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Take a look at our Haze Piece: Complete Presents guide now. Follow the steps, learn everything, and complete it easily!

‘Tis the season of festivities in Haze Piece! The Xmas update has brought a snowy wonderland and a bag full of presents for players to dive into. If you’re wondering how to get, use, and exchange these presents, worry not—we’ve got your back.

Haze Piece: Complete Presents

Getting Presents

You’ll notice a bunch of presents already in your stash from just playing the game. Specifically, during the Xmas update, you can score more presents by taking down enemies. So, get ready to spread the joy by defeating foes in-game.

Using Presents

Now, onto the good stuff. To make the most of those presents, head over to the Xmas Shop located on the Starter Islands of the first and second seas. Recognize it by the presence of the Santa Claus NPC.

Exchanging Presents

Once at the Xmas Shop, you’ve got three tempting options:

  1. Race Spin (300 Presents): Exchange 300 presents for a Race Spin. Spin the wheel and let luck guide you to exciting rewards.
  2. Random Surprise (300 Presents): Trade 300 presents for a Random Surprise. Brace yourself for a mix of goodies, including 10-50 Gems, 10-30k Beli, and 10 minutes of 2XP.
  3. Winter 2023 Title (500 Presents): Feeling particularly festive? Splash out 500 presents to snag the Winter 2023 Title and showcase your holiday spirit.

Tips for the Grind

While grinding for these presents, keep in mind that luck plays a role in the Random Surprise and Race Spins. It might take some effort, but with time, you’ll unwrap some fantastic rewards in this season of giving.