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Now, check out our Grimoires Era Best Race. Learn about the races you absolutely need to choose and gain much more information!

The most crucial articles for many players in the game are the races. We’ve taken a look at the races you should steer clear of and the ones you should definitely choose. After selecting your race, only two things remain. Having the best build in the game and checking out the map. After these, you’ll be invincible!

Grimoires Era: Race Tiers

Tier 0

  • Elf
    • Elf clinches the numero uno position, thanks to its stellar trait: a whopping 4.5% Mana Regeneration. In the game, magic is your go-to for dishing out the big damage to those pesky enemies. Boosting your Mana regeneration by 5% becomes a game-changer, making this trait incredibly handy in your gaming arsenal.

Tier 1

  • Devil
    • The Devil race stands out as a solid choice, boasting fantastic traits: a 5% boost in Damage and 5% Lifesteal. However, despite the promising numbers on paper, some players are voicing concerns. Reports indicate that these special traits either aren’t kicking in as expected or are barely making a noticeable impact. This feedback is why the Devil doesn’t clinch the top spot on the list.

Tier 2

  • Human
    • Unlike many other races in the game, Humans stand out with a 5% bump in Health Regeneration. This proves highly beneficial because, even with this perk, Humans remain relatively less robust when pitted against races like Demons and Elves.

Tier 3

  • Dwarf
    • Dwarves take the bottom spot among the four primarily due to their lackluster special trait: a mere 5% increase in Walk Speed. As you can see, this trait doesn’t bring much firepower to the battlefield. It merely makes moving around a bit easier, which doesn’t contribute significantly to your combat prowess.