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Discover our helpful Halls of Torment Tier List, guiding you through the game's characters and their rankings. Conquer the world as the most powerful in the game.

Presenting the PC version of the game developed by Chasing Carrots. It is an epic Roguelite game that offers an enjoyable experience. We have also prepared a Halls of Torment Tier List to assist you in this game. Here is our list, compiled by our editors based on their experiences with the game. Let’s see how long you can survive!

Halls of Torment Tier List

A game that can be considered new to the gaming world was released on May 24, 2023. It has proven to be well-received, predominantly receiving positive reviews on the Steam platform. With the Halls of Torment Tier List, you can gain an advantage over your opponents in this epic game.





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Halls of Torment Characters

You have already examined our Halls of Torment Tier List together. Would you like to receive information about the characteristics of these characters? That’s precisely why we wanted to provide you with a character introduction section. Introducing the Halls of Torment Characters.


The Cleric, despite its slow attack speed and low agility, makes up for it with its devastating damage. Its attacks have a medium radius and distribute their damage among all enemies hit. While this might initially appear as a weakness, the Cleric’s damage potential is truly remarkable, making it highly effective against both multiple targets and formidable bosses.


The Sorceress possesses remarkably low survivability, yet her strengths outweigh this limitation. Firstly, she excels in mobility, enabling skilled players to evade damage with ease. However, her greatest advantage lies in her lightning abilities, which deal significant critical damage and have a wide area of effect. It is crucial to prioritize leveling up her Piercing skill, as it heavily influences her lightning prowess. Even when facing bosses, the Sorceress consistently demonstrates impressive performance. Additionally, her damage remains formidable throughout all stages of the game, unlike the diminishing capabilities of Warlocks.


The Archer is a character renowned for her exceptional mobility and long-range capabilities. With a swift attack speed, substantial damage output, and the ability to pierce through enemies with her arrows, she possesses remarkable advantages. However, her overall damage potential may not be exceedingly high, necessitating a reliance on movement speed and strategic positioning during battles. Nevertheless, she effectively handles waves of monsters, showcasing her competence in such encounters. When facing bosses, maintaining a safe distance becomes crucial, though regrettably, defeating them may prove to be a time-consuming endeavor. While the Archer possesses considerable potential and can triumph over various challenges, she falls short of being among the top-tier characters in terms of strength.

Shield Maiden

The Shield Maiden is a character known for her immense defensive capabilities, making it exceptionally challenging to defeat her. Surprisingly, she also boasts formidable damage output thanks to increased critical damage. Equipped with two distinct weapons—a mace and a shield—she offers versatility in combat. The mace strikes enemies within a narrow radius, akin to the Swordsman’s style. However, she can also utilize her shield for attacks, dealing less damage but with a wide area of effect, effectively pushing enemies away. Undeniably powerful, the Shield Maiden is a force to be reckoned with. However, it is worth noting that characters with greater mobility or damage potential are generally considered superior in our opinion.


The Exterminator may lack critical damage, but this is effectively balanced by his rapid attack speed and potent fire damage. His defensive capabilities and base damage are relatively low, as is his movement speed. However, playing as the Exterminator involves employing tactics similar to those of an Archer, emphasizing the importance of boosting his movement speed. By doing so, he can unlock a wealth of advantages. With a commendable attack radius, the Exterminator excels at handling waves of enemies and proves to be a resilient contender against bosses, inflicting sustained fire damage over time.


While the Warlock may not claim the highest ranking, he remains more captivating than the preceding character on our list. In terms of damage, he surpasses the Swordsman significantly. Equipped with a formidable main weapon and long-range abilities, the Warlock exhibits exceptional prowess. However, he encounters occasional challenges with aiming accurately. The primary mechanic of summoning creatures sets him apart, but despite their ability to strike within a radius, they tend to be weaker than the main weapons of other characters. Furthermore, the Warlock occasionally faces difficulties in late-game content, potentially succumbing to overwhelming hordes of monsters that prove difficult to overcome.


The Swordsman serves as the initial character, offering a fantastic opportunity to familiarize oneself with the game. Playing as the Swordsman is remarkably straightforward, and his stats are average, ensuring a well-rounded experience without feeling like you’re lacking anything crucial. Although he lacks any standout features compared to other characters, his abundant health sets him apart. With substantial HP and solid defense, this hero grants you the leeway to make more mistakes. However, his damage output is not extraordinary, and his attack radius remains limited. While the Swordsman is undoubtedly competent, he may inadvertently make other heroes appear more impressive in comparison.


The Halls of Torment Tier List offers a comprehensive ranking of characters in the game, providing valuable insights for players. Each character’s strengths and weaknesses are carefully evaluated to determine their overall effectiveness. Whether you prefer high damage output, exceptional defense, or unique abilities, the Tier List assists in making informed decisions. Strategize your gameplay by selecting top-tier characters for optimal performance and survival. Embrace the challenge of the game armed with this invaluable resource and unleash your full potential in the Halls of Torment. We hope that our Halls of Torment Tier List proves useful to you.