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Discover the power rankings of Honkai Star Rail Tier List and witness the mightiest warriors in action, as they redefine the hierarchy of strength

Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based role-playing game developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. Following the success of their outstanding game, Genshin Impact, it seems that Honkai has also brought joy to avid gamers. Despite being a recently released game, it has garnered a substantial number of downloads and boasts a large online player base. With a wide array of characters available, you can create your desired compositions and gain an edge over your opponents. To assist you in determining the strongest character, we have prepared the Honkai Star Rail Tier List based on their power rankings. By referring to this list, you can choose your most powerful character and easily overcome your adversaries.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

The Honkai Star Rail Tier List is a compilation we made shortly after the release of the 1.5 update. By choosing your character based on this list, I’m confident that your enjoyment of the game will reach new heights. Without further ado, here is the Honkai Star Rail Tier List we have shared with you:





S Tier

  • Silver Wolf
  • Luocha
  • Gepard
  • Jing Yuan
  • Bailu
  • Bronya
  • Seele
  • Welt

A Tier

  • Clara
  • Natasha
  • Tingyu
  • Trailblazer Fire
  • Pela
  • Yanqing

B Tier

  • Yukong
  • Danheng
  • March7th
  • Sushang
  • Asta
  • Himeko
  • Hook

C Tier

  • Qingque
  • Serval
  • Trailblazer Physical
  • Arlan
  • Sampo
  • Herta

S Tier Characters in HSR

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is a specialized Nihility quantum character who excels in debuffing enemies. One of her unique abilities is the power to impose an additional weakness on enemies that aligns with the element of a random teammate, including herself.

This exceptional trait makes her exceptionally valuable as she ensures that your party always has the means to exploit weaknesses. Furthermore, her regular attacks can debuff opponents’ defense, attack, and speed, contributing both damage and defense to the entire party.

Silver Wolf’s kit is distinct and adaptable to any team composition, making her a highly desirable support character overall. To maximize the effectiveness of her debuffs, it is recommended to equip her with relics and a light cone that enhance Effect Hit Rate, ensuring consistent application of debuffs.


Luocha is an Imaginary element character featured in Honkai Star Rail.

As an Abundance, Luocha possesses the ability to heal injured allies, making them an essential asset in prolonged battles.


Gepard is a Preservation ice type character in Honkai Star Rail, specializing in tanking and providing shields for the entire team. Tanks are considered essential in Memory of Chaos, and out of the three available options, Gepard stands as the strongest. His ability to deliver both freeze effects and team-wide shields greatly enhances the party’s survivability.

As the upright and noble captain of the Silvermane Guards, Gepard proudly carries the name of the renowned Gepard family. In the snowstorm-ravaged city of Belobog, defense is a greater challenge than offense. Gepard and his loyal Silvermane Guards act as the unwavering shield for the Union in this hostile world.

Though occasionally ridiculed by his sister and aide for his scrupulous nature, no one can deny that Gepard’s leadership has ensured peace and comfort for the people of Belobog, even amidst the eternal winter at their doorstep.

With Gepard’s protection, the city continues its ordinary daily life, secure and undisturbed.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is an Erudition lightning damage dealer in Honkai Star Rail, renowned as one of the game’s top damage dealers. He possesses exceptional prowess in unleashing area-of-effect damage, but his output is so formidable that he also delivers significant damage to single targets. An intriguing aspect of Jing Yuan’s abilities is his capacity to summon a Lightning-Lord, an autonomously controlled entity that aids him in vanquishing his enemies. As an Erudition character, Jing Yuan fulfills the role of an AOE attacker with great proficiency.


Bailu is one of the Lightning element characters featured in Honkai Star Rail.
As an Abundance, Bailu fulfills the crucial role of a healer, ensuring the well-being of the team.
Bailu specializes in lightning healing as a path of Abundance, possessing remarkable area-of-effect healing capabilities through both her skills and ultimate ability. Moreover, Bailu automatically revives the first fallen teammate in each battle. Healers are currently highly sought after, particularly in Memory of Chaos where two healers are required (one for each side), and Bailu, along with Natasha, are the only available options.

