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Take a look at the Heroes vs Hordes Tier List to read important tips about the heroes.

There are new developments in our updated Heroes vs Hordes tier list. You can choose the most powerful hero that suits you best from this list where we list the best characters.

Heroes vs Hordes Tier List

In Heroes vs Hordes, there are currently 13 heroes. Each of them is powerful and has a unique gameplay. There are numerous weapons in the game, and these add strength to the heroes. Even if you choose a strong character, if you pick the wrong weapon, your character will be weak.





Tier 0

  • Reaper
  • Frost Wizard
  • Barbarian

Tier 1

  • Pirate Queen
  • Paladin
  • Blademaster
  • Dark Ranger

Tier 2

  • Warlock
  • Spirit Shaman
  • Fire Wizard

Tier 3

  • Crazy Tinkerer
  • Knight
  • Arcane Mage

Tier List Heroes Guides

We have prepared the optimal guides for the heroes in our Heroes vs Hordes tier list for you. Also, don’t forget to make the hero you play the strongest thanks to the best builds in Heroes vs Hordes.


Reaper is one of the easiest hero to play in my opinion. His main weapon is insane, it covers you full 360 degrees, the only one in the game to do so at level 1 (I don’t really count paladin, as paladin’s level 1 weapon has really small range and it hits in a circle in front of you instead of around you). Reaper plays well with alot of builds, does really well with area to maximize the slow you get out of his level 40 skill. My main playstyle with him is to rush maxed out main weapon along with area tome and cooldown tome, if you are struggling, an early evasion tome is also quite good since reaper has high innate evasion. His ultimate gives you a huge boost to your stats, and a screen-wide gravity pull on enemies. As for equipment rogue, ranger, and knight all work well for him since his weapon gives you alot of room for errors.

Frost Wizard

Frost Wizard has the highest survivability in the game (pre-paladin release). Scales really well with area and effect duration. The side projectiles will take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll find pushing stages incredibly easy with the least amount of gear, compared to other heroes. Really struggles at killing elites since they all have freeze resist, as well has the whole area of Frozen lands as alot of enemies there also have freeze resist.

Does really well in Dungeon event but suffers in guild events due to enormous amount of elite spawns. You can really go with any equips on frost wizard, but his best gear combos seem to be those that give you effect duration (wizard set) and cooldown (ranger’s set), especially wizard’s ring that gives bonus damage to frozen enemies and a huge amount of effect duration. In game you usually want to find a reliable wall/obstacle and just focus one side of enemies, freezing them over and over and letting your secondary weapons kill them. Reliable hero at all stages of the game (except frozen lands).


Pirate Queen


Paladin pushed out frost wizard of the number 1 survivability hero. Has insane amounts of pushback with his hammer. Only exception to this is vampire aura: with vampire aura, the more enemies in your range, the more you heal, but since paladin pushes enemies out of that range, you are more susceptible to getting one-shot by resistant elites.

Theres no real gameplan when playing paladin, just stand still, slam your hammer and profit. Scales really well with area and cooldown. Your best equip is probably going to be knight set’s ring, since you have a 5% chance of getting a shield every attack, the ring makes it so that shield and your level-up shields explode dealing instakill damage to all non-elites/bosses. Since your base weapon gives you a ton of survivability, you can go riskier tomes/weapons for full damage and get away with it. If you are still having troubles surviving just slap on an armor tome, will drastically increase your tankiness since you already have high amounts of base armor. Does really well in guild events due to your tankiness and damage potential, ok in dungeon event.


One of the strongest heroes late game, really struggles before you get his ultimate. Blademaster is the best user of the rogue set, since that set gives a ton of critical chance and evasion. Basic gameplay of blade master is to point your blades at the densest crowd of enemies to try to get your ult up faster. Your ultimate makes you invincible while spinning and dealing major damage, which is a huge boon in Guild events. Scales really well with all the offensive tomes save projectile speed and duration.

If you want a huge power-up try to get the jewels in the guild shop: Ult Duration and Ult charge, since increase the amount of time spent in your ultimate, meaning you get more survivability and more damage. Also stack critical chance where you can since your ultimate is charged by dealing crits to enemies. Cooldown tome is also a must since more hits = more crits = more spins. If you are having trouble surviving invest in a evasion tome, since it boosts your already high innate evade stat, letting you live longer and possibly make it to your next spin.

