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Learn to triumph over foes in Hogwarts Legacy with the Stupefy spell. Dive into our guide for effective strategies.

In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively defeat your opponents by using the Stupefy spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Let’s dive into our article.

How to Use Stupefy

Understanding Protego – At the outset of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter the Protego spell, a defensive magic that forms a protective bubble against yellow attacks. Learn to distinguish between yellow and red attacks, as Protego only shields you from the former. Dodge red attacks to avoid damage.

Unleashing Stupefy – Stupefy, a formidable offensive spell, can stun enemies, providing a window for additional damage. However, casting Stupefy requires finesse. Unlike Protego, it’s not a simple button press. Employ Protego just before an enemy strike and hold the button briefly. This sequence blocks all damage and seamlessly transitions into casting Stupefy at the targeted enemy, stunning them for precious seconds.

Hogwarts Legacy : How to Use Stupefy

Strategic Use of Stupefy – In Hogwarts Legacy, Stupefy serves not only as a defensive follow-up but also as a proactive tool. You can employ Stupefy against any marked enemy, even if they haven’t attacked you recently. Keep in mind that Stupefy can stun only one enemy at a time, so choose your targets wisely.

Maximizing Stupefy’s Utility – Mastering Stupefy opens up strategic possibilities. Use it tactically against multiple enemies, creating opportunities to deal significant damage while granting moments of respite for potion usage.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of Stupefy’s nuances and elevate your gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy. This simple guide ensures you wield this powerful spell with finesse, turning you into a wizarding combat maestro. May your magical adventures be filled with successful duels and victorious battles!