Bailu significantly enhances the survivability of your team, proving invaluable for navigating challenging endgame scenarios. Additionally, Bailu’s exceptional supportive abilities make her an excellent choice when you prefer to sit back and let auto-battle take charge.


Bronya is a Wind element character featured in Honkai Star Rail.
As a Concard, Bronya fulfills the role of supporting the team by bestowing beneficial buffs.

Bronya specializes as a path of Harmony wind support, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in enhancing the performance of her teammates. She provides attack and critical damage buffs to the entire team, and her skill enables her to cleanse an ally, grant them a damage buff, and allow them to take immediate action. The potency and wide applicability of her buffs make her an outstanding support for any damage dealer in the game.


Seele is a spirited and courageous member of Wildfire, who has grown up in the treacherous Underworld of Belobog, accustomed to relying solely on herself.

Having once depended on others for protection, Seele now strives for strength, driven by the pursuit of truth within the underground and the honor of her family’s name. She possesses the resilience to withstand any form of adversity.

In the world Seele grew up in, there existed a simple dichotomy between protectors and the protected, oppressors and the oppressed. However, everything changed when a young girl appeared.

Seele is a path of The Hunt quantum damage dealer and stands among the most formidable damage dealers in the game. She excels at inflicting devastating single-target damage. Furthermore, her talent allows her to gain an additional turn upon delivering a fatal blow to an enemy, making her exceptionally skilled at handling multiple weaker foes as well.


Welt, the wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign, carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, having saved Earth from annihilation on numerous occasions.

After the conclusion of the calamity, Welt found temporary respite from the burdens imposed by fate and embraced a new role as an animation storyboard artist. However, with the closure of the St. Fountain conspiracy, Welt had no alternative but to embark on a journey alongside the initiator of the incident, unaware of the new adventures and companions awaiting him.

Welt assumes the path of Nihility, wielding imaginary type damage and possessing the unique ability to slow down his enemies, thereby reducing their number of turns. As the sole Imaginary type character in the game as of version 1.1, Welt is truly irreplaceable. His power lies not only in his distinctive skill to hinder enemy movements but also in his ability to slow them down. Like most Nihility characters, Welt benefits from building up Effect Hit Rate to enhance his chances of debuffing stronger adversaries. In the right encounter, Welt can exhibit tremendous power and prowess.

A Tier Characters in HSR


Clara, in the role of Destruction, serves as a formidable single-target attacker, wielding explosive damage that surpasses that of her counterparts.

Within the simulated universe, Clara holds great significance as a character. She possesses the unique ability to employ Blessings, empowering your team to achieve smoother victories.

Clara assumes the physical path of Destruction, showcasing exceptional prowess as both a tank and a damage dealer against enemies. She possesses the capability to divert enemy attacks towards herself through taunting, thereby triggering the counterattacks of her trusted robot companion, Svarog. Clara’s playstyle is less versatile compared to other characters, as she thrives when paired with allies like March 7th, who can redirect enemy focus onto her. Nevertheless, with the right team composition, Clara’s potential for power is substantial, enabling her to fulfill multiple roles effectively.


Natasha, one of the characters in Honkai Star Rail, represents the Physical element.

As an Abundance, Natasha fulfills the crucial role of healing wounded allies, rendering her indispensable in protracted battles.

Natasha follows the path of Abundance as a physical character and stands as the sole guaranteed healer. Currently, the healer role in the game offers limited options, with Bailu being the only other available healer. This elevates Natasha’s value significantly since Memory of Chaos typically requires two healers, one for each side. While Natasha may not possess the same level of raw healing output as Bailu, she remains an exceptional healer with the added advantage of being able to cleanse debuffs from allies—an ability that Bailu lacks.

In summary, Natasha’s presence as a healer is of immense importance, ensuring the stability and well-being of your team in challenging encounters.


Tingyun, the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames, stands at the forefront of a prestigious merchant guild officially endorsed by the Sky-Faring Commission in Honkai Star Rail. A silver-tongued Foxian girl, she possesses an extraordinary gift for weaving words and captivating storytelling. Her enchanting tales never fail to leave her audience yearning for more, earning her widespread popularity at the renowned Xianzhou trade fairs. Through Tingyun’s unwavering supervision and unwavering commitment, these trade fairs have emerged as prominent events across the galaxy, drawing merchants and visitors from far-flung corners.