Dark Ranger

Dark Ranger has one of the best base weapons in the game, the bow is ranged and penetrates through all enemies all while applying a heavy 50% slow. One of the best users of crossbow because of all the projectile speed offered in his kit along with innate +1 phys projectile. In runs, if you have enough damage you want to stand still and just tap up/down/left/right to aim and apply your slow everywhere while letting your crossbow do all the work.

If you don’t have enough damage, move around letting your bow clear your path while you run away from enemies behind you. If you are really struggling find an obstacle and plant your back to it so you have less places to defend. Really strong user of both rogue and ranger set pieces, stronger with ranger set as it promotes projectile speed and cooldown, making your crossbow subweapon godly. Really strong at dungeon event, less so in guild events because you get swarmed by elites and have no survivability.


Spirit Shaman

A lot of players have come to the general consensus that Spirit shaman is the weakest hero, because of her lack of an actual weapon, she can’t target anything and has to passively run after her spirits. One of her strengths is actually dealing with elites, although you cant directly kill them, you can actually bait them into hitting your spirits, letting them tank it for you. She also has a unique perk that none of the other heroes have: your spirits pick up orbs for you, making her great in dungeon events, since you dont have to move and your spirits will level you up.

Works quite well with a full defensive build since your pets scale well off of health, regen and area. If you are going to play her focus on knight set, since it gives a ton of regen, health, and most importantly: reflect damage. In game you are going to have to prioritise one or two of your spirits to heal since they eventually run off towards the edge of the screen. I suggest you prioritise healing the bear (your 3 spirits are bear/wolf/leopard) since it has the highest health and biggest hitbox.

Fire Wizard

Fire Wizard is one of the hardest hitting heroes in the game. His base weapon is crazy strong, but has a high cooldown early. This hero has 0 defensive options and mostly relies on his main weapon to oneshot enemies before they get to him. Scales really well with cooldown reduction and magic projectiles. One of his biggest weaknesses is that currently theres only one gear that his burns scales with (Wizard’s Gloves: +25% damage to burning enemies), the rest of the wizard’s set gives mostly “effect duration” which sounds good since it makes your burns last longer, but since you are re-applying burns so often, you don’t really need longer duration.

This kind of limits your options for gear since you can only look to buff secondary weapons or go full damage with rogue set, while your burns don’t get any support from any other gear besides wizard’s glove. You’re gonna wanna play fire mage kind of like Dark Ranger, if you have enough damage, just stand still and fire your staff at all directions applying burn to as many enemies as possible. If not then use your staff to clear enemies in front of you making a path so you can run away from pursuing enemies.

Crazy Tinkerer

Crazy Tinker is really hard to play in the early game, because his weapon is so weak early. I suggest you don’t really pick him up till later in the game when you have good gear. Basically his playstyle is he sets down mines that you or your enemies can detonate on contact and apply burns, but without a good secondary weapon, his main weapon is quite useless early.

Once you get good gear, slap on an area tome and just stand still. spread your mines and wait for your ult to charge. Don’t get baited by Crazy Tinkerer’s fast speed, in this game all enemies deal collision damage, so most of the time your movespeed is actually a curse than a blessing. This hero does ok in dungeon events, and slightly better in guild events. If you are gonna play him I suggest you get ascended wizard’s glove since that boosts damage to burnt enemies by +25%.


Knight has a TON of innate survivabilty with 20 base armor, once you get his ult, he’s honestly unkillable. He does have a drawback with innate -20% movespeed, but makes up for it with his tankiness. You are gonna wanna play this in rounds you have troubles surviving. Hardest thing about knight is that his slow movespeed and weaker weapon makes it so you get less exp than other heroes early, so pick a strong secondary weapon like crossbow to make sure you make further into your build.

Also consider picking up an early divine aura or armor tome if you want more tankiness. Knight works really well with knight set, because of his low range, reflection damage gets a lot of value. Not really good for dungeon or guild event where damage is the priority. If you wanna counteract his movement speed debuff, level Crazy Tinkerer to 30 (All heroes get +15% movespeed).

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage is a really solid and easy hero to play early, but has no way to deal with flying unit waves, so suffers alot later until you get her ult: Trinity. She is the first hero you start the game with, so use her to farm early stages to get your next hero. Until you can level her up to 80 to get her ult, you won’t be playing her again because of her single target weapon. If you wanna stick with her, try to get an early divine aura, or else you are going to get swarmed.

