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Discover the Infected Broodmother's location in Grounded, prepare to defeat it, and learn effective strategies. Let's delve into defeating the Broodmother!

In this article, we will talk about where you can find the Infected Broodmother in Grounded, what preparations you need to make to defeat it, and how you can overcome it. Let’s move on to our writing and see how we can defeat the Broodmother.

How to Kill Infected Broodmother

Broodmother Location and Preparation

1. Location

  • Find the Broodmother in the Haze on the right of the Haze Lab, recognizable by spiderwebs.

2. Preparation Checklist

  • Healing Items
  • Bait for summoning
  • Effective Weapons
  • Mutations
  • Clear the Haze Area
  • Quality Armor Set

Preparing for the Boss Fight

1. Suggested Equipment

  • Tier III Armor sets, especially the Roly Poly Armor.
  • Toenail Scimitar for Fresh damage.
  • Sword and shield combo for effective defense.
  • Healing items and buffs.
  • Mutations, particularly Mantsterious Stranger.
Infected Broodmother in Grounded

Summoning the Infected Broodmother

1. Unlocking the Lair

  • Seal the Haze Canister with a Gum Nugget.
  • Locate the entrance near the garden lamp in the Haze area.

2. Crafting the Moldy Hoagie

  • Obtain the recipe from moldy notes in the Mysterious Lab.
  • Cook the Moldy Hoagie in an Oven using:
    • Broodmother Fang (x2)
    • Wasp Queen Head (x1)
    • Mantis Head (x1)
    • Toenail (x3)

3. Summoning Process

  • Place the Moldy Hoagie in the designated basket at the arena’s edge.

Broodmother Weakness

1. Weakness

  • The Broodmother is weak to Fresh and resistant to Salty and Spicy elements.

Infected Broodmother Boss Fight

  • First Phase
    • Recognize slashing bite attacks and a three-bite combo.
    • Continue attacking until her health reaches zero.
  • Second Phase
    • Expect increased strength, health restoration, and new attacks.
    • Adapt strategies to handle jumps, dodges, and explosive spore attacks.
  • Third Phase
    • Brace for heightened difficulty with faster attacks and additional abilities.
    • Focus on dealing damage and blocking attacks while avoiding explosive spores.

Infected Broodmother Drops: Defeating the Infected Broodmother yields valuable resources, including:

  • Infected Chunk
  • Infected Fang
  • Infected Broodmother Trinket
  • Infected Venom

With this guide, you’re equipped to face the challenges of the Infected Broodmother in Grounded. From summoning her to mastering each phase, follow our tips for a victorious battle. May your loot be bountiful, and your survival assured!