In the realm of combat, Tingyun embraces the path of Harmony as a lightning character, assuming the role of a buff-oriented support. She bestows a multitude of enhancements upon a single character, including boosts to their attack, damage, and energy. This innate ability allows her to amplify the potential of your carry, enabling them to unleash devastating amounts of damage. It is worth noting that Tingyun’s attack buff scales in accordance with her own attack attribute, emphasizing the importance of investing in her attack stats to maximize the desired effect. Given the versatile nature of her buffs, Tingyun exhibits exceptional flexibility, harmonizing seamlessly with any damage dealer in your team composition.

Trailblazer Fire

In Honkai: Star Rail, every player is known as a Trailblazer, and within the game, there are two Trailblazer characters available.

The Trailblazer represents the path of Preservation as a fire character, fulfilling the crucial tank role in Memory of Chaos encounters. What sets the Trailblazer apart is their remarkable ability to taunt enemies’ attacks with a guaranteed base chance of 100% for a turn. This unique attribute, combined with their impressive personal survivability and the capability to unleash area of effect damage, solidifies the Trailblazer as an exceptional character choice.

One of the notable advantages of the Trailblazer is their immense accessibility to free-to-play players. They are designed to be exceptionally friendly to players who choose not to spend real-world currency within the game. Moreover, the Trailblazer’s synergy with easily obtainable eidolons, which can be acquired through in-game currencies, further enhances their effectiveness and versatility.

Embodying resilience and resourcefulness, the Trailblazer stands as a valuable asset for players seeking a reliable tank character in Honkai: Star Rail, and their affordability and performance make them a top choice for all adventurers.


Pela is a prominent figure among the Ice element characters in Honkai Star Rail, representing the path of Nihility. As a valuable asset to the team, Pela specializes in easily impairing opponents during battles.

Within the game, Pela assumes the role of a Nihility ice character, focusing on the art of debuffing enemies to weaken their defense. With precision and finesse, Pela possesses the exceptional ability to strip beneficial buffs from adversaries, making her an ideal choice for breaking weaknesses against ice type enemies. Her presence significantly contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team.

As a reliable support character, Pela showcases a unique kit that allows her to excel in her role. However, to ensure her debuffing prowess remains potent against higher-level enemies in Memory of Chaos, it is advisable to prioritize building Effect Hit Rate on her. This will enhance her chances of successfully debuffing and impairing even the most formidable opponents.

Pela’s versatility and skill set make her a solid addition to any team, particularly in situations where her ice-based debuffing and ability removal abilities can be leveraged to gain a significant advantage. With Pela’s presence, your team can navigate battles with strategic precision and exploit the weaknesses of your adversaries.


Yanqing stands as a formidable presence among the Ice element characters in Honkai Star Rail. Embracing the path of the Hunt, he assumes the role of the Assassin, specializing in delivering devastating blows to single targets.

As a Hunt ice character, Yanqing’s prowess in inflicting damage is truly noteworthy. His abilities allow him to unleash powerful attacks that leave a lasting impact on his foes. In fact, Yanqing surpasses other ice type damage dealers by a significant margin, solidifying his position as the premier choice in this category.

Yanqing possesses a unique mechanic that sets him apart from his counterparts. He benefits from a buff that amplifies his damage output as long as he remains untouched by enemy attacks. This distinctive trait makes him an exceptional partner for Gepard, whose shielding abilities can provide the necessary protection to maximize Yanqing’s potential.

With Yanqing’s presence on the team, you can rely on his exceptional single target damage capabilities to swiftly dispatch formidable opponents. His specialization as an Assassin allows him to precisely eliminate key targets, making him an invaluable asset in battles that require strategic precision.

Prepare to witness Yanqing’s remarkable skills as he unleashes a flurry of lethal strikes, leaving adversaries in his wake. With his unwavering focus on single target damage, he exemplifies the essence of the Hunt and proves to be a force to be reckoned with on the icy battlegrounds of Honkai Star Rail.