Good weapons on her are fire orbs and boomerang since they target enemies around you, dealing good AoE damage, and getting you enough exp to get further in your build. This hero is actually really good at afk farming Haunted Forest hard mode 1-1 because of her wand she can kill enemies farther than most heroes in all directions, leaving their exp far away from your pickup radius so you can level up less often and click on the screen less.

Weapons for Best Tier Heroes

  • Arcane Mage
    • Type: Mage (M)
    • Level 2: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg, -0.2s Cooldown
    • Level 3: +1 Proj, +1 Enemy Pen
    • Level 4: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg, -0.1s Cooldown
    • Level 5: +1 Proj, +1 Enemy Pen
  • Blade Master
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +25% Dmg, -0.25s Cooldown
    • Level 3: +25% Dmg, +1 Proj
    • Level 4: +25% Dmg, +25% Area
    • Level 5: +25% Dmg, +1 Proj
  • Dark Ranger
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +50% Dmg, -0.1s Cooldown
    • Level 3: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg, +25% Proj Speed
    • Level 4: +50% Dmg, -0.1s Cooldown
    • Level 5: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg
  • Fire Wizard
    • Type: Mage (M)
    • Level 2: +1 Proj, +25% Dmg, +25% Area
    • Level 3: +1 Proj, +25% Dmg, -0.25s Cooldown
    • Level 4: +50% Dmg, +25% Area
    • Level 5: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg
  • Frost Wizard
    • Type: Mage (M)
    • Level 2: +20% Dmg, +20% Area
    • Level 3: +2 Proj, +20% Dmg
    • Level 4: -0.2s Cooldown, +20% Area
    • Level 5: +20% Dmg
  • Knight
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +50% Dmg, +20% Area
    • Level 3: +1 Proj
    • Level 4: +50% Dmg, +20% Area
    • Level 5: +50% Dmg, +20% Area
  • Pirate Queen
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +67% Dmg, +50% Proj Speed
    • Level 3: -0.25s Cooldown, +2 Proj
    • Level 4: Notes => (Need additional information)
    • Level 5: -0.5s Cooldown
  • Paladin
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: -0.3s Cooldown, +50% Area
    • Level 3: +100% Dmg, +1 Proj
    • Level 4: -0.3s Cooldown, +50% Area
    • Level 5: +100% Dmg, +1 Proj
  • Reaper
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +50% Dmg, +100% Area
    • Level 3: +1 Proj, +100% Area
    • Level 4: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg
    • Level 5: +1 Proj, +50% Dmg
  • Spirit Shaman
    • Type: Mage (M)
    • Level 2: +25% Area, +50% Regen & Beast Stat
    • Level 3: +50% Regen & Beast Stats
    • Level 4: +25% Area, +50% Regen & Beast Stat
    • Level 5: +50% Regen & Beast Stat
  • Tinkerer
    • Type: Pirate (P)
    • Level 2: +15% Area, +1s Napalm
    • Level 3: +33% Dmg, +2 Proj
    • Level 4: +67% Dmg, +10% Area
    • Level 5: +2 Proj, +1s Napalm

Ranking Criteria

  • Top Tier (T0): This is the big league, folks. We’re talking about the heavy hitters, the game-changers. These heroes are so powerful that they practically define the meta. If you’re serious about winning, these are the go-to picks. Beware, though – they’re often banned in tournaments because, well, they’re just that good.
  • High Tier (T1): Just a step below the gods of T0, we’ve got the high tier. These heroes are still absolute beasts, don’t get me wrong. They might not be as overpowering as the T0 crew, but you ignore them at your own peril. They can still turn the tide of a game in your favor.
  • Mid Tier (T2): Now we’re in the realm of the average Joes. These heroes are balanced – not too hot, not too cold. They’ve got their strengths and weaknesses, making them solid choices for a variety of situations. They might not define the meta, but they certainly hold their own.
  • Low Tier (T3): Ah, the underdogs. The heroes in this tier are the less flashy options. They’re considered weaker or less effective than their counterparts in higher tiers. You might spot them in casual play, but in the competitive scene, they’re often left on the bench. Use them if you dare, but be ready for a challenge.