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Explore our Great League tier list, ranking top Pokémons and best teams. We're up to date with the latest updates and developments.

We have published our new Pokemon GO: Great League tier list. In this list, we’ve ranked the best Pokemon in the game from best to worst. We have also added the best teams in the Great League to our guide for you. We took all factors into consideration when creating this ranking. We follow the current patch, latest updates and latest developments of Pokemon GO!

In the vast world of the game, an abundance of Pokémon can leave players bewildered when deciding which ones to utilize. To alleviate this quandary, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Pokémon, each endowed with unique powers and skills. The creation of our Great League Tier List was a collaborative effort, buoyed by the tremendous support from players like you. Meticulously gathering insights from numerous articles, we sought to craft the most precise and reliable tier list by harmonizing everyone’s input. We’re confident that you’ll find it immensely valuable and enjoyable!

Great League Tier List 2023

Based on the latest patch, our Pokemon GO: Great League Tier List is as follows:





Tier 0 (Best-Tier Pokemons)

  1. Medicham: Psychic/Fighting-type with Counter, Psychic, and optional Ice Punch for coverage.
  2. Galarian Stunfisk: Steel-type with Mud Shot for fast energy and either Earthquake or Rock Slide for coverage.
  3. Carbink: Comparable to Bastiodon but without Fighting-type weakness, using Rock Throw, Rock Slide, and Moonblast.
  4. Noctowl: An accessible option with Wing Attack, Sky Attack, and optionally Shadow Ball for dealing with Ghost-types.

Tier 1 (Excellent Pokemons)

  1. Bastiodon: Dual Steel/Rock-type with Smack Down, Stone Edge, and Flamethrower for massive damage.
  2. Shadow Swampert: High DPS Water/Ground-type with Hydro Cannon (requires event or Elite TM) for exceptional performance in the Great League. Note: Shadow Pokémon cannot mega evolve.
  3. Jellicent: A Water/Ghost-type with moves like Bubble, Shadow Ball, and Shadow Ball or Ice Beam, offering unique resistances and utility.
  4. Umbreon: A Dark-type with Snarl and Foul Play, known for its tanky nature and ability to disrupt opponents.
  5. Deoxys (Defense Forme): Psychic-type with Counter and Thunderbolt, known for its high Defense stat and fast energy generation.

Tier 2 (Good Pokemons)

  1. Shadow Skarmory: Steel/Flying-type with Steel Wing and Sky Attack, offering great resistances and shield pressure.
  2. Swampert: A reliable Water/Ground starter with Mud Shot and Earthquake, potentially Hydro Cannon for coverage.
  3. Trevenant: Ghost/Grass-type with Shadow Claw or Sucker Punch, and a combo of Seed Bomb and Shadow Ball.
  4. Altaria: Dragon/Flying-type with Dragon Breath and a choice of Sky Attack, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, or Dragon Pulse.
  5. Registeel: A top pick with Lock On for fast energy generation and a choice of Focus Blast or Zap Cannon for massive damage.

Tier 3 (Average Pokemons)

  1. Shadow Quagsire: Ground/Water-type with Mud Shot and Earthquake, delivering strong Ground-type damage.
  2. Lickitung: A bulky Normal-type with Lick and various Charged Move options like Hyper Beam, Body Slam, Stomp, or Power Whip.
  3. Lanturn: Water/Electric-type with Water Gun, Thunderbolt, and Hydro Pump, providing good coverage and resistance.
  4. Azumarill: Water/Fairy-type with Bubble and a combination of Play Rough and Ice Beam, offering strong Fairy-type and coverage moves.
  5. Shadow Walrein: Ice/Water-type with Frost Breath and Blizzard, known for its high HP and strong Ice-type attacks.

Pokemon Tier Ranking Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Best Pokemons in Great League

Best Pokemons in Great League


PvE Offensive Moves Explanation
  • Wing Attack is the more optimal fast move due to STAB.
  • Extrasensory lacks STAB, and thus is a step down in performance.
  • Sky Attack gets STAB and enables Noctowl to fulfill a Flying-type role.
  • Psychic lacks STAB but can pair with Extrasensory to fulfill a budget Psychic-type role.
  • Shadow Ball is a powerful move, but lacks STAB, synergy, and doesn’t suit Noctowl’s role.
  • Night Shade is useless.
PvE Defensive Moves Explanation
  • Extrasensory is better than Wing Attack on defense, as it’s less likely to be resisted by attackers.
  • Psychic is less likely to be resisted by attackers, and is also the hardest to dodge.
  • Sky Attack isn’t too far behind in terms of defensive performance, and hits harder when neutral due to STAB.
  • Shadow Ball is a good move for Noctowl due to it being largely unresisted, but it’s also easier to dodge.
  • Night Shade has the worst damage output, and is also the easiest to dodge.
PvE Overview

Noctowl has, is, and probably always will be a dex filler due to its unimpressive stats. Its high STA stat makes it quite good for gym defense, but its typing is quite vulnerable to common coverage attacks, and not resisting Fighting-type damage is not favorable when common gym defenders attract those types of attackers.