B Tier Characters in HSR


Yukong, esteemed as the Head of the Sky-Faring Commission on the Xianzhou Luofu, is renowned for her remarkable piloting skills and expert marksmanship. However, ever since assuming her leadership position, she has become entangled in a sea of paperwork and bureaucratic responsibilities.

As the Path of Harmony’s Imaginary character, Yukong harnesses her exceptional abilities to provide unwavering support and fortification to her fellow party members. Within the immersive world of Honkai Star Rail, she brings forth a distinctive set of skills that greatly enhance the collective effectiveness of her team in the midst of battle.

Though burdened by administrative duties, Yukong’s true strength lies in her unwavering dedication to her comrades. Through her strategic expertise and resourceful nature, she ensures that her team operates harmoniously, with each member optimized to their fullest potential.

Yukong’s invaluable contributions extend beyond her piloting and marksmanship prowess. She possesses a unique skill set that empowers her allies and bolsters their capabilities, fostering a cohesive and formidable fighting force. Whether through tactical maneuvers, supportive actions, or strategic insights, Yukong’s presence is felt as she orchestrates the battlefield with precision and finesse.

Amidst the complexities of Honkai Star Rail, Yukong emerges as a beacon of unity and resilience. Her ability to navigate the challenges of leadership while remaining steadfast in her commitment to her team is a testament to her indomitable spirit. With Yukong at the helm, the path of Harmony finds its true manifestation, empowering her comrades to overcome adversity and forge their destiny in this immersive universe.


Dan Heng, a skilled path of the Hunt wind character, excels in delivering devastating single target damage. Among the available options, Dan Heng stands as the optimal choice for wind damage, and the best part is that you can obtain him completely free of charge simply by engaging in the game’s captivating story. This exceptional offering makes him an invaluable asset, particularly as a reliable weakness breaker, even when compared to higher-tier damage dealers.

With Dan Heng in your arsenal, you gain access to a formidable force capable of unleashing unparalleled destruction upon your foes. His proficiency in dealing focused damage to a single target sets him apart, ensuring that no adversary can escape his wrath. Whether you face mighty bosses or formidable opponents, Dan Heng’s precision strikes and unparalleled skill make him an indispensable asset on your journey.

It is worth noting that acquiring Dan Heng does not require any additional investment beyond immersing yourself in the enthralling narrative of the game. This makes him an exceptional find, as his exceptional capabilities and formidable damage output come at no additional cost.

Harnessing the power of wind, Dan Heng embodies the epitome of a skilled huntsman, delivering swift and lethal blows to his adversaries. His relentless pursuit of victory and unparalleled mastery of his craft make him a force to be reckoned with in any battle scenario.

As you traverse the vast landscapes and engaging challenges of the game, having Dan Heng at your side provides a strategic advantage that can turn the tide of even the most daunting encounters. Embrace this wind character’s prowess, and let his devastating single target damage propel you towards triumph and glory.


March 7th, a clever and spirited girl, brims with enthusiasm for all the things that ignite the passions of girls her age. Accompanying the Astral Express on its captivating journey, she carries her camera as a constant companion, eagerly hoping to capture a glimpse of something that connects to her mysterious past.

Emerging from a drifting expanse of eternal ice, March 7th was discovered and liberated by the devoted crew of the Astral Express. As she opened her eyes, an enigmatic veil shrouded her memories, leaving her adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Though initially disheartened by this loss of identity, she resolved to embrace her newfound self and bestowed upon herself the name of the day when salvation found her—March 7th.

March 7th takes the path of Preservation, embodying the essence of ice. Within her lies the remarkable ability to assume the role of a steadfast tank, providing invaluable shields, cleansing effects, and even taunting enemy attacks to protect her shielded allies. Her countering abilities and formidable ultimate attack unleash substantial ice damage upon her foes, while also granting her the power to manipulate crowds during crucial moments of vulnerability.

March 7th’s unique capacity to direct enemy assaults toward specific targets harmonizes harmoniously with characters like Clara, who retaliates fiercely when struck. This synergy creates an unparalleled strategic advantage, fortifying the bonds of the team and amplifying their collective strength.

