide, we’ll unveil a savvy strategy to swiftly defeat the boss, ensuring you snag those rewards without breaking a sweat.

GPO: How To Defeat Anniversary Dungeon

How To Easily Defeat Anniversary Dungeon

While we won’t literally one-shot the boss, we’ll ensure it meets its demise without initiating a full-blown battle. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Boss Overview:
    • The boss starts as a festive present with 2,500 HP.
    • If its health drops significantly, it transitions to a second phase with 6,000 HP, triggering a challenging battle.
  2. Required Stats:
    • Stamina: 210
    • Defense: 700
    • Devil Fruit: 700
    • Sword Mastery: 90
    • Fighting Style Mastery: 25
  3. Utilizing the Bomb-Bomb Fruit:
    • Upon reaching the boss, employ the Z move “Explosive Mines” directly beneath it.
    • Activate all the mines by stepping on them, bringing the boss’s HP to approximately 700-800. If needed, inflict additional damage until this range is reached.
  4. Executing the C Move Self Destruct:
    • With the boss’s HP at the desired low point, use the C Move “Self Destruct” while standing next to the boss.
    • The explosive finale should deal ample damage, reducing the boss’s HP to 0 and bypassing the second phase entirely.
  5. Results:
    • By following this method, the boss succumbs without initiating a prolonged battle, transitioning straight to a celebratory phase of tossing presents.
  6. Repeat for Rewards:
    • Now, rinse and repeat this strategy to collect the enticing items concealed within the presents, maximizing your gains from the Anniversary Dungeon.