PvP Moveset Explanation
  • Wing Attack + Sky Attack and Shadow Ball
  • Wing Attack benefits from STAB and sports slightly superior energy generation compared to Extrasensory.

Sky Attack is the primary charge move due to its lesser energy cost, as well as benefiting from STAB. Shadow Ball is the preferred coverage option due to it largely being unresisted against the overall meta, and is superior to Night Shade. Psychic is an alternative coverage choice, however its coverage overlaps with its Flying-type attacks, and does it no favors against popular Steel-type Pokemon.

PvP Rating Explanation
  • Great League: 5 / 5
    • Noctowl features respectable bulk and a Normal/Flying typing which is valuable against Ghost-type attacks, countering common Pokemon such as Trevenant and Sableye. Access to Wing Attack gives Noctowl faster access to Sky Attack compared to other meta Pokemon like Skarmory or Altaria. Season 13 gave Wing Attack a buff in energy gain, turning Noctowl into a top metagame threat.
  • Ultra League: 3 / 5
    • The level 50 update is a positive benefit for Noctowl, but it still lacks sufficient stats for Ultra League. Double resistance to Ghost-type attacks is particularly valuable in this league due to the common presence of Giratina, though Dragon Breath variants can still win. Noctowl generally enjoys favorable fights against Fighting-types, though taking neutral damage from Fighting-type damage makes it less consistent as a counter.
  • Master League: 0 / 5
    • Our wise owl has flown far from its home, best return back to the Great and Ultra League.


PVE Offensive Moves Explanation

Counter should be paired with Dynamic Punch. This is Medicham’s best offensive moveset.

PVE Defensive Moves Explanation
  • Counter is superior to Psycho Cut, dealing more damage to targets that resist Fighting-type attacks.
  • Ice Punch not only provides counter coverage but may also be the only charge move Medicham can use in the 10 seconds before it’s KO’d.
  • While Power-Up Punch may not be particularly powerful, its low cost can make it usable to deal with some attackers.
PVE Overview

Behold the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise, possessing an Atk stat only bested by… Blissey? Disgusting. Well, for what it lacks in offense it makes up for in… being more fragile than Alakazam? OK, move on people, nothing to see here.

In the console games, Medicham stands out as being one of the heaviest hitters. In Pokemon GO it’s missing the secret to its strength: the ability Pure Power. Pure Power doubles Medicham’s Atk stat, taking it from zero to hero. Alas, Pokemon GO doesn’t have abilities implemented. As a result, Medicham’s base stats are less than Spoink’s. On that same note, Medicham also receives a Mega Evolution in Generation 6, but the aforementioned lack of Pure Power will greatly hold it back unless Niantic makes more changes before then.

PvP Moveset Explanation
  1. Counter + Psychic and Ice Punch or Power-Up Punch
  2. Counter is one of the best Fast Moves in the game, with strong damage output backed by STAB, along with above average energy generation. Ice Punch is commonly chosen for its lesser energy cost, as well as its valuable typing coverage, especially against Flying-type Pokemon.
  3. Psychic is a great coverage option that benefits from STAB to deal a lot of damage. Power-Up Punch is an alternative option to Ice Punch that sacrifices coverage for sweeping potential. Alternatively Dynamic Punch can be chosen if more Fighting-type damage is needed, but this gives up additional typing coverage.

What about Psycho Cut?

Psycho Cut offers some of the worst damage output numbers among every fast move in the game, but in return ties for the second best energy generation (only behind Lock-On). This lets Medicham utilize its charge moves much more frequently, though it becomes much more reliant on them as a result. This also means that because of its poor damage output, finishing off low HP opponents might be more risky, due to the increased chances of them reaching their Charge Move prior to fainting.

PvP Rating Explanation
  • Great League: 5 / 5
    • Medicham is a staple in Great League due to its high stats, powerful and diverse moveset, and strong synergy with Steel-type Pokemon such as Galarian Stunfisk or Bastiodon. In particular, Medicham is great both removing Steel types and defending them with to its resistance to Fighting. It is also a great generalist thanks to the coverage provided by Psychic and Ice Punch. Medicham can struggle greatly against Ghost-type Pokemon such as Sableye, Jellicent, or Cofagrigus, but this weakness does not stop it from being very threatening to just about any other Pokemon.
  • Ultra League: 0 / 5
    • While Medicham’s low CP cap may make it fantastic in Great League, it really doesn’t match up in Ultra.
  • Master League: 0 / 5
    • Medicham’s CP is far too low to make it usable in Master League. Look elsewhere.