As you traverse the intricate realms of Honkai Star Rail, March 7th’s presence adds a touch of resilience and adaptability to your endeavors. With her unwavering determination and diverse skill set, she proves herself as an indispensable ally capable of weathering any storm and emerging victorious.

Uncover the depths of March 7th’s captivating abilities and uncover the truth that lies beyond the veils of her forgotten past. In her company, embrace the warmth of newfound camaraderie and forge a path filled with thrilling adventures and unforgettable memories.


Sushang, a formidable presence in the realms of Honkai Star Rail, emerges as one of the stalwart Physical element characters. As the embodiment of the Hunt, her prowess in delivering unparalleled single-target damage proves to be an invaluable asset, particularly during swift and intense blitz battles.

Guided by an unwavering focus, Sushang traverses the path of the Hunt, harnessing her physical prowess to unleash devastating blows upon her adversaries. With each strike, she leaves an indelible mark, decimating her targets with unyielding precision. The sheer force behind her attacks is instrumental in swiftly neutralizing high-priority threats and turning the tides of battle in her favor.

Sushang’s true power manifests when she unleashes her ultimate ability, granting her additional actions that amplify her offensive capabilities. This unrivaled burst potential allows her to unleash torrents of damage upon her foes, leaving them in a state of disarray. Furthermore, her innate synergy with her eidolon empowers her to exploit enemy weaknesses, enabling her to utilize her skill without expending precious skill points, thereby maximizing her combat effectiveness.

As a 4-star powerhouse, Sushang stands out as a formidable choice for carrying your team to victory. Her exceptional performance shines through when paired with allies capable of exposing enemy vulnerabilities, allowing her to unleash a torrent of devastation upon her targets. The calculated precision of her strikes and the raw power she exudes make her an indispensable asset in any battle scenario.

Embrace the might of Sushang as she unveils her prowess on the battlefield, leaving a trail of defeated adversaries in her wake. With her unwavering dedication and peerless single-target damage, she sets the stage for triumph in the face of even the most formidable opponents. As you journey through the realms of Honkai Star Rail, Sushang’s unyielding resolve will serve as a guiding light, ensuring your path remains paved with victory.


In the realm of Honkai Star Rail, Asta emerges as a radiant Fire element character, radiating the essence of Harmony. As a master of balance and synergy, Asta assumes the vital role of a buffer, providing invaluable support to her team through the application of diverse buffs.

Embodied by the path of Harmony, Asta’s innate abilities empower her to enhance the capabilities of her comrades. With meticulous precision, she strategically bestows powerful buffs upon her allies, elevating their attack prowess and augmenting their speed. The harmonious convergence of her supportive talents serves as a catalyst for unlocking their full potential, amplifying their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Asta’s remarkable abilities extend beyond mere stat enhancements. Through her ethereal traces, she passively infuses her teammates with heightened fire damage, unleashing the full fury of their elemental might. This unique aspect of her skill set renders her an invaluable asset, particularly when supporting a fire-focused DPS character. Her presence alone ignites the flames of victory, propelling her team towards triumph.

It is worth noting, however, that Asta’s formidable skill set demands diligent resource management. Her stacking attack buff necessitates regular activation of her skill, making her reliant on skill points to maintain her supportive capabilities. Consequently, she thrives in fire-focused teams, where her talents can be fully harnessed to fuel the blazing onslaught of her allies. While other versatile supports such as Tingyun and Bronya excel in a broader spectrum of scenarios, Asta’s specialization in fire-oriented compositions sets her apart as a dedicated buffer.

Embrace the radiant essence of Asta as she takes her place among the Fire element characters in Honkai Star Rail. With her unwavering dedication to balance and support, she kindles the flames of victory and elevates her comrades to new heights. As the heart of harmony within your team, Asta’s presence ensures that every member resonates with the symphony of triumph, forging an unbreakable bond that defies all odds.


Himeko, an intrepid scientist, embarks on a thrilling adventure that intertwines her fate with the enigmatic Astral Express. As a mere child, she first encountered the stranded locomotive in her own world, unveiling a wondrous realm beyond her imagination—the vast universe itself.

