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Explore Black Widow's weaknesses in Grounded and discover how to defeat this powerful boss. Join us in the article to conquer the Black Widow.

In this article, we will discuss the weak points of the powerful boss, Black Widow, in Grounded and what you need to do to defeat it. Let’s move on to our article and take down the Black Widow.

How to Defeat the Black Widow

1. Infection Damage

  • Exploit the Black Widow’s vulnerability to Infection Damage.
  • Utilize a Rusty Spear for stacking damage, coupled with shields, fire ant armor, and a javelineer for effective defense.

2. Sour Weakness

  • Leverage the Black Widow’s weakness to sour.
  • Equip weapons like a Sour Battle-axe or a Toenail Scimitar with the sour buff for significant damage.
  • Consider using Lady Bug Armor and a shield for added protection.
Black Widow in Grounded

3. Explosive Damage

  • Take advantage of the Black Widow’s lack of resistance to Explosive Damage.
  • Employ Splatbursts or Bomb Arrows to deal substantial damage.
  • Carry a sufficient supply of arrows to ensure success in the battle.

4. Widowlings Elimination

  • Black Widows spawn Widowlings that can bolster their strength.
  • Act promptly to eliminate Widowlings to prevent the Black Widow from gaining buffs.
  • Widowlings have lower resistance, making them easier to defeat.

5. Shields for Defense

  • Counter the Black Widow’s poison attack by using the Asian Ladybug’s shield.
  • Prevent damage over time by keeping the shield with you during encounters.
  • Consider wearing Woodlouse Armor for additional protection against high damage.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of Black Widow’s weaknesses and implement these strategic tips to emerge triumphant in Grounded. May your battles be swift, and success be on your side as you face the challenges posed by the powerful Black Widow. Good luck!