Galarian Stunfisk

PVE Offensive Moves Explanation
  • Metal Claw performs better on offense, but should be paired with Flash Cannon due to shared typing.
  • Mud Shot and Earthquake pair well together to fulfill a Ground-type role.
  • Muddy Water is a PvP move.
  • Rock Slide is a good move, but lacks STAB.
PVE Defensive Moves Explanation
  • Metal Claw has a higher base power, making it more preferable for defense.
  • Muddy Water doesn’t threaten a lot of damage, but is the most spammable being a 3-bar move, in addition to being the hardest to dodge.
  • Rock Slide is quite decent being a 2-bar move with respectable damage output, but lacks STAB.
  • Flash Cannon benefits from STAB, but being a 1-bar move means it can’t be used as frequently.
  • Earthquake is the worst option available for defense due to how slow it is, not to mention being a 1-bar move.
PVE Overview

Galarian Stunfisk got a lot of hype and popularity upon its release into Pokemon Go…….but for PvP. Unfortunately it lacks stats to be viable on the PvE side, with pitiful offensive stats and movesets that leave more to be desired. It’s not too terrible for gym defense though, but having a weakness to Fighting-types usually isn’t favorable when many of the best defenders share the same vulnerability.

PvP Moveset Explanation
  • Mud Shot + Rock Slide and Earthquake
  • Mud Shot is recommended for its excellent energy generation, which is needed for Galarian Stunfisk’s costly charge moves.
  • Rock Slide provide valuable coverage against common typings, in addition to costing less energy to bait shields. Earthquake benefits from STAB to deal significant damage, though it costs a lot of energy to use. Flash Cannon also benefits from STAB, but its coverage is not relevant for most formats.
PvP Rating Explanation
  • Great League: 5 / 5
    • Galarian Stunfisk sports a Ground/Steel typing with very good bulk, and a powerful “mud boi” style of play involving Mud Shot. Not being weak to Grass-types that other similar “mud” Pokemon suffer from is definitely a perk, but this isn’t enough to deal with most Grass-types in the meta directly, like Meganium. Access to very fast Rock-type coverage is definitely valuable due to its wide and relevant coverage in the meta, while Steel-type resistances and high bulk provide exceptional longevity in prolonged battles. Wins against popular picks like Registeel is surprising, and challenges its role in the meta, but not without setbacks against common Water-types in this league.
  • Ultra League: 5 / 5
    • The lv50 update boosts Galarian Stunfisk’s max CP to 2445, and goes just under the CP cap of Ultra League when it becomes your Best Buddy. This makes it ideal for Galarian Stunfisk to shine in this league, with all the perks it enjoyed in Great League now against the Ultra League meta. Fast energy gains, wide and powerful coverage, numerous resistances, and huge bulk all contribute to this Pokemon’s success in the meta. All for the price of a ton of XL candy.
  • Master League: 0 / 5
    • It’s a trap, don’t use this Pokemon in Master League.

Great League Best Teams

Shadow Gligar, Dubwool, and Carbink Team

Best Great League Team: Shadow Gligar, Dubwool, and Carbink
Best Great League Team: Shadow Gligar, Dubwool, and Carbink
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
Shadow GligarLeadWing AttackAerial Ace, Dig
DubwoolSwitchDouble KickBody Slam, Payback
CarbinkCloserRock ThrowRock Slide, Moonblast
Best Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO: Great League

Deoxys (Defense), Mandibuzz, and Steelix Team

Best Great League Team: Deoxys (Defense), Mandibuzz, and Steelix
Best Great League Team: Deoxys (Defense), Mandibuzz, and Steelix
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
Deoxys (Defense)LeadPsycho CutPsycho Boost, Thunderbolt
MandibuzzSwitchSnarlAerial Ace, Dark Pulse
SteelixCloserDragon TailBreaking Swipe, Earthquake
Best Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO: Great League

Shadow Swampert, Shadow Gligar, and Registeel Team

Best Great League Team: Shadow Swampert, Shadow Gligar, and Registeel
Best Great League Team: Shadow Swampert, Shadow Gligar, and Registeel
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
Shadow SwampertLeadMud ShotHydro Cannon, Earthquake
Shadow GligarSwitchWing AttackAerial Ace, Dig
RegisteelCloserLock OnFocus Blast, Zap Cannon
Best Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO: Great League

Scrafty, Lickitung, and Carbink Team

Best Great League Team: Scrafty, Lickitung, and Carbink
Best Great League Team: Scrafty, Lickitung, and Carbink
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
ScraftyLeadCounterFoul Play, Power-Up Punch
LickitungSwitchLickBody Slam, Power Whip
CarbinkCloserRock ThrowRock Slide, Moonblast
Best Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO: Great League

Alolan Sandslash, Medicham, and Azumarill Team

Best Great League Team: Alolan Sandslash, Medicham, and Azumarill
Best Great League Team: Alolan Sandslash, Medicham, and Azumarill
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
Alolan SandslashLeadShadow ClawDrill Run, Ice Punch
MedichamSwitchCounterIce Punch, Psychic
AzumarillCloserBubbleIce Beam, Play Rough
Best Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO: Great League

With the Great League Tier List, you will take your game to the next level and defeat your opponents in the arena. Remember, as important as the characters are, you must put in a lot of effort. Don’t forget to constantly catch Pokémon. Our tier list will change with updates, so you can drop by occasionally and take a look.