Years later, after painstakingly restoring the train to its former glory, Himeko embarks on an awe-inspiring journey among the stars. Yet, she soon realizes that this is merely the prologue to her odyssey. Along the Trailblaze path, she seeks companions who, though harboring distinct destinies, share a common gaze upon the celestial expanse.

Within the realm of Honkai Star Rail, Himeko assumes the mantle of Erudition—a fire character focused on unleashing devastating area-of-effect damage. Her prowess lies in swiftly vanquishing lesser foes, capitalizing on their vulnerabilities to secure additional actions.

However, it is worth noting that at lower levels of investment, Himeko’s single-target damage output may fall short compared to other formidable 5-star damage dealers, particularly in the context of Memory of Chaos, which predominantly demands focused assaults on individual adversaries. Nevertheless, she excels in specific encounters and serves as a proficient weakness breaker. Although her single-target potency may not surpass that of Hook, her overall performance can be optimized through strategic investment.

Himeko’s potential truly flourishes as her power grows, making her a force to be reckoned with during lightning-fast clearing endeavors. With each strengthening milestone attained by players’ accounts, her prowess elevates exponentially, enabling her to dispatch formidable enemies with unrivaled efficiency. In due time, she ascends to the upper echelons of speed-clearing elites, cementing her status as a premier choice for players seeking unparalleled swiftness and might.

Embark on Himeko’s audacious quest and witness the remarkable evolution that awaits. With each step taken, she unveils her latent potential, proving herself as a formidable force in the ever-expanding cosmos. Unleash the full extent of her abilities, and she will illuminate the darkest reaches of the universe with her fiery brilliance.


Hook, a formidable presence among the Fire element characters in Honkai Star Rail, epitomizes the essence of destruction. As The Destruction, she assumes the mantle of the team’s primary damage dealer, harnessing her devastating attacking skills and awe-inspiring ultimate ability to unleash a torrent of immense firepower upon her foes.

Specializing in dealing relentless single target damage, Hook emerges as a stalwart force on the battlefield. While her damage output is commendable, it falls short of reaching extraordinary heights. Nonetheless, her significance becomes apparent when considering the limited roster of fire damage dealers, with only Himeko accompanying her in this blazing element. As such, Hook’s prowess as a 4-star fire weakness breaker is invaluable, ensuring that her team capitalizes on adversaries’ susceptibilities to fire-based assaults.

As you harness the destructive might of Hook, be prepared to witness her unleash torrents of devastation upon her enemies. While her individual damage may not reach the upper echelons of the game’s most elite characters, her unique role as a fire weakness breaker renders her a valuable asset to any fiery arsenal. Embrace her fiery disposition, and let her blaze a trail of annihilation through the enemy ranks, setting the stage for your team’s resounding victory.

C Tier Characters in HSR


Qingque, an esteemed Diviner within the Divination Commission, initially embraced her role to appease her parents’ wishes. However, over time, she found solace in indulging in leisurely activities, often diverting her attention to playing tiles while ostensibly fulfilling her duties.

As a path of Erudition quantum character, Qingque’s expertise lies in inflicting damage upon multiple adversaries. While she may dwell in the shadow of the formidable Seele, her status as a 4-star character grants her accessibility to a broader range of players, positioning her as a viable alternative for those seeking quantum damage to exploit enemy weaknesses. It is worth noting that Qingque’s potential shines even brighter when supported by elevated eidolon levels, particularly at levels 4 and 6, enhancing her prowess in dealing substantial damage to her targets.

While Qingque may not enjoy the same level of recognition as some of her peers, her accessible nature and growing strength with enhanced eidolon levels make her a valuable asset to any team. So, embark on your journey with Qingque by your side, and witness her quantum abilities weave a tapestry of destruction, leaving your adversaries awestruck in the face of her formidable power.


Serval, a formidable presence among the Lightning element characters in Honkai Star Rail, embodies the path of Erudition, wielding her skills as an AOE attacker.

Within the realm of lightning damage dealers, Serval stands as a capable path of Erudition character, specializing in inflicting area of effect damage. While her prowess in this role falls short compared to the likes of Jing Yuan, she remains a valuable asset for players who do not have access to the aforementioned character. As a free-to-play option, Serval shines brightly when confronting lightning weak adversaries, offering a dependable solution to overcome their resilience. Notably, Serval’s capabilities experience a substantial surge at eidolon level 6, granting her an even greater edge in battle for those fortunate enough to unlock this milestone.

