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Now, take a look at Hero's Land: How to Train Tiamat Dragon. Follow the steps to easily train your dragon!

In this guide, we explained Hero’s Land: How to Train Tiamat Dragon. You can train your dragon by simply following the steps. Good luck!

Hero’s Land: How to Train Tiamat Dragon

Let me kick things off by saying, this dungeon boss isn’t what you’d call “hard” by any means, but it tends to give newer players a bit of a headache, especially as it’s often their first taste of dungeon boss action, and the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand through it.

Weapon Tips

  • The boss is a pushover when it comes to physical damage—zero resistance, believe it or not! How did I find this out? Just Ctrl + right-click the boss, and voila, a little window pops up with all the stats. Mind-blowing, right? Not many know this unless you’re part of the “Invested” player crew. Unfortunately, it’s not in the tutorial either.
  • So, go for a physical damage weapon, no-brainer! The basic bone daggers work surprisingly well despite their common rarity. If you’re more advanced, though, the Lumberjack Claw is the real deal, thanks to its unique ability on a quick cooldown, hitting the boss for a sweet 1.8k – 2.3k per hit.

Gear Suggestions

  • Now, knowing the boss’s weak spot, what gear should you don? For the newbies or less-experienced, grab the lightbringer set—it’s easy to collect and probably the first set you’ll lay hands on. It’s got a flat 20% less damage from bosses and monsters on the 2-set bonus and an additional 15% max health on the 4-set bonus. That extra health helps you tank some hits and take the boss down.
  • Now, let’s dive into the boss fight mechanics!

Boss Mechanics

  • The boss has four attacks, each with its own element—poison, fire, lightning, and ice. From my experience, it tends to favor fire and lightning, sparingly using poison, and hardly ever using ice. (Maybe there’s no coded percentage difference, but that’s how it feels to me.)
  • Alright, the boss throws four elemental attacks at you, but how do you dodge them? Easy peasy, if you know what to look for. And with some practice, you can even take the boss down without a scratch.
  • Lightning: Stand just a bit to the right of its left eye, and you’ll automatically dodge the lightning attack. If precision isn’t your thing, move a bit away for a larger margin of error.
  • Fire: Keep moving, and you’ll dodge the comets it spews. Remember to return to that sweet spot under the left eye.
  • Poison: Move up and to the right to dodge the poison cloud. Get back to that default spot afterward.
  • Ice: Move up and to the left to dodge the icicles. Opposite of the poison move.
  • Know what each attack does and where to move? Excellent. Now, how do you predict the boss’s moves? Simple. The head of the corresponding element gives a little hint before an attack. Leftmost head jitters for poison, backmost head for fire, frontmost head for lightning, and rightmost head for ice.
  • A quick “jiggle” in between attacks is normal, but it’s not a warning. Happens once, and it’s not an attack. Don’t get confused.

Final Tips

If the boss is still giving you grief, hit up the official Hero’s Land Discord or revisit this guide. And if I decide to drop a YouTube video explaining the mechanics, boss fight, or gear needed, I’ll slap a link right here for you all.

Just a heads up, things might change, get better, so don’t be mad if this guide becomes yesterday’s news. Happy gaming!