While Serval may not attain the same level of dominance as her counterparts, her role as a free-to-play lightning damage dealer is one that should not be underestimated. Embrace her potential, harness the lightning-infused energies she commands, and witness her unleash devastating AOE attacks upon your foes. Let Serval guide you through the electrifying battlegrounds, emerging triumphant against all odds.

Trailblazers Physical

Within the realms of Honkai: Star Rail, every player assumes the distinguished title of Trailblazer. Among them, there exist two distinct Trailblazer Physical characters, each embodying a unique approach to combat.

The first among them is the physical Trailblazer, a path of destruction damage dealer whose expertise lies in unleashing devastating physical attacks. Their versatile skill set allows them to wield both single-target and area of effect damage with admirable proficiency. However, it is important to note that the physical Trailblazer often finds themselves in the shadow of Sushang, a more prominent force in the realm of physical damage dealers. Consequently, many Trailblazers gravitate towards the fire-based counterpart, who enjoys a greater popularity among players.

While the physical Trailblazer possesses undeniable flexibility and prowess, their standing in comparison to their counterparts warrants consideration. Nonetheless, players who choose to embark on the path of the physical Trailblazer will uncover a unique and thrilling combat style, capable of delivering formidable blows to their adversaries. Embrace the power of destruction, hone your skills, and emerge as an exceptional Trailblazer, leaving a trail of devastation in your wake.


Arlan, a formidable presence within Honkai Star Rail, harnesses the power of lightning as their chosen element. As the embodiment of Destruction, Arlan specializes in frontal assaults, displaying unparalleled prowess when engaging foes head-on. Their true strength is unveiled when standing alone on the battlefield, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Arlan traverses the path of Destruction as a lightning damage dealer, honing their abilities to deliver devastating blows to a single target. However, it is worth noting that Arlan possesses a distinctive trait that sets them apart from other characters. In exchange for abstaining from skill point consumption, some of Arlan’s attacks inflict self-inflicted damage, creating a unique dynamic that requires careful consideration when constructing a team composition.

Presently, Serval finds greater harmony within most teams as a lightning weakness breaker. Yet, as the realms of Honkai Star Rail evolve, new strategies may emerge, allowing Arlan’s unconventional kit to find its place among specialized teams.

Embrace the might of Destruction, and venture forth with Arlan as your stalwart ally. Unleash the fury of lightning upon your adversaries, and forge your own path to triumph. With each thunderous strike, you will pave the way to victory, leaving a lasting mark on the annals of Honkai history.


Sampo, a formidable presence among the Wind element characters in Honkai Star Rail, wields the power of Nihility to great effect. As a harbinger of debilitation, Sampo fulfills the crucial role of team De-Buffer, employing impairing skills and an awe-inspiring ultimate ability to afflict opponents with debilitating debuffs.

Sampo’s path of Nihility lies in the realm of wind damage, focusing on inflicting damage over time to multiple enemies. However, when compared to the likes of Dan Heng, a fellow wind damage dealer obtained freely through the main story, Sampo may seem less enticing due to his emphasis on area of effect damage. Dan Heng’s superior single target damage often takes precedence over Sampo’s multi-target approach.

It’s important to note that Sampo’s damage over time effects necessitate investments in effect hit rate to ensure their successful application on tougher adversaries. This, however, poses a challenge as it competes with the allocation of resources towards other crucial damage-dealing attributes such as critical hit rate.

Nevertheless, for those seeking a unique playstyle and an affinity for inflicting debuffs upon their foes, Sampo offers a distinct approach to combat. With careful strategic planning and proper optimization of his abilities, Sampo can become a valuable asset to your team, bringing forth the winds of Nihility to undermine and cripple your adversaries.

Harness the power of the wind, embrace the essence of Nihility, and let Sampo guide your path to victory in the vast expanse of Honkai Star Rail. Together, you shall unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and etch your name among the great champions of this celestial realm.


Herta, an extraordinary presence among the Quantum element characters in Honkai Star Rail, harnesses the power of Erudition to devastating effect. As a master of knowledge, Herta showcases exceptional prowess in unleashing multi-target, area-of-effect damage. Skillful deployment of her abilities at the opportune moment can effortlessly shift the tides of battle in your favor.

Herta’s path of Erudition is rooted in the realm of ice damage, allowing her to unleash a barrage of devastating attacks that sweep across multiple foes. Her true strength lies in her ability to dispatch weaker adversaries with remarkable efficiency, thanks to her unique follow-up attacks triggered when an enemy’s health falls below the 50% threshold. However, when facing more formidable foes, Herta’s damage output diminishes significantly, making her a less optimal choice for the challenging battles of Memory of Chaos. Nonetheless, with the possibility of future content introducing swarms of weaker enemies with an inherent vulnerability to ice, Herta may find her moment to shine.

Embrace Herta’s unrivaled proficiency in area-of-effect devastation and let her icy powers envelop your enemies. By capitalizing on her strengths and strategic timing, you have the potential to turn even the most dire encounters into resounding victories.

Venture forth, Trailblazer, and witness the remarkable capabilities of Herta as she weaves her intricate tapestry of Erudition across the vast expanse of Honkai Star Rail. Unleash her frozen might upon your foes and forge a path to triumph unlike any other.

Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

Things to consider in the Honkai Tier List

When comparing the characters in Honkai Star Rail, it is important to take into account various factors as each character has a unique role or specialization in which they excel. In evaluating each character, we will consider the importance of their role, their strength within that role, and their flexibility.

It’s crucial to note that the strength of a character heavily depends on their investment, including levels, light cones, relics, and eidolons. This tier list assumes that characters have similar levels of investment and either low or no eidolons, except for the Trailblazer who receives eidolons for free.

Roles in Honkai Star Rail

Damage Dealer/Weakness Breaker

The primary role of these characters is to inflict damage. Their skills and ultimates play a significant role in breaking enemy weaknesses, making them more effective in dealing with such vulnerabilities compared to other roles.


These characters are specifically designed to assist the team by absorbing damage, utilizing a combination of taunts, shields, and damage mitigation techniques.


Healers excel in the art of restoring lost hit points and ensuring the survival of the party. In addition to their primary role, they may provide additional utility such as removing debuffs from allies or reviving fallen comrades.


Buffers prioritize enhancing the strength of their allies by applying positive status effects to them. These units excel in maximizing the damage output of your most powerful damage dealers, making them even more formidable.


Debuffers specialize in strategically inflicting status effects on enemies to diminish their offensive capabilities or amplify the damage they receive from your party. In patch 1.1, enemy resistance to debuffs has been reduced, making it easier to consistently apply these statuses. This adjustment brings the debuffer role closer in power level to buffers. However, in encounters where enemies can be defeated in only a few hits, debuffers may face challenges in achieving optimal effectiveness.

Desirability of Role

Honkai Star Rail revolves around the concept of team building, where each role has its own set of valuable contributions. However, certain roles are universally sought-after and essential for end-game progression. Currently, healers play a crucial role in clearing end-game content, and every Memory of Chaos team requires at least one healer. In general, characters fulfilling these essential roles are more desirable compared to those serving more specialized niches.

Power Level Within Role

In addition to evaluating the desirability of a character’s role, it is essential to assess their proficiency and excellence in that role compared to the other available characters. Generally, characters who face little competition for their role or those who rank among the strongest performers in their respective jobs are considered more desirable.


Flexible characters possess the ability to seamlessly integrate into multiple teams and synergize effectively with a wide range of characters. This inherent versatility makes them more universally desirable compared to less flexible characters that rely on specific teammates to truly showcase their potential.

The Honkai Star Rail Tier List provides a ultimate evaluation of the game’s characters based on their overall power and effectiveness. The list categorizes characters into different tiers, indicating their relative strength and viability in various game modes. It’s important to note that the tier list is a reflection of the current meta and may change as the game evolves. Additionally, individual player preferences, playstyles, and team compositions can also impact a character’s performance, so it’s essential to consider personal experience and experimentation when